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  1. or intercellular fluid
  2. betzilla

    How much does slider size actually affect openings?

    It does make a difference - sometimes a significant one. First step would be to reach out to Icarus ( and find out if you've got the factory-size slider or some other goofy thing (you never know what you're really getting when you buy used gear - people make all kinds of modifications and maybe the previous owner of your canopy wanted slower openings for whatever reason. who knows?), and go from there. J is quite responsive - you'll probably hear back from him right away. Good luck!
  3. betzilla

    Ear Pain (from pressure)

    I take a decongestant before my first jump of the day during allergy season, because if I'm at all congested, I'll have trouble with ear pain. Sometimes I have to take another later in the day, sometimes one dose does the trick. You might find it helps you as well...
  4. betzilla

    AFF and Anxiety

    yup. I did exactly the same thing a couple times as a student, except I just drive right on by. Didn't even turn into the parking lot, lol. It's pretty normal.
  5. betzilla

    Javelin TJNK.5 Reserve???

    nope. Just the optimum (and that won't be any fun).
  6. betzilla

    Cypres maintenance turnaround time

    yep. Years ago, for a customer who needed mid-season service.
  7. That sounds like it's getting into fuzzy legal territory, like postdating a check. Doesn't the FAA view packing data cards as legal documents? I get the willies when I even see one signed in ink other than black or blue, lol. I don't like packing rigs when the AAD will be due for service before the repack expires, but I've done it, making a note on the data card saying something like "Cypres requires service before xx/xx/xxxx." Overall, I've found that almost all customers are happy to plan their AAD service at the repack, because they'd rather save the ten or twenty bucks it would cost to remove/reclose, then install/reclose - they just need a little help remembering and planning, and it's easier (less hassle) to comply with service requirements on your regular repack schedule than not.
  8. betzilla

    Canopy burn

    I had the exact thought when I saw that cover, plus, "OOOOOH, that's where that dude on saw it..."
  9. betzilla

    Skydiving with a SLAP tear

    Thanks all! I saw the Dr. yesterday. The shoulder itself is super stable, with no signs of arthritis or anything else particularly nasty, and really only decreased ROM and a very minor weakness to one direction (BOC direction, of course, lol). They're confident that some PT will improve all of that, and now that I'm not worried a dislocation is imminent, I suspect that even if tunnel and jumping make me a little sore afterwards, the pain won't bother me nearly as much now. All in all, about as good an outcome as I could have hoped for! So I'll have 12 PT sessions, then go have a follow up in June. Woot!
  10. Hey all. I’m pretty sure I’m developing a SLAP tear in my shoulder joint (seeing my doc for a referral on monday). I’m curious how those of you who have this injury deal with it in your skydiving life. How helpful is PT in slowing progression and managing pain? thanks!
  11. betzilla

    Skydiving with a SLAP tear

    This is great to hear (read, lol). I've ignored intermittent pain for a few years, but after some tunnel time over the last month, it's really been aggravated (yesterday is the first day in a week and a half where I didn't have more or less constant pain. Today I'm pain free, which is welcome!), and I'm concerned about: 1. range of motion, especially since it's my right shoulder, and, you know, it's great to be able to reach back for my hackey ;), and 2. if these these things don't heal themselves, does that mean I'm marching toward a minimally effective surgery, no matter what? It sounds like maybe with PT, I can gain back my full ROM, and avoid surgery. And if I do end up needing surgery (which is probably a long way off), it might actually work. So y'all have given me hope! Seeing an ortho on Tuesday to get started planning a plan
  12. betzilla

    AAD fires

    As a rigger, over about the last decade, I've packed at least four Cypres saves, one of them a student on a level 1 AFF (many years ago - I don't know the specifics, nor would I tell you what they were if I did know, so don't ask). Two of the others were the same fun jumper. I feel like there was a fifth, but I'm not positive I packed that one (I did the repack and cutter replacement afterwards), so I'm not including it in the count...
  13. betzilla

    PIA Symposium

    Wendy et al, there's an app called "Hello Crowd," for Android and iOS. Grab the app (it's free), then search for Parachute Industry Association. You can find the seminar schedule there, as it currently stands. Hope to see you in Dallas!
  14. It won't be a pain in the neck, but your rig might look like its jeans are too small.
  15. betzilla

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    not a huge fan of being automatically signed out after a short period of inactivity. ALSO not a huge fan of the "remember me" box being checked by default, *especially* if I'm going to have to sign in several times per day.
  16. betzilla

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    It's not just you. It's painfully, PAINFULLY slow.
  17. betzilla

    "Textured" Rubber Bands

    pretty sure it's just a variation in that particular batch of rubber bands versus other batches, which has exactly zero effect on their functionality..
  18. there is no way to know, from a photo, whether there's a problem here. Take it to your rigger, mention where, how and for how long you've been storing it, and have it thoroughly inspected before you purchase your new AAD. If the container made contact with some foreign substances, the canopies inside should be pull tested. The smell, by itself, is not a problem (I think I know the barf-like smell you're talking about. I believe that's just the coatings on the back of the cordura breaking down), but your rigger will be able give you peace of mind after a good inspection.
  19. betzilla

    USPA Badges

    it's annoying to have drill all those little holes around the edges so you can sew through them, though... ;)
  20. betzilla

    Jav D Bag

    actually, my understanding is that new javelins no longer have the bridle sewn to the dbag. But to answer your question, as long as you use a bag that is the correct size and shape for your container, and an appropriately sized pilot chute, you will be just fine.
  21. Hi Marc, There are no sane reasons to skydive if you don't enjoy it. Your wife is lucky to have a husband who is willing to skydive to make her happy, but I have to assume that if she is half as devoted to you as you are to her, she doesn't want you to be made miserable in the process. If hanging out at the DZ every weekend cheerleading for her is no fun (it wouldn't be fun for me), try to reach an agreement where you aren't expected to be there all weekend every weekend. Maybe she can take a weekend or two off from jumping each month - and not just the weekends with crappy weather, because that's not fair - so you can do something together that you both love? Maybe you have a thing that you love but she doesn't, that you can pursue on the weekends that she's jumping (Sailing? Bicycling? Gardening? Hiking?). but YES, you might come back to jumping and love it. You also might not. If freefall is the thing that's freaking you out (it sounds like you have a vivid imagination, and are thinking about how all the teeny little motions you could make, could cause you to fly irrevocably out of control), go fly in the tunnel for 10-15 minutes. They can teach you everything you need to know as a student except tracking. Once you have faith in your ability to fall stable and recover stability quickly if something goes goofy, you may find you've got more confidence. ALSO, tunnel is something you and your wife can do together that's kind of a lot like skydiving, even if you never want to jump out of another plane. Might be a pretty good compromise! Importantly: congrats on your weight loss. That (along with the rest of your post) shows that when you put your mind to something, you achieve it. Nicely done.
  22. betzilla

    RDS Sliders: PD vs TST vs Fluid Wings?

    if you like the snaps on your VK's drawstring slider, you may wish to stay with the PD RDS (or verify that the aftermarket brands have those before purchasing one).
  23. betzilla

    So embarrassing. Need to repeat aff2

    if you're like most of us, you'll do something later on that's FAR more embarrassing than failing an instructional jump (which pretty much everyone does), and might even result in a nickname or two . Shake it off and carry on.