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  1. Try them both. Get the one that fits better. Remster
  2. The DZ established a couple years ago that doors remain closed until 1500 ft, and then its either fully open, or completely closed, soon after there was a military incident of a main deploying with a partially opened door. Killed the jumper, damaged the door but no other damage or casualties. Remster
  3. Sniff sniff.. no one loves me... Remster
  4. This is surely one of the most jaw-dropping Speaker's Corner posts in many, many years. Holly fuck! Look who the cat dragged in! Remster
  5. They never left... Remster
  6. Skin O2 osmosis is the main reason students aren't given full face helmets. Because we can't breathe in freefall, it takes time for the body to get used to getting most of its oxygen from osmosis transfer through the skin. And since the first few jumps are more stressful on the system, more surface area of skin to open air helps improve the transfer. If you have problems breathing after the 1st jump, ask your instructor if you can wear shorts. Remster
  7. Unit fired within its parameters during a swoop and resulted in a fatality. Saw it a few times at the DZ actually. All 3 times I witnessed, no injuries. Remster
  8. That's the iFly tunnel. not Fliteshop. Remster
  9. The internets DEMANDS we see said tinder profile pics... :p Remster
  10. Same here. By far, the most comfortable. I've been jumping for a while, and I still catch myself doing a double take sometime on exit wondering if I have my rig when wearing the Curv. Also, no-nonsense pricing: it includes everything (except black hardware -purely cosmetic; and the slider keeper). PS: non-sponsored jumper here. Remster
  11. You're a little behind the curve there.... Fliteshop is stopped due to settling out of court after they were taken to court by iFly for patent infringement. But, iFly is opening a tunnel just down the road Remster
  12. Remster
  13. Awwww... I didn't know you cared....
  14. It will be the best. It's going to fascist so hard, believe me. When Fox News isn't bullshit enough for you, tune in to Drumph News. Remster
  15. Remster

    Oh Canada!

    I've had a VERY close encounter with a pair of mooses (meeses??? lol) a few years ago. We were canoeing in the Laurentians in QC, and as we went around a bend in a river, this pair of mooses was drinking in the shallows... We must have been 10 feet from them at most. They weren't being aggressive, but we still backed away slowly... Lemme tell you: an adult moose is big, but they are even bigger when you're "kneeling" on the water at their feet... Remster
  16. You're fooling yourself you think athletes (regardless of nationality) are doing any doping "on their own". It may not be state sanctioned, but doping in today's systems of tests requires a team of accomplices (including coaches, doctors, managers, trainers, etc...). Remster
  17. Not exactly true. Lake Elsinore CA is at an elevation of 1296 ft. Perris Valley is at 1414 ft. Neither are considered to be high altitude DZs. Which are both a little lower than SDAZ where the poster is from.
  18. Hey! I wasn't at the Patriots Boogie... I slow down a bit in summer in Eloy (events and all!). Next stop: Czeck Republic for a 100 way there! Don't push it with turbulent conditions... Plenty of people have gotten seriously hurt or worse jumping when the conditions warranted to stay down. When we see the experienced folks NOT team training taking a break, take a break... Us team folks can get a bit stupid: don't be like us. Alti wise: unless you have lots of money to spend, find a used analog alti. Anything by Alti-2 is great, but really, any decent used analog alti will do at this point, and you'll spend less on gear that you may still damage as you get things dialed in on landings. If you cn spend the money, look at the digital ones out there, but, IMHO, you're beginner's money is better spent on jumps. Remster
  19. Remster
  20. Insightful, thank you! Our experience is a few years old, but we figured we wouldn't jump as much when we moved to the UK, weather and all... Well, the weather is so-so at beast, but we did jump plenty in the UK, found a pretty good RW scene for us (it was 2000-2003), and met a bunch of people we still call friends. Oh, and it's easy to travel and jump in Europe too ;) Remster
  21. Hey. You come to a online forum posting limited info on a situation that happened to a loved one. I get it: you don't like hearing comments that disagree with your opinion of the situation (I don't mean that as sarcasm: it's really only natural). New skydivers are cuddled these days: I may not be that old, but I started at a time where you had to take of yourself a lot more in this sport. You asked specifically about "Policy"; not what locals would do to help out a new jumper out of "camaraderie". "Now imagine you are young person with a handful of jumps, it's all new, but you trust in the system."... I hope she learned. And I really don't mean that in any negative or sarcastic way. I really do hope she becomes more involved in her equipment and looking out for herself. Skydiving is much more a business than a culture these days. Good or bad, it's the way it is. Buyer beware. Remster
  22. It sounds like your daughter had a complex situation to deal with, But, No. She chose not to open the main to check it. I get it. I've jumped a friends' rigs plenty time when I had to borrow one (for whatever reason), and I never opened it. It was also my choice to not open it. Now, if the lines were in fact crap, then the shop (or DZ or person) who rented it out runs a crappy business. But that fact does not negate your daughter's personal responsibility in jumping that rig. Sounds like you're lawyering up already.... Awesome. Remster
  23. I'm gonna be an asshole here... If this is not a student rental situation, then you are licensed. If you rent gear with fuzzy lines, you made the call to jump with fuzzy lines. Speak up when you notice it, and get the shop to address it. If you don't feel knowledgeable enough about gear to give a basic inspection of the gear you rent, find someone to teach you, preferably the instructors who should have taught you in the 1st place. Being licensed means you get to make your decisions. Remster