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  1. The Valsalva maneuver should be avoided and only used as last resort. http://flighttraining.aopa.org/magazine/1998/February/199802_Ear_Ye,_Ear_Ye.html
  2. Actually, the psychology of it is more than just extinction. You have an overload of information to process in the first jumps, which occupies your executive functions to the degree that the fear doesn't have timeshare. Then after you get used to the tasks, you now have time to process other things (fear). Furthermore, you are aware that there are but so many good jumps in a row you can have, and eventually you have to have a malfunction. Prospect Theory shows us that humans tend to over-estimate the rare event, especially after a number of successes that drive the Gambler's Fallacy (a bad one must be coming).
  3. I wear a cup. Maybe i'm a wuss, but i like to keep my package in one piece. And it's not like wearing a cup is uncomfortable. Or maybe that's because i've worn one all my life in different sports, etc. Anyway, why not add that extra bit of protection...
  4. Most depth cues are monocular. In fact, only convergence and retinal disparity are binocular. This is why one can drive with one eye without too much trouble. Having said that, there may not be many monocular depth cues when looking down at the ground on landing.
  5. I was thinking about Skydive City. It's a bit further to drive, but it's worth it to me to have fun doing this. Another option would be Cocoa or Sebastian, but they are even further away for me.
  6. I had a major anxiety attack during my third jump, and thought about quitting, but then I realized that it was more about being nervous about my performance than fear of malfunction.
  7. My instructor has been a dbag from Day 1. I get it that he's just got a weird sense of humor and he even makes me laugh occasionally, but he is really abusive and answers every question with an insult about how dumb I must be to ask that question. Maybe my questions really are dumb, but I ask them bc I want to know the answers, not to be insulted. I've spoken to the chief instructor and he said that this guy gets all kinds of complaints, but he doesn't have anyone else for me, and I have to stick it out. I'm thinking about switching to another DZ. I started this for fun. I'm not having fun right now with this guy. Thoughts? Are my concerns reasonable?
  8. Hi OP I totally know how you feel. I botched the first jump badly, forgot to do the practice pulls and my instructor pulled for me. I was just overloaded. No biggie. Then I botched level 3 and am doing remedial wind tunnel work. Again, no biggie. I'm having fun. Are you? That's all that matters. :)
  9. Hi all, I'm new to jumping. My dad was 82nd Airborne, and I guess I got it in the blood. I'm in the AFF program and working on Level 3. I don't think I'm very good at it, but I'm enjoying it!
  10. Does anyone have stats on how many main chute malfunctions occur each year? What percentage of total jumps involve a mal?