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  1. lekstrom10k

    Barney Fife?

    The Charles Shannon Michigan is still around but living in IN now
  2. lekstrom10k

    1970 US Parachute Team Equipment

    It might not be Mr. Neuman. There was a Suzie Neuman from that era. Look inside the reserve flap for a repack data card. It might give locations of repacks and the old owners name and address.
  3. lekstrom10k

    MASS SPC Paracommander

    It wouldnt have been Orange as they were still using Rags. Pepperell Turner fall Taunton might be a try
  4. lekstrom10k

    two-Shot Capewells

    The main reson for the capewell alos was to make the rigs inter-changable . The lines were sewn to the risers the main lift web became the risers etc . If you had a bad canopy but good harness pitch it all . If the rig was bad and a good canopy again pitch it all. Capewell was the name of the company that made the adapters. some Navy rigs only had them on one side to collapse the canopy if being drug in sea water. The 26 foot Navy reserve had sea pockets to help slow down the dragging process.
  5. lekstrom10k

    Night RW

    A proud patch to wear was a Texas night 20 -way in the same era. Double white XX's on a black back ground. I was never in Texas but did a 16 and 12 in Michigan. My NSCR is 454 from 1974. With the faster squares later on NSCRs dropped down alot.
  6. As stated on another post I said you can hear the guy calling 911 with directions to the DZ .He said on Hwy 73 ? south of Columbus. If I recall ed it right
  7. Is it a U-206 [big back double door} or a P-206 exiting under the wing? Do you sit or climb out ? if so is there a decent floater bar? A C-206 has always been a fairly useless jump plane . We taught static line jumps from them in the early 70's it was OK if that was all you had but you always wanted something easier.Good luck it will get better.
  8. lekstrom10k

    Old Log Books

    There were a couple of other posts about the hard cover 150 jump books. I had one at Rantual at breakfast time Lew Sanborn came over to where I was sitting and said it was nice to see them still being used. He also told me it was his design from long ago . I have used them from my first jump in 1967. Of the 87 log books I have all but three are the blue hard cover. He then signed a few jumps for. Then he and I were the only ones to stand be quite for our national anthem. As far as the 500 jump books a friend once told me if you loose it 500 gone forever. 150 is all you can loose the other way. Still doing it that way
  9. lekstrom10k

    Another Para Commander question

    At least three feet. There was also a steering mod where the rings were sewed at the steering loops. All mine had it done but not sure exactly the rigger did.
  10. lekstrom10k

    DC3 and floaters

    Just the front cargo door Then rear cargo off caused to much turbulance. Of course the real DC-3 Never had a cargo door. The one floating around from Summerfest was actually a C-47. The door shown on the pictures is the "Man door" removed from the cargo door with the round top. the darkened square outline is the real cargo door The DC-3 door only had a rain drip rail over the door about 1/4 to 38 to grip on
  11. lekstrom10k

    Hammond LA 1967

    Is the Blumax relative to the Blue Max Para -Commander. A friend sold one to my wife in 1974 or so. Just wondering
  12. lekstrom10k

    Skydiving Films

    Freak Brothers was at Freeport so my guess 83or4. Masters of the Sky Skydive and Wings are Carl Boenish so it would be 71 t0 76 or so. The other 2 I am not familiar with. I hope its a start El Capitan76 or so
  13. Was he from south Pittsburgh area. The kind of guy that would show up when others were buying , then disappear for his turn.
  14. lekstrom10k

    Cardinal Puff Mugs

    I saw one for "Iron-Clad Cardinal" it was a sewer pipe with a plate and handle welded on. The mug seems sissy as in picking up a glass and more than a thumb and one finger tip touch your busted.Of course you werent told until you flipped it over on the last sip.The agony of defeat and drunk as hell
  15. lekstrom10k

    Talhequa turf creepers and dead ant

    The only Dead Ants I knew were from St Thomas parachute club in Ontarioat Simcoe in the early 70's To see everyone endure so much pain was unreal. Anyone ever play shoe at Jack Todds Crosswell MI DZ style? OOWIE OOWIE OOWIE.