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  1. SkydiveNFlorida

    Is this a reasonable price for a used rig?

    I suppose it depends on what you were looking for. I wouldn't pay more than 1100 for the container system, I personally wouldn't buy a Tempo, but I can't see it being worth more than 500$, and the Spectre probably 1200$. There is a website you can check cypres values at, I can't remember the location... maybe someone can link you. I wouldn't pay more than 600 for a cypres due for it's 4 year. -A
  2. SkydiveNFlorida


    I bought a custom Voodoo V0 with a pullout deployment system. Sandy and Brenda were extremely helpful to me, and they take all requests for changes in engineering seriously. The rig fit great from day one. I ended up sending it back in to have the pullout system modified to be velcro-less. The system is great, the service is great, and I could not be happier with RI! I think they are a top notch shop and this is the best looking rig on the market, imo. I would buy again for sure, but this rig is made so well I probably won't have to for a very long time!
  3. SkydiveNFlorida

    Ouragan FreeFly Suits

    Ouragan has a very nice team. Some good points are that they take pride in their designs, and if you are looking to get something tribal, or some abstract design on your suit, they will do it (but it'll cost ya$$.) I have a 2pc suit. The first time I got it they pants were too small in the butt. I sent back and they fixed. I later gained some weight and had them remeasure me to alter the pants. The job didn't work out, they came out very very huge. They determined they would need more money to make new pants. At this point I had them make them, but when I got them they were just a small at the original pants that were too small, and now i'm back to the butt not fitting well (goes up my butt.) I have given up on alterations, and i'm just wearing it as is because i'm not willing to waste anymore of my time. I have looked at a few of their suits, and the up-the-butt look seems to be kind of common. I think that the mold they use is for a small butt, and when you send in your measurements, they just scale the mold maybe, and don't account for different body shapes? In the end, I like the suit, I just wish that the pants didn't go up my butt again. Nancy and her team are nice people and their operation has grown immensely in a short time. I would not buy again, though, because of all of the hassle with fitting problems. Also, I tried to inquire on getting my boyfriend a suit and kept asking for a quote and never got one. His suit from Firefly should be arriving in a few days.
  4. SkydiveNFlorida

    Jedei Vs Samurai

    Why don't you pm Brian since he'd know better than anyone here would. briansgermain is his name. I had a Jedei and now have a Samurai, but since they are drastically different in size I can't do a good comparison of them. I love my Sam, tho:) -A
  5. SkydiveNFlorida

    Risers – shorter than 18”

    Is the main lift web too long? I thought I had that problem with my old container and then realized that the gap between my shoulders and my risers was large, and it reduced when the legstraps were tightened more. So, i'm thinking maybe if the mlw was too long you might not be able to tighten enough? My new custom container I have no problems. I am 5'4" and use 21" risers. Angela.
  6. SkydiveNFlorida

    Skydive San Diego

    I really enjoyed the Saturday I spent at Skydive San Diego. The people (staff & fun jumpers) were very friendly, the plane was fast, and they kept busy so no wait between loads. I had not heard very good things about this dz from folks on this website. However, I can only assume that the place has changed drastically because I really enjoyed myself. They do have a lot of tandems, but I was not booted from any loads and had no trouble getting on. And, lift tickets are only 15$ all summer! Lovely scenery from up top, too! The landing area is good sized, and there is a section of the landing area designated for hook turns/ hp canopies only. The winds were low and I hear that they are pretty predictable with compare to winds in Perris Valley and Elsinore. I hope to get back there again soon! :) Angela (from Florida).
  7. SkydiveNFlorida

    Skydive Sebastian

    Skydive Sebastian is an awesome place to hang out and jump from the sky! I just completed AFF1 & 2 there this weekend, and had a blast! Got excellent instruction from Mik and my 2nd JM Christina. Everyone on the staff is nice and welcoming. The place is run very smoothly, and the environment is just very welcoming. There is a bar/cafe on site, small, but pretty good food, and nice people. Recommended for beginners, saw many tandems having a blast, and recieved superior instruction from Mik for my AFF1 & 2 courses. Also many visitors, experienced and not, from other countries. A++++++ definitely pay them a visit!