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  1. sorry to hear about poochie, she lived a good life:) at least she knew she was loved
  2. aye you are correct cocheese, but important thing is i am back mate i have some stuff to tell you.....LOL i will IM you my number...
  3. i kept in touch with bolas as well , just was out of country for awhile as well as busy with school.... just checked the email here one day and decided to post a hello.... sorry to p*ss you off
  4. i am afraid i won't be able to make bridge day this year bolas :( but thank you to the other two who replied.....
  5. Its been two years, and the only that kept in touch with me over the past couple of years was bolas. thanks mate, for keeping in touch. as for everyone else, glad i am back
  6. the name is maya... currently going to school for nuclear medicine..... until tomorrow when i decide to change my ind again.
  7. that a guy, (who invites you to a fancy restaurante, where a girl pretty much has to wear C.F.M. pumps and a cocktail dress)... all of a sudden tells you that he hopes that he isn't leading you on , and then proceeds to tell you that he hoped that you had a great time..... f--kin bastard!
  8. my niece lindsay recieved one for her x-mas gift. she absolutely loves it. the only thing i saw that i would have a problem with is, when you get a different color backing to put on the phone there is no protector to fit over the lens of the camera. other than that , she says good things about it.
  9. thought i would drop by and say hey chrissy:) tell sporto i said hi too
  10. my electronics professor just mentioned the other day that americans were suppose to convert to using the metric system back in the 1960's. us Americans, we're so thick headed
  11. yep been jumping man:) just with the cost of gas, i haven't been able to make it out that way:)
  12. Most of my encounters with guys who have had problems with my male best friend, say that men only want one thing from a woman and it ain't her friendship..... course this isn't true in all situations, my best friend is gay.
  13. just remember jeff, slinky's are just like people, they're really not good for anything, but its lots of fun when yu push them down the stairs
  14. monday will be my 28th birthday.... usually i sit and contemplate about what's happened in my life that past year... reflection.... but anyway, happy birthday to me and i give myself 28 spankings..... yipppeeeeeee