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  1. Rstanley0312

    iFly's European Patent / ISG

    iFly say this, iFly lost. Their recent patent is an attempt to extend their original patent that is getting ready to expire. I doubt they will have much luck with that but patents are not about what they say. They are about the money behind them and the willingness to fight. It seems iFly is very willing to fight so that may work out for them. ISG seems willing to fight also though and in this case..... ISG won.
  2. Rstanley0312

    Turbulence Is Trying To Hide From You - Here’s Where to Look

    A link to the paragliding diagram would have been a great add to this article. :)
  3. Rstanley0312

    Almost 25 Years Later: Some Hazards of Resurrection

    Great article!
  4. Rstanley0312

    Sabre2 vs Safire2

    I have flown both and I like the Safire 2 much more. Just my opinion but I think it opens better, flies better, and has more bottom end (flare). My advice... jump both and decide for yourself.
  5. Rstanley0312

    M2 AAD

    Personally... I only trust CYPRES but that's me. Many opinions out there and several will tell you why one is better than the other. I will not get in to all of that. Do your research and make the decision for yourself. There is something to be said about the originator and longest AAD on the market in my opinion and I also love that my CYPRES 2 unit gets checked periodically. Some do not like the service side of the CYPRES and they go Vigil or M2. If it is my last shot I like to believe it is going to work.
  6. I waited 4 weeks. I wear a full face but I did not want to risk it. I spoke to the doc and he said 2 weeks I should be fine 4 weeks totally fine. He was also a former fighter pilot and later went on to perform LASIK on many a pilots in the ilitary before retiring from service. You are going to love it! One of the best things I ever did!
  7. Rstanley0312

    Team DumbAss Z-hills Clicky
  8. Rstanley0312

    Plans for Middletown Wind Tunnel Announced

    Ohio... Just north of Cincinnati.
  9. Rstanley0312

    G3 Helmet

    I have put a couple hundred jumps on mine (FF) and it is solid. The latching mechanism is great and easy to use. I open my shield under canopy a lot and it is very easy to do. My clear shield experienced what seemed to be cracking but it was just really build up that can be wiped away. This was a flaw in the anti-fog which I am pretty sure has been addressed. I have had no issues with my tinted shield doing this. Very comfortable to wear.
  10. Rstanley0312

    2 months later

    Congrats and welcome!
  11. Rstanley0312

    my 1st mr.bill clicky
  12. Rstanley0312

    Best Freefly suit?

    Liquid Sky!
  13. Rstanley0312

    New in Cincinnati

    You liked Ray huh.... well that just means you have a screw loose too Kidding of course.... glad you had fun! Ray is cool and I'm sure he will apreciate you posting this.