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  1. PSST. Hey EJ! I've been trying to get a hold of you girl but you cut out PMs! When the fuck are we gonna go out to lunch? Sheeze I am like only a few feet away from you
  2. Heya girl... where have you been? Haven't heard from you. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  3. I've been told I look like all sorts of band members, but not anymore since I shaved my head.
  4. Shut up, I own a blue speedo. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  5. Pick up boss over in Rittenhouse Square, fight traffic on the Shulkyll Expwy heading out of Center City (Philadelphia). Logon to computer, check up with other developers and recap progress made on code changes for some of our clients. After that, go through email, check to see if spam filters caught anything that was actually good mail. Then I open up several IDEs (visual studio 2003, sometimes codewarrior to look at ARM code) and get to work on projects. I usually have about 2-3 copies of Microsoft Visio open working on other designs while I'm working on existing deliverables and an unregistered copy of Rational Rose going to reverse engineer old code. I usually live in that state all day and chill out on and when I'm compiling DLLs or running unit tests. If it's a big day (deploying to production) I usually try to disappear like my VP does (work from home, etc).
  6. I'm out of town in DC, just wait 'til I get home... And have had a drink or two... I think me and Matt are the only guys who blindly accept requests to take clothes off from girls (in person or on here). Not that I'm implying anything about all the other yo-yos who talk up a storm about their hoo hoos... ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  7. Well, I'm not on your list (God only knows why, 'cause it's so, so, prettayyy!) but in the spirit of helping, I'll post another or two. Blue skies, -Jeffrey Nice tool ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  8. I finally got my back pay from my old job. Check came in the mail on Friday for about $5,000.00 What little credit card balances I had outstanding I have all paid them off.
  9. Can there be an exception for porn? At least you're expending calories ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  10. Driving in NYC is freakin' easy, as long as it's Manhattan. Brooklyn is a bit tricky (I had SO much trouble finding a furniture store last month it was unreal). Center City Philadelphia is much more difficult to drive around in than Manhattan... the streets are very narrow and you got just as many Jersey drivers roaming around the area like lost cattle. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  11. Hmmmmmmmm....I seem to be good at this game....... That's what all guys say...... ~R+R...... Not me. I have no clue where it is. However, it is fun to try... repeatedly. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  12. christoofar

    Tax Jokes

    I've worked at H&R Block's corporate offices for a number of years, t'was my first real job. Oh how I loathed dealing with that crap. What's worse is the people who get RALs that KNOW the IRS is going to withhold the refund and get a loan anyway, then the IRS doesn't pay and then they owe the refund amount PLUS fees to the underwriting bank and come back to ME to pay it (yeah, right! read the loan app)... ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  13. If you're married, there's always the realdoll..... ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  14. It smells like overactive ovaries in here! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  15. You are a nut with the Shockwave applets ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  16. i wasn't expecting you'd pee your pants!!! Glad I had headphones on shiiit ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  17. I love chappelle's show remake of R. Kelley... Hatas wanna hate... Lovahs wanna love... I don't wanna done none of the above, I wanna piss on you, piss on you, pee on you... do do do... ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  18. How about me? ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  19. When I was buying paint at Home Depot listening to muzak.... "AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIIIIGH ENOUGH... AINT NO VALLEY LOOOOOW ENOUGH.... AINT NO RIIIIVER WIIIIDE ENOUGH...." ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  20. Not just for skydiving, I lift all the time just to stay fit... period. I do need to do more cardio, but I can't find a good balance of the two. If I do too much cardio my muscle gains drop. If I don't do any, I pack on the fat but I also gain a lot of muscle. After starting weightlifting several years ago when I had downsized I've gone through 6 cycles (weightlifting heavy, then cutting back and doing nothing but cardio) and I'm halfway through my 7th one. My abs are finally showing, yeah!!!
  21. My "risque organ" is twitchin just listenin' to all this ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  22. I think Judge Judy should sort it all out. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  23. Yes and no. I owe $2,600 from a retirement transfer I did and didn't report on a previous year's tax return. I amended that return and filed it and also filed for this year's, but I haven't sent the money in cuz I managed to dig up enough itemized deductions this year to cancel the debt off and then some. I figger I'll get back a measly $400. For this year with my new job and no consulting going on, I've added an extra $250/paycheck on my withholding in case I go into the consulting again. If I don't do that, it will get me a $5,000 refund next year. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  24. There's probably quite enough action in Philadelphia. Seems like people were torching a few rowhouses for winter warmth. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.