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  1. Thanks man, Priceline actually do have really good deals. It probly is the best option with me not knowing anybody.
  2. Hey people, I'm from New Zealand flying to Los Angeles on Sunday the 7th of June. Never been to the states before and need advice on the easiest way to get out to Perris valley. I'm not too keen on renting a car for how much they cost. Which buses or trains do I take?? Or is there any super awesome people out there that would pick me up from lax airport on the 7th?? Will provide gas money of course! Any help appreciated, thanks and blue skies to all
  3. Would it be more suiting to start out in a tracking suit then eventually get into a wingsuit? Thoughts on what suit I should go for?
  4. Any awesome people out there heading up towards lodi/sanfransico/sacremento in the coming 3-4 weeks? I'm flying into LA on the 7th of June from New Zealand and on the slightest off chance hoping that somebody is making the drive up ( or I will bus or fly) I offer gas $$ munchies and greats yarns ;) or maybe you could offer me some advice in what type of transport to take haha cheers guys blue skies
  5. Hey everybody, I'm flying to Los Angeles from New Zealand on the 7th of June for a two month skydiving holiday. Looking for advice from locals or others that have made the trip before on the best/your favourite dz to go to! So far thinking of going to Perris then up to lodi as I plan to make around 200 jumps in those few weeks. Hopefully there's some others out there that will be in the area and keen to jump! Blue skies all!