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  1. I was thinking the same as Tri mostly because this is already so far into the world of unbelievable that the rules that govern what you expect are out the window. I think you would, unfortunately, look at the definition of "rape" and see if it applies in this f'ed up situation. Add to that the family may have POA and medical POA, so would insemination fall under a med procedure? Brave new world.... Remster
  2. The Count would need his own Sesame Street spinoff to count that high... Remster
  3. Casa Grande is better known because it sits near the junction of I-8 and I-10. Coolidge is about 10 miles NE, Eloy is about 10 miles SE. I believe a military only DZ is still in Coolidge, but I could be confusing it with another town. That's correct Remster
  4. And then wait 90 minutes to get our food... Remster
  5. No. Not when I ordered mine. Remster
  6. You probably were too drunk from the non stop beer truck ;) Seriously, you can party as much or as little as you want. The after jumping scene by the beer truck is pretty mellow. There are a couple of official Wingsuit LOs now at the DZ. They should be around for the boogie! Remster
  7. Remster

    The swamp

    Speaking of which..... Remster
  8. Love them if properly cooked. And smothered with persillade... nom nom nom Remster
  9. How did she climb there? Carefully. :D (and it's he) Remster
  10. You jump at a busy, fairly large DZ with lots of experienced jumpers there. I would look for a mentor in person at your DZ. Go there, jump often, hang out after the jumping, make friends, and you'll probably find a few people that meet your criteria. Remster
  11. I doubt they're as creative with wood chippers in Paris. Ya think? Remster
  12. ...... His is also a moderate. But still, WTF. ..... He is not. He opposes Trump, but he's no moderate. He's very much a conservative. Remster
  13. Don't forget. Flake is a very conservative lawmaker. Remster
  14. *You're *douche I dunno. Maybe he meant a italian aristocrat.... Remster
  15. Lets come up with a term for this to make it go viral... A lunching... no... A lonching... almost.... A lenching? Someone have a better idea? Remster
  16. Not active in summer. I think They'll be back in Oct. Remster
  17. I thought you said a president couldn’t be subpoenaed? It’s ok, you were wrong. You are correct, neither of them testified under subpoena, one of them resigned and the other one was impeached. "The third possibility — and one that I suggest is growing more likely by the day — is that evidentiary developments in the investigation may have moved the president from being a “subject” of the investigation to being a “target.” If this is the case, then Department of Justice policies would strongly argue against using a grand jury subpoena to compel the president to testify." Remster
  18. Well, it's nice that you decided to believe Trudeau's spin. Maybe Trump will too. Canada seems to have a leader who understands diplomacy. Canada does not spend 2% of his GDP on military. Nor should it. Remster
  19. CASA would be the next closest I could think of. 32 jumpers. Slower on the climb. Tougher to use with lots of small groups since the jumprun tends to be faster and the drop gets strung way out. But you can chunk some wicked formations off that huge ramp. Great for boogies, but you need a hundred fun jumpers to keep one turning so not so great for daily use. Just my opinions. Don't know if it's possible to make new Skyvans, but they did start making otters again due to demand. Casas need 2 pilots. Another strike against them, tho they are f'ing fun planes for sure. Remster
  20. The NCAA draft can be pretty political. The jokes just write themselves, don't they. Remster
  21. That's quite an ad. I wonder how affective it is since you'd pretty much have to be a skydiver to know how difficult that would be.Looks dangerous. Extra line flying everywhere. Wonder if they dropped it or stowed it before deployment. Huh? Looks mildly more (or even less) of an issue that a Freefall flag jump, or hoop jump. Nice work from the stunt team! Do we know who the jumpers were (DZ was Perris)? Remster
  22. You're so cute.... I think it's 7 now. (but yeah, mostly used for military, and boogies) I just received notification that I'm talking out of my ass. That's 8 skyvans. Don't they lease a few out to other DZs for boogies? They sometimes lease out both Vans and Otters. Remster