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  1. I'm not knocking them at all , if you read my post and understood it fully you would see that . I'm not blaming them for being mean to me lol . I deserved it after a terrible jump . They just weren't what I expected them to be on the ground afterwards . There was no constructive ciritizsm . It was more of " what are you doing up there ? " or " I don't care if it's your first jump or your 10,000th jump , seriously ?" So if you just went through what I did you would be saying the same thing . I respect them for the job they are doing for all us here in AFF . But I don't respect them for the way they handled the situation . They both have numerous complaints for the same sort of behavior after jumps . That's my DZs fault for not handling the situation. I went there yesterday with an ice cold case of beer and an apology for sounding like a prick after my jump. They apologized as well for not handling it the best they could have afterwards and we sat and drank and discussed my jump and what needs to be done better for a better experience . No harm done
  2. I definitely mentioned their age in no form of disrespect intended believe me . From the start they just weren't very friendly with me . I'm very easy to get along with . I work for Ford motor company and talk to people all day everyday so I know it's not me lol . But I understand what you are saying . Years from now I will look back and thank them for what they did and will continue to do for me . I don't mentally think about it like that right now for obvious reasons . Looking forward to my jump tomorrow and many more to come !
  3. It's the best way to describe how it felt . I know it will get better with time like anything else . People at my DZ are great and have been telling me the same thing . Get use to it , relax and have fun .
  4. What .. You believe everything you read online ? That's weird ;)
  5. Others have recommended I do a tandem as well . I think I'll do one tomorrow before my next jump with my instructors . Get use to the freefall feeling, sights and the sounds will make it easier for my AFF for sure
  6. I've met some great people and friends at my DZ the past 2 weeks I've been there on a regular basis . I think the biggest thing for me was going with instructors I didn't know at all until 10 minutes prior . They are both a lot older ( 50s) . And I'm 20 , covered in tattoos . So idk if they just think I'm some punk that's not serious about jumping or what it may be . Hopefully my second jump will go better . And for sensory overload . Same thing , I don't remember leaving the plane , I remember about 2/3 seconds into freefall and trying to comprehend everything that was going on . The noise and trying to take deep breaths and basically choking on air was putting me into a panic .
  7. Hello, the exact same thing happened to me last week . I was focused and ready to go jump . Got out with two instructors I didn't know until 10 minutes prior to our load being sent up . I went into a weird blank in the exit procedures of the plane and don't remember leaving the plane at all . It's called sensory overload . Your brain trying to comprehend everything at once in this new scary environment . I couldn't locate my hackey on practice pulls , my legs were bent straight up to my rig like an idiot . My arms were all fully extended outward like a bird trying to fly for some reason . I landed safely without an issue . Felt totally embarrassed about it all . I was the last of 7 out of my class to make the first jump and the only one to mess up on everything in the dive flow . Oh , and did I mention I completely zoned out at 5500 feet and they had to deploy my chute for me . No idea what happened there . Redoing my jump tomorrow so I wish you the best of luck! Relax , breath , repeat .
  8. Exactly , I landed safely ( on my feet after a little stutter step surprisingly ). So in my eyes I didn't have a failed jump . Just a scary first experience that's for sure .
  9. I understand completely . It's like anything else , you just have to keep doing it and it will get easier. I will make a follow up post after my jump tomorrow and let you all know how it went . Relaxation is definitely key . The transition from leaving the plane and getting into freefall was mostly a blank for me . I regret doing a tandem or two before doing the aff . But hey we all regret something when it comes to skydiving right ?
  10. Lol my phone decided advise was better than Advice apparently haha . But yes i understand that of course . Only reason I haven't quit . I know it will get easier the more you do it . And every instructor at my DZ is awesome . Besides the two that I just so happened to have the pleasure of jumping with for my first time . I'm hoping I get a different set tomorrow afternoon ( I'll be sure of it before I jump ) . Thank you for the advice . I've wanted to get into the sport for a while now and want to stick with it as much as I possibly can . Thanks !
  11. Hello everyone , long story short I decided to take the aff class . I've never skydived before this . No tandems , SL , ect . I made my level 1 jump the other day and it went nothing like it was supposed to . I wasn't too nervous on the ride up and everything seemed fine . After my check in and check out it all changed . I don't remember leaving the plane . I remember being in freefall about 2 seconds later with my legs all bent up towards my rig , my arms not in correct position . I believe some would call it sensory overload being my first time doing it in my life . Taking in all the sights and sounds and doing something the human body tells you not to do. So basically I blacked out and didn't comprehend hand signals , didn't do my practice touches until 8 thousand feet . And didnt pull my own hackey . I locked onto my altimeter at 6,000 feet as instructed . Once I hit 5500 my brain didn't comprehend that I was supposed to wave off and pull at 5500. Once my canopy opened and everything was good i started to calm down . I can't explain how it made me feel during that jump . I was expecting my instructors to be sort of understanding being it was my first time ever jumping out of an airplane . But they were more upset with me than trying to help me relax during and after my jump . I'm going to make my next jump attempt tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking for some tips and pointers to help me relax and understand why I freaked out during the whole jump . I'm very scared and nervous about jumping and repeating the same thing all over again . I'm not a quitter so I refuse to stop after just one jump . Don't know what to do at this point 😁