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  1. Bertt

    AFF or AFP?

    Visit each DZ. Hang around for a while. See which vibe you like best.
  2. Bertt

    PFF/AFF enquiry

    Don't know about Canada, but in the U.S. you need 25 skydives and there's a list of items to check off after AFF. e.g. land within 20 meters of a target 5 times. pack a parachute. dive out of the airplane and dock with another skydiver. A local DZ should be able to give you more details.
  3. This should probably be answered by the USPA - or you could just mail the application and see what response you get. My guess is there's no language that specifically forbids it, but doing so would be in exceedingly poor taste.
  4. Bertt

    Changing alti mounts?

    Yes. See those 4 screws on the back. Look in the Square 1 catalog (or equivalent) for altimeter mounts and accessories.
  5. Bertt

    Parents With Young Children

    There was a cartoon in a comic strip a while back that showed 2 guys having a conversation in a bar: First Guy - I would skydive, but I have a wife and six kids. Second Guy - So do I. That's why I skydive. You'll get different answers from different people on this. Here's my answer. If you're going to skydive, you need to be focused on skydiving. If your doubts about whether you should be there are a distraction, don't skydive. Note that you can always skydive later in life, but raising a family can't be put off 'til later.
  6. Bertt

    Cross country skydive trip

    OK, I'll start: Skydive Atlanta (Thomaston, GA) Gold Coast (Lumberton, MS) Spaceland (Rosharon, TX) Now you're on I-10 headed west, not sure what's next. Sounds like it could be a fun trip.
  7. Bertt

    FAA Director resigns

    Here we go to Speaker's Corner. My guess: we need to write our representatives in Congress to oppose user fees. (That's the sticky at the top of this page, so maybe not SC)
  8. Since you asked, here's my 2 cents worth. First, hold a heading by looking at something out in the distance. The more you look around, the more chance to induce line twists. Second, count to 5, or maybe 7 or 8 with the Tri, just like you were taught in the ground school. That way, you keep track of time and don't spend the rest of your life looking up at a streamer.
  9. Bertt

    Canopy Life Span and Performance

    More info needed. If it's an f-111 canopy with 1000 jumps, I don't know why they would bother to put a new lineset on it. If it's a ZP canopy, it could have a lot of life left if it's been well-maintained. i.e. not left in the sun, not many, if any, water jumps, not jumped in sandy, dusty conditions. Things to look at: where did it come from (Arizona = lots of sun and sand, Pennsylvania, not so much). What is the Date of Manufacture (a few years old = good, many years old = more time to lie around and get damaged). If the fabric is getting worn out, glide, swoop, and flare will suffer. It would be nice if you could give it a good inspection and test jump it before any money changes hands.
  10. Bertt

    "smiley washer" info? Is that what you're looking for?
  11. Bertt

    How many saves in 2010?

    Only one. But no failures on any of my packs either, so I'm happy.
  12. Bertt

    Got My Demo

    Dude, I'm being totally serious here /no_sarcasm While you demo that thing, pay a packer; don't waste demo time packing it./no_sarcasm Let us know what you think about it, especially the landings.
  13. Bertt

    Line types;search_string=vectran%20dacron%20spectra;guest=75638667#1135666 Start with this thread and do some more searches on things like Dacron lines, kevlar lines, micro-line. It's also useful to go to wikipedia to read about things like High Modulus Aramid (HMA lines) This is a pretty big topic, but that should give you something to start with.
  14. Bertt

    Best way to become packer

    Tell the folks at the DZ you want to be a packer. Then show up on time and work hard.
  15. Bertt

    how to get down?

    You probably need to wear weights, but at your jump numbers you really want to ease into this. Get with some of the good RW jumpers at your DZ for more specifics about how weights affect your freefall and landing.
  16. Bertt

    Skydive at 17

    Have you tried Colorado Skysports in Boulder ?
  17. Bertt

    very NEW- want to learn about GEAR

    Hang around the DZ, ask questions.
  18. Bertt

    airport proposal

    Every airport manager thinks his airport will turn into Jetport, USA. Be sure to point out that there will be no negative impact on non-skydiving traffic.
  19. Bertt

    What size rubberbands?

    I use single-wrapped, small rubber bands for just about everything, so that's one opinion. At any rate, it should be pretty quick to try one type and change if that's not suitable.
  20. Bertt

    Longer risers, longer openings??

    Did those risers change how far down the brake lines pull when the brakes are set?
  21. Bertt

    First Gear Advice

    This question comes up a lot on this forum. I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice, so I'll only address 2 issues here. The AAD can be bought new or used. If you can afford the price of a new one now, get it. If not, get a used one with a couple of years life left, then replace it later on. You will want to talk to your local rigger or DZO about acting as a middleman for equipment purchases. It is common for the purchaser to make a deal with the seller where the equipment is shipped to a rigger who inspects it. If the rigger says it's OK, you send the seller the money and keep the gear. If the rigger finds a problem (e.g. canopy really needs a new line set and the seller didn't mention that), you send the gear back. Either way, you pay shipping. If the seller won't agree to something like that, watch out.
  22. Bertt

    Question about ZP material.

    Over a really long time it will. For a few days, it won't make any difference. What will make a difference is the stuff that gets spilled on it, the damage done by stepping on it, etc. In other words, if you don't want to pack it, at least protect it by putting it in a garbage bag or something similar and setting it out of the way.
  23. Since you said "budgeting", I'll mention that you can get used gear in excellent condition for somewhere around half the cost of brand new gear. Ask your local rigger for details. Popular canopies for beginning skydivers include Spectre, Triathlon, Sabre2, Pilot, and some others that I'm sure someone else will mention. You'll probably want something around a 190 to 230 depending on how the weight loss goes. Get some advice from an instructor who has seen you fly a canopy before you purchase anything. Look at the classifieds here to get an idea about availability and prices.
  24. You have really answered your own question. You can put a lot of jumps on that 150 before you move to something smaller.
  25. Bertt

    how to become current

    You shouldn't have to sit through the whole course again, but the question is "when are you going to return?". If you wait until next spring, you will need a lot more refreshing than if you go back when the weather clears after the next hurricane.