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  1. They make computer models, take the results and regurgitate it into forecasts. Complex stuff. I've read a few books on weather, mostly flying related, and what I've learned most is an appreciation for how difficult it really is to tell what Mother Nature is going to do next. There's really no simple do-it-yourself way to do it. Call up your local Flight Service Station and get a good weather briefing. Come to think of it ,I have an uncle that does this thing with his nuts that lets him forecast the weather with dead-on acuarracy, but it's a family secret. You'll have to play with your own nuts.
  2. phatcat


    Try Best when drunk, trust me.
  3. I've begun to consider keeping a diary, or a journal of sorts. My brain is often more active than the task at hand requires, so there is a sort of "overflow," and I thought it might be interesting to keep a record of the thngs that happen in my head, that would otherwise be forgetten if allowed to drop into the flow of time.
  4. Oops, how could I have forgotten the nearly infamous Cooper Vs. Timmy bout?
  5. pissed.jpg = Cooper(black) antagonizing Rosie mockery.jpg = Toby and Patsy(brown) apparently doing the dog version of flicking me off.
  6. It's a release. People, to various degrees, have to express their views. It's a human requirement and to suppress it brings mental injury. Ahh HAA! You're digging into my personal feelings about the futility of domestic debate here. And, for what it's worth, I completely agree. Nobody says "well, h'mmm, I guess you're right, I'm a dumbass." With that said, people will express their views in whatever medium they have available, like it or not. With the Korean crisis now taking the front of American discourse despite the unresolved Iraq situation, we will see more of the same. EDIT: This post was broght to you by Jack Daniels - committed to proving that intoxicated Minnesotan ignorant fuckheads can sound like they know what the hell they are talking about. Go Duluth!!!!
  7. Well, I chose the last one, although i -can- remember, it's still been too long. Hope I didn't skew your results.
  8. It makes perfect sense. Everybody has an aversion to pain, well, except truly crazy people. I think that all new skydivers go throgh a phase where the public notions about skydiving disolve and reality sets in. Of course, it's harder for some than others. The really hard part is differentiating between natural fear and incompetence. I'm still working on that myself
  9. Honestly, not really. I started answering my calling to the sky by flying airplanes, and I was young, stupid, and invincible. Now I'm older, stupid, and sore as a mofo. Like what? (I'm nosy)
  10. Oh, Jack was with me for awhile tonight, since I got ditched. I let him go and now Mr. Guiness is makin' me feel okay
  11. I've had HORRENDOUS allergies that last couple of months. How do I invest in #8?
  12. 43. "Don't worry, be happy" I just heard that song on the radio a couple of days ago. I listened to the whole thing.
  13. Well, I've heard that other people have done it. Yeah, that's it