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  1. It was '78 26' lopo. thanks for the response. crisis averted.
  2. Looking for an old rigger's advice. Someone just dropped off Security Pilot Emergency rig and asked me to tell them whether or not it's airworthy. (It likely is not.) But the parachute is from the '70s and as far as any records I have seen on it, has not been tested for acidity. Can someone tell me how I am supposed to conduct that test, and possibly the list of serial numbers (which I'm told are out there) which Security said are subject to the acid mesh pandemic?
  3. found on ebay
  4. every mini system reserve i've seen is one pin and can be either center or side pull because of the rotating cone. i've never seen a piglet reserve. the reserve attachment points on my stylemaster are higher than on military rigs, but believe me, i have worried about that before and thank you for the volume chart. that was very helpful.
  5. the phantom 24 is far too loose. someone mentioned a 28'. i always figured a 28 would be too big. is that possible? can a canopy be too big? and if i were going to look into getting a pop top from strong, do the same canopies fit in it? or would i need something smaller?
  6. i weigh 150. i have stood up my pc twice in my 25 jumps on it. And I don't have a Stylemaster reserve. i couldn't find it. I have a stylemaster harness/main and a mini system reserve. it may be an NAA reserve. another question i had was pack volume. i don't know what will or will not fit, except that the t10 and whatever is in now fit and the phantom 26 does not fit.
  7. I love jumping my nostalgic gear. on my stylemaster i can choose as a reserve a t10r, a national triconi(not phantom. i think its older than them), or i was considering getting a strong lopo. I am looking for opinions from you old farts that have jumped these parachutes. as you can tell from the title, the landings scare me. I really have no experience on any rounds except the paracommander and a sierra. so, what parachute do i want?
  8. who manufactured your parachute? and was it made specifically for you? and is it tso'd ? also i just found this picture on ebay! it says early thirties Sig Wilson of Marquette Michigan is the guy in the picture.
  9. well, in my "vast experience" consisting of almost two hundred jumps before i turned 18, i'd say the scariest jumps are under paracommanders. my dzo is an old guy, so naturally, he's got a lot of old pc's and he wants to scare me. so ive been digging them out and i have ressurected 6 paracommanders and a sierra that haven't seen the air in 35 years. every one of those has me shaking before i leave the plane. i dont know if it will burst, or if i will have to pull those pesky capewells.. and god knows i do not want to come down under the 1960s belly warts. so far i've had one partial malfunction. there were a couple of burn holes in one of the canopies. i didnt have to chop it. one had the pilot chute wrapped around one of the lines that put me into an eternal spin. it was correctable, but man did that land hard!!
  10. what dropzone was that? im from the area, but i dont recognize the name
  11. ladies and gentlemen, i pose a question. what were the best days for skydiving? was it when not many did it in the fifties, with the modified military gear, the pc days, the transition period with the birth of ram airs and all those other weird designs that didnt last like the paradactyl type parachutes, or now in this modern day with swooping... i may not have lived through any of it, but i love the paracommanders. Don Kellner has a stash of twenty of them them that i love to dig out and jump. I have my opinion, but i'd love to hear from some old farts. what were your favorite days in skydiving?
  12. it is a wormhole as a matter of fact. i live in the year 1975. however, strong enterprises doesnt, so they wont sell me a new stylemaster. i found one sitting in my dzo's barn. anyways he had thirty pcs up there so i decided to relive the past. last year at 17, i made my first six pc jumps. any you know what, i didnt break my back like that makenzie that got the rules changed. neither did my brother or sister who started at sixteen.
  13. seems to be confusion. i dont much care for the canopy color. i am looking for a stylemaster reserve container that matches the main container. black with red binding if anyone has one. though one of the nice men at strong tells me i need a strong canopy as a reserve.
  14. just bought a stylemaster with a black and gold pc in it. very beautiful. but the reserve is where the whole thing goes bad. it has a phantom 26 in it (which is too small with that microline). the color doesnt match the main container, and worst of all, its for a mini system! so, can anyone help me? i need to find a stylemaster reserve.