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  1. the Para hawks at Salem Michigan started PC's in 1972 in stylemasters with shot and 1/2s and pilot chuted reserves. Harold Lange at Tecumseh bad mouthed us becaused jump rags like his students did
  2. I used to pack Army and Air Force seat packs for Danny Latchford's Midwest Parachute sales in Novi Michigan in 1974. All that riser to go under your butt . Then no steering other than riser tugging. I wouldnt wish that on anybody but it beat the alternative.I got a 1942 28 foot Navy all silk canopy cut steerable by Danny. One jump on it in 1974, I thought I was going to kiss my ankles on landing. Kind of like holding a chain up by one end then dropping it.I still have it. What color would the canopy be ? All white I presume.
  3. Could anyone post some pictures of the parachutes used in F4u Corsairs pilots for the Korean War. A friend is making a movie and would like to be accurate as possible.
  4. Quote It was never good to have colors match. If you did a cutaway who would notice? , With different color some would wonder where are you and look where your going also head start on canopy recovery
  5. As for the RSL I had a 1964 Cross Bow that had one but it only connected to one riser with one-shots
  6. I had a Wonderhog in the late 70's .It didnt have a three ring yet
  7. I finally caught Lars at home to help post this copy of Gerts Ash dive. Thats me with the bag with flamingos on it . Tim and John Sherman made the baf for me at the Jump Shack. It wiil always be that no matter what they say. Cliff Alfiche is side body on me Pat Solar is on the left . Keek {Chris } Myks is next He is Slugger Myks son. His brother Brandon flew 84Charley in the formation. Bryan Shehann is under the Go-Pro on my left. Ryan Hanold took the pictures and video. A few others had a misshap and couldnt dock to form a giant "G" for Gert. There was also a "G" on the ground made up from flamingos standing Honor Guard for us.
  8. Mine was last Friday and as tradition I magic markered a 7 on one palm and a 2 on the other . The numbers were about 3 inches high and 3/8 thick . I had two girls in a threeway then split to a line palms flat and up. we had hoped for more people to fill slots behind but only had one more guy on my tail. It worked out great. It can be seen on my facebook page Larry Ekstrom for an idea. I did that with a lot of Tandem videos, They liked it We had a guy with 95 on his hands a few weeks ago
  9. I dont know yet. There was a post from Aerohio when I did a 15 second one there. at 71 years old. Videos are filtering down now from the 29 way and the SOS jump . I have a picture of our JOS jump but have to have my kid post it soon
  10. We did the state record 29 way POPS on Saturday after 4 tries. Sunday the state record SOS 11 way and sequential. We had 4 people ready for the state record JOS jump on Saturday night . Alas it dwindled to me and Doug again for the record Sunday We had two videos of us doing theTwisty Thing . for eight points. I also set the record for NNKS at 24 seconds . I don't know if I can print Night Nude Keg Stand on here
  11. Last weekend in a practice JOS record jump for Skydive Tecumseh Solstice Boogie this weekend. Doug Coleman and I did a 6 point two way. Big deal but our combined ages were 143 and 95 combined years of jumping with 16000 plus total jumps.Cant wait to see or totals at the boogie
  12. There was a picture with two tandems in an eight or 10 way over Ohare airport with jets taking off and landing. Nice picture the you saw what month it was then April Fools issue. Some still believe its real.
  13. Friday is her memorial service , Her ash dive will be in Tawas MI on August 23 at Tommy Oriellys boogie .John Sherman is having her ash bag built like Vickie Johnston's, Except it will have flamingos on it the sacred bird of sky divers. I was astounded to find out Vickie was 6 days older than Gert. If you go to my sight on Facebook there are a lot of pictures. I don't know how to transfer them. She wrote her own epitath 30 years ago. Also a poem to Jessica Myks . Sluggers daughter. Again I don't know how to transfer it. Thanks again for caring.