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  1. sunshine

    CSC - Chicagoland Skydiving Center

    CSC is a fantastic dropzone! The facilities are amazing. They have a huge packing area, super clean bathrooms, and an on-site restaurant with terrific food! The staff is friendly and so are the jumpers. They have discounted jump days on Wednesdays, and the rigging loft is run by a highly skilled rigger. Just come here and check it out for yourself.
  2. sunshine

    My first save....

    Awesome!! Isn't it a great feeling? My first save was myself before i even had my rigger's ticket and was still under supervision. I'm a cheapass and never did buy myself a bottle.
  3. As usual i can't afford to travel. But i wanted to say you are awesome for giving a discount to military jumpers. I'm a very patriotic person and i think our military people deserve something nice for all they do.
  4. sunshine

    Carol Allaman

    I got my coaches rating from her. She was awesome. Sad news.
  5. sunshine


    Ooh, i hope you do come to Summefest. It's always an awesome good time. I like it much better than WFFC. I don't think they have the list of vendors up yet, but i do know they will at least have their 2 otters for jumpship in addition to whatever else they bring in.
  6. sunshine

    Riggers- Be Sure-Always

    Any idea what the wire is? Just some piece of scrap from the previous rigger's loft?
  7. sunshine

    Rigging and Gear Divorce?

    I like the idea!!
  8. sunshine

    Is there a way to...

    I've asked about this numerous times. Since i'm not on dzcom often anymore, it would be so helpful to just block/ignore posts from certain users.
  9. sunshine

    Happy Birthday fourm

    Would he also be his own moderator?
  10. The only special provision on my DL is something about having 2 outside mirrors. I'm in IL so i don't know how it is in your state.
  11. sunshine

    SDC Spring Expo 2005 VIDEO

    Awesome!! It was soooo great jumping with you. And holy crap, you're kicking ass in the vid. My sweet little wrongway got good!!
  12. sunshine

    how much at the spring expo

  13. sunshine

    The most useless post you can make

    Thank you for the post. Anyone that posts "PM sent" should be banned for 3 days. Its annoying as hell.
  14. sunshine

    Spring Expo at SDC April 9 & 10th!!!

    I go every year. It's super fun. I've never actually been to kallend's seminar though. Maybe this year i'll finally sit in on it.
  15. sunshine

    Skydive Cincinnati

    I went to richmond for The Boogie in 2002. What an awesome time. They had top notch organizers and i learned a lot. I can't wait to go back on a "normal" weekend to see what the place is like. But if you've never been to a Richmond Boogie, you don't know what you're missing!!