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  1. Agree with all that. But again, people were predicting his demise well before the debate, and his numbers just keep climbing. (And the election, at the end of the day, is a popularity contest, not an objective evaluation of fitness or talent.) I can tell you this. As an outside observer (well, from the inside this time lol), it looks an awful lot like 2000. Remster
  2. It's a DRINKING game! You damn stonner coloradians... Remster
  3. I've got one on the hotel balcony, with my short off, at sunset. I'll send it to your email address. Remster
  4. Just spent a week (I know... Way too short) in Satorini and Athens. Rented a scooter on the island... It was a lot of fun! Remster
  5. You need to rework the end if you want to submit that to Penthouse Forum... Remster
  6. Are you sure that those are not the tuck-tab pockets? If so, that is very normal and nothing to be concerned about. Jerry Baumchen Agreed. Also, I believe new Curvs and Curv 2s now come with mag riser covers (I think....). Remster
  7. I think their suits are not as well "fine tuned" as the more historically RW orientated companies. I know a few teams who had to spend quite a bit of time relearning to fly together after getting their LS suits. That being said, they are very well built. I personally stick with Tony's. Remster
  8. Are they as comfy as they look? Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes. (Had mine for 18 months now, not sponsored) Remster
  9. Thats a good start but there's a more recent one out there. Remster
  10. I know this is over a year later but hey, the thread just got resurrected so... you've got that completely wrong. Stavros the supermarket king is the man who found the money - it's a flashback to the secret the blackmail plot is based on. The preacher isn't real, he's purely a cover identity for Malvo and it shows the reach and power of the organisation he works for. Details, details... ;-) Remster
  11. The closest to published data points you will find are the yearly (ish) reports Bryan Burke puts out from Eloy. Unlike USPA or CSPA which relies on self reporting, Bryan (and the other STAs) will hunt you down after a cutaway to get the details. Xbraced canopies (and aggressive elipticals) are majorly over-represented in the cutaway numbers. Surprise huh? Can someone who bookmarks everything post a link to Burke's reports? Remster
  12. It's been licensed in the US for several years now. Remster
  13. How many die in vehicles? Is that number acceptable to you? Derek V Just imagine how much worse it would be if there wasn't mandatory testing, insurance, and licencing... Remster
  14. One 1 rig, you can do 20's and 40's (so 2 jumps with a 20 when you land in between; and the next jump after that is a 40, followed by another 20 and 40); You can debrief the 1st one, repeat, and then prep the next with time) Remster
  15. We started doing back-to-backs, triples and quads this year on the 1st go in the AM to escape the heat, and It's much easier on the body. I know that's dependent on lift capacity and having 2 rigs tho. It's always a case of balancing priorities, BUT, if you're focus is training and getting better, focus on that: get packers, and do pairs of back-to-backs if you have 2 rigs, or 20's and 40s. But, back to food and drink... Drink water between jumps; take a small bottle in the plane too if needed. Electrolites are a good supplement if you're going hard at it in heat. Right now, they're a lot of buzz in cycling around Skratch Labs having some awesome product. I'm still a cheapass, and use powdered gatorade even on my hammer fest rides in AZ: I want that dammed sugar when I use 5000 Cals But if you need all day to do your jump, eat real food too. My go to when training is PB&J sandwiches on 12 grain bread. They have a decent enough mix of fat, carbs, and protein. Remster
  16. Are you fighting every highway project as passionately? Remster
  17. Fuck that. Keep fighting and pull handles/cables/pins/bridles/fabric till impact. Remster
  18. What most people do not realize is that the vast majority of people who approach an attorney about launching a lawsuit are turned down. And that is because it is determined to be: 'a lost cause.' Jerry Baumchen Australia has been in a fairly long string of over protective legislation in recent year. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy gets a sympathetic hear from courts. Remster
  19. What Andrea said, also for Eloy. We're a local team, and we scheduled a trip to the tunnel at Raeford in august in lieu of jumping :-D . I'd stay away from CA, AZ, Fl and TX as destination places in Jul-Aug. Lost Prairie is a great boogie. Probably one of the last true boogies. If you can make that happen, you'd have a blast. Remster
  20. Thanks Vince! Hows things out East? Remster