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  1. Not active in summer. I think They'll be back in Oct. Remster
  2. CASA would be the next closest I could think of. 32 jumpers. Slower on the climb. Tougher to use with lots of small groups since the jumprun tends to be faster and the drop gets strung way out. But you can chunk some wicked formations off that huge ramp. Great for boogies, but you need a hundred fun jumpers to keep one turning so not so great for daily use. Just my opinions. Don't know if it's possible to make new Skyvans, but they did start making otters again due to demand. Casas need 2 pilots. Another strike against them, tho they are f'ing fun planes for sure. Remster
  3. That's quite an ad. I wonder how affective it is since you'd pretty much have to be a skydiver to know how difficult that would be.Looks dangerous. Extra line flying everywhere. Wonder if they dropped it or stowed it before deployment. Huh? Looks mildly more (or even less) of an issue that a Freefall flag jump, or hoop jump. Nice work from the stunt team! Do we know who the jumpers were (DZ was Perris)? Remster
  4. You're so cute.... I think it's 7 now. (but yeah, mostly used for military, and boogies) I just received notification that I'm talking out of my ass. That's 8 skyvans. Don't they lease a few out to other DZs for boogies? They sometimes lease out both Vans and Otters. Remster
  5. Skydive Arizona leases one for special projects. Remster
  6. You're so cute.... I think it's 7 now. (but yeah, mostly used for military, and boogies) I just received notification that I'm talking out of my ass. That's 8 skyvans. Remster
  7. You're so cute.... I think it's 7 now. (but yeah, mostly used for military, and boogies) Remster
  8. Getting to use dynamite? What more reason do you need?
  9. Gold mining is all hard rock isn't it? Not with when mining placers: basically looking for gold in sand (that came from erosion upstream). That's what panning for gold is; when you get into higher production volume, dredging, or even moving other sediments covering placers. Remster
  10. I bought 1 bev suit. Lasted less than 2 season. Went back to Tony, well onto my 3 season with this suit and probably will last a couple more. YMMV. Remster
  11. I guess you know all there is to know about photography then! Remster
  12. I have a similar rule for when there are conflicting landing directions in a landing area: When I see 2 people land in opposite directions, I consider that area closed for me and land out. 2 reasons: - I don't want to be adding to the confusion - I have no clue what other people will do (did they see #1 and #2, or just #2, or just #1...) Remster
  13. Well... one less idiot to worry about now... Wow. Nice level of empathy. Remster
  14. Billy: this is not the Tesla autopilot. This is a self driving car that's being tested. Remster
  15. Thanks for sharing this here Andrea! She's such a great member of this community... Remster
  16. 5/25-5/28 Turbine Madness - Skydive Arizona AZ Remster
  17. Not bad actually. They go out 1st, and you just need to give them enough seperation. Remster
  18. Then you will looking for a 230 ish sqft canopy. Wing loading includes the weight of all your gear, clothing, etc... Also: don't shop for what you think you will need down the road. You may lose 40 lbs, you may not. And after you buy that 190 because, well, "I'll be 200, and that 190 was a great deal", you'll be tempted to jump it, even if, because life got in the way, you're still 235. As far as what model, everyone has a favorite. Once you get to your target weight, get a hold of the manufacturers and try a few. Remster
  19. Not that unique. I lived, and visited several places where polar bears were an issue. Remster
  20. True story: I worked as an explosives Tech Rep then Advanced Services (aka Training) in the 90s. We used that video every time we could to talk about proper stemming, and flyrock dangers We also used an internal video of the 1st time our company did a full scale blast at a quarry of a new type of bulk explosive (dopped emulsion). It as before my time, but they had setup the camera equip at twice the distance they thought was safe (and we're talking about one of the most well know, respected group of industrial explosive development team in the world)... 3 high speed cameras (when those were stupid expensive), and 1 regular speed... the footage of the 1 surviving high speed cam was AMAZING lmao Remster
  21. "Burner and company" Its not Burner, but there are balloon jumps again. Just wanted to clarify that! Remster
  22. Bring a catheter. It's worth it. Remster
  23. Nope, will order a new mount and give it a try. Don't think double-sided tape will be a huge challenge to adrenaline-powered human. I had to replace the mount on my helmet this weekend. It took me about 2-3 minutes with a screwdriver to get the mount adhesive off. Remster
  24. Try them both. Get the one that fits better. Remster