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  1. So very true, but I don´t own a Curv, just going by the pictures. And I made a mistake, I ment under the shoulders( check picture). Looks like stiffeners, and it looks like plastic or something that is riggid and have sharp sides. Could someone who have a Curv explain what these are?
  2. The two plastic inserts over the shoulders? Or have I mixed it all up
  3. Looks really good, but wearing sharp plastic that close to the jugular could cause problem during a rough landing? Anyone else thought of this as an safety issue?
  4. appreciate any help I can get Trying to figure out which unit of measurements they are using. It says L(3-7-7-3) on the rig, and according to the manual it goes (main - chest - lumbar - legstrap). Guessing by "main" they mean the MLW, so what are they measuring in? feet, inches, cm? The latter seems to small and the first seems to big, and in inches? That can´t be..
  5. Silhouette 190, would it fit into the I5?