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  1. I hear you - my personal review of the SIM and consult of my DZ was a given. My most excellent coaches pounded the basics into me as far as where to turn for questions, and I am not shy. I was just looking for others' experiences that shared a similar situation as myself. Anecdotal dissertation was all I was looking for - no actual instruction. But duly noted; thanks!
  2. Thanks Sunny. Good to hear from you. Hope all is swell with you. Where did you see my info? (you can PM me... )
  3. that's what I figured - and would actually want to do!
  4. Hi all, I started jumping with a passion right about the time my career and personal life experienced significant change. I accumulated about 80 jumps, was well respected as a "smart" jumper by the vets, and had a great relationship and trust with my DZO when I "left". But, life kept me out of the game for the past year or so. After a promotion, marriage, and new home, I am looking to get back to the sport I love, hopefully this season, but possibly depending on the weather here in the NE and any required training, next season perhaps. Q?: What is the typical "retraining" required after such a long layoff? Is there a set protocol by the USPA or is it the discretion of your DZO (perhaps a combination of tailored ground training and coached jumps)?. I am really just looking for a heads up as to others experiences after a long layoff, with particular interest in low time jumpers taking time off (experienced jumpers opinions highly appreciated as to their observations too!). Thanks in advance, and hope to see you all again - up there .
  5. do it 2000 times and your jumping!
  6. I just bought a gorgeous complete Javelin from another jumper on DZ, but though I though it would be a great fit, of course, it is a bit off. It is too tight across my chest, resulting in the handles being under my armpits and accessable by only one hand only (right hand can't get reserve, and vice-versa). It seems as if I need the shoulder straps to be longer, and a few more inches of webbing from the lower backpad to the hip rings. The yoke size/width, torso length, and leg straps are fine. I'm just a bit barrel chested ;-) Can this be done and how much, if any, stress does this impart an the container? Its a Javelin; I assume if they can do it, it would be ok to fly right? Should I call up Sunpath, or should I just resell it? (I'd rather not - everything else is great!).
  7. I'm afraid of the drugs you are doing!
  8. a friend of mine rolled home towards columbus this weekend and sent it to me. sher was visiting her sis on campus too (unsure which), so it could be at some college out there...
  9. yes, but i have not seen one (my cats do all the time though )
  10. oh you are preaching to the choir ... i was just covering the bases... you know it's happened somewhere... some sad sap offers or something, they "buy it" together... you never know. edit: spelling
  11. ASK HIM or break up. Sorry to be blunt, but that's the answer.