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  1. I bought a new pair of tennis shoes for my first jump and have worn them on every jump, except the last 4… I left them at home. I didn't die...
  2. Why would you hate the rich? That makes no sense to me. If someone works their butt off and makes a bunch of money, so what! When this question is posed I can see where there could be jealousy, sure, if you are a .com millionaire and made your money quick, I could see jealousy but good for you! If you were born into a family with money, I could see jealousy but good for you! You were a member of the lucky sperm club, the sibling didn't choose that! But to say you hate the rich because they are rich is just retarded. As far as the tax rate, whey should rich people get taxed more?Because they worked harder and need to support the lazy? I am in agreement with shropshire, if you are a dick, you are a dick. And if you are a dick just because you have money, you are a special kind of dick. For anybody bitching, get over it and get off your lazy ass and make some money yourself! (I am not rich nor do I hate the people that have more money than me because that would make zero sense no matter how they got it…)
  3. I guess she can't get no satisfaction.
  4. Yup. There should be stiffer penalties for people that have guns that should not. Licensed or not, if you don't secure your weapon and a kid gets it I do not have sympathy when it comes to your sentencing either. However, the solution is not to take away the guns no mater if it is a BB gun or one of the "evil black" rifles which most if not all gun control advocates have no clue about.
  5. Yup, there are idiots everywhere and this was last year. I can name one that happened five minutes ago for a criminal pointing a gun. To your point, one of them may have been standing their ground and this ended very unfortunately...
  6. Why? I'm open to explanation. My belief is that it is subject to lines being drawn. And different people draw them in different places. Perhaps in twenty years people will start saying that the term "Vikings" is bad. I can see a team name like the Lafayette Coonasses being objectionable by lots of people and being rabidly supported by self-identifying coonasses around Lafayette and elsewhere. But as I've also stated with regard to auto names, we'll name a rugged car a "Cherokee" but not name an economy car a "Jew." Because there are lines. LMAO
  7. And in the time that these 90 died, probably not ONE of them a lawful gun owner doing the killing in an unjustified way, if at all. Well, Captain Obvious, murder is not generally lawful. True, but it is sometimes justified. Murder is unlawful, protecting yourself is lawful. As I stated before, I do not care if you are carrying a toothpick or a bazooka, if you break into someones house it is your choice to face the consequences. You never hear of any lawful gun owners having shootouts on the street killing each other (I'm sure you'll dig up one crazy person somewhere and completely ignore all the criminals).
  8. And in the time that these 90 died, probably not ONE of them a lawful gun owner doing the killing in an unjustified way, if at all.
  9. It is still $1000 on the website at the moment. I just went to renew my regular membership just in case they jump that up.
  10. I didn't answer your first question on how I would feel. I will always feel safer because I will never be without one.
  11. But the question isn't how you'd feel. It's how you'd actually be. While some individuals may in fact be safer, statistically as a whole, that is not the case. Looked at another way, if you were a life insurance company, would you charge more or less for life insurance for people living in households with guns. The smart money says you would charge more. Significantly more. For registered gun owners? No, if I were an insurance company I would have an exclusion in the policy that stated something to the nature of an accident death by a firearm in the insured's residence would be a denial. I have no patience when it comes to people acting stupid with guns or leaving them out for kids to get. As far as the criminals with guns, they would not be able to track that and if guns were outlawed, guess who is still going to have the guns… the bad guys...
  12. Also, white collar crime is not kicking my door off its hinges in the middle of the night. I ail always have a gun because it is my right to have one. I'm not paranoid, I'd rather be prepared if someone does kick that door in or some psycho tries to shoot up a mall that I am in, or a theater, or whatever...
  13. Are you sure or are you only looking at specific types of crimes? Obvious, violent street crime, you might be right, but my guess is that crime of a different type is higher in the less violent area. I'm not saying it all balances out, but "white collar" crime rates tend to happen a lot more in affluent areas. Power cocaine tends to happen more in affluent areas than crack. Crack tends to happen more in impoverished. True, and no I have not done research not the types of crimes. There is lots of white collar crime everywhere for sure but we are talking about a gun making you safer and where I live I would feel much safer not having a gun than if I lived in any of the places mentioned above...