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  1. It won't be a pain in the neck, but your rig might look like its jeans are too small.
  2. not a huge fan of being automatically signed out after a short period of inactivity. ALSO not a huge fan of the "remember me" box being checked by default, *especially* if I'm going to have to sign in several times per day.
  3. It's not just you. It's painfully, PAINFULLY slow.
  4. pretty sure it's just a variation in that particular batch of rubber bands versus other batches, which has exactly zero effect on their functionality..
  5. I was 25. I basically went on a whim. I had never even considered skydiving, and barely even knew it was a thing. But when a friend asked me if I wanted to go along with a big group for a static line jump, I couldn't think of a good reason not to go (lol), so I went.
  6. LOL. One wonders where you've gotten your info on margins for skydiving equipement. The price difference in this case most likely comes from lower fixed costs - mainly labor - than the US brands. PS rigs are manufactured in South Africa, where labor is less costly than it is here in the US. There are a handful of reasons they may be able to keep materials costs below those of some of the bigger-name manufacturers as well, without necessarily seeing any negative effect on the quality of those materials. If a manufacturer wants to teach customers that their equipment is worth about half that built by the competition, they can make that strategic choice. But any company should be mindful of both the message their pricing decisions may inadvertently send, and of the possibility they may get stuck in a low-price tier forever. It is *very* difficult to raise your prices when customers are accustomed to bargain-basement rates.
  7. Interesting, thanks. As a gear seller, I appreciate you helping me understand what's important to this particular customer segment, and why!
  8. Curious what the reason for this advice is, if you wouldn't mind elaborating... TIA!
  9. There are a couple different makes of equipment that feel this way to me when I pack the recommended max size main into them. The bags just always seem a little smaller than I would like them to be. Assuming you haven't exceeded the container's capacity, and the d-bag you have is factory original and the same size as the container, I don't think you need to be concerned. You'll develop tricks pretty quickly to manage it better. Good luck!
  10. we have only Large and XL left in black. No white in any size. #sadface
  11. hey girl! We have a few pair of black ones left. And I'm pretty sure the PD gloves are a damn-good knockoff of original neumanns. I might order myself a couple pair. Same with the NSL gloves you can buy on the website.
  12. LOVE THIS. Soooooo much truth in here.
  13. Para Concepts. They're just outside Chicago. Or you can send it to me at Para Gear, and I can do it :)
  14. there is no way to know, from a photo, whether there's a problem here. Take it to your rigger, mention where, how and for how long you've been storing it, and have it thoroughly inspected before you purchase your new AAD. If the container made contact with some foreign substances, the canopies inside should be pull tested. The smell, by itself, is not a problem (I think I know the barf-like smell you're talking about. I believe that's just the coatings on the back of the cordura breaking down), but your rigger will be able give you peace of mind after a good inspection.
  15. it's annoying to have drill all those little holes around the edges so you can sew through them, though... ;)
  16. actually, my understanding is that new javelins no longer have the bridle sewn to the dbag. But to answer your question, as long as you use a bag that is the correct size and shape for your container, and an appropriately sized pilot chute, you will be just fine.
  17. Hi Marc, There are no sane reasons to skydive if you don't enjoy it. Your wife is lucky to have a husband who is willing to skydive to make her happy, but I have to assume that if she is half as devoted to you as you are to her, she doesn't want you to be made miserable in the process. If hanging out at the DZ every weekend cheerleading for her is no fun (it wouldn't be fun for me), try to reach an agreement where you aren't expected to be there all weekend every weekend. Maybe she can take a weekend or two off from jumping each month - and not just the weekends with crappy weather, because that's not fair - so you can do something together that you both love? Maybe you have a thing that you love but she doesn't, that you can pursue on the weekends that she's jumping (Sailing? Bicycling? Gardening? Hiking?). but YES, you might come back to jumping and love it. You also might not. If freefall is the thing that's freaking you out (it sounds like you have a vivid imagination, and are thinking about how all the teeny little motions you could make, could cause you to fly irrevocably out of control), go fly in the tunnel for 10-15 minutes. They can teach you everything you need to know as a student except tracking. Once you have faith in your ability to fall stable and recover stability quickly if something goes goofy, you may find you've got more confidence. ALSO, tunnel is something you and your wife can do together that's kind of a lot like skydiving, even if you never want to jump out of another plane. Might be a pretty good compromise! Importantly: congrats on your weight loss. That (along with the rest of your post) shows that when you put your mind to something, you achieve it. Nicely done.
  18. if you like the snaps on your VK's drawstring slider, you may wish to stay with the PD RDS (or verify that the aftermarket brands have those before purchasing one).
  19. if you're like most of us, you'll do something later on that's FAR more embarrassing than failing an instructional jump (which pretty much everyone does), and might even result in a nickname or two . Shake it off and carry on.
  20. That is exactly what it means. I am that rigger. The 20-year policy was established before I started here, and to be honest, I like it. I can make exceptions case by case, and I have done so on occasion for close friends whose equipment is in exceptionally good shape (For the record, I do not recommend anyone count on my making exceptions to the rule for them. My definition of "close friend" or of "exceptionally good shape" may be different from yours, and I would rather not disappoint you on either count, lol). I've had customers at previous lofts whose gear was "well-loved." While I could not see any reason to retire it in terms of real airworthiness issues, those containers simply gave me the creeps because of their age and the resulting softness of the textiles. In some of these cases, no number of, "it's time to start thinking about replacing your container" talks were effective: The customer asks, "but it's airworthy?" to which the answer is, "technically, yes," and off they go to manifest. I still see some of those rigs in use on the same jumpers when I visit the DZ, six years after leaving that job. It's pretty hard to imagine that they're not in worse shape. I don't recall ever being creeped out by a reserve because of its age - just the harness/containers, which are exposed to the elements jump after jump. I certainly see no reason to retire a PD Reserve just because it's 20+ years old.
  21. your profile suggests you're near Houston. See if you can pick up a little work in the loft in on eof the busy DZs nearby - that will position you to meet customers AND to have someone knowledgeable nearby if you have questions (as you inevitably will, as a new rigger). In my experience, if you can communicate effectively, show up on time, and make rigging your priority, you will have an advantage over many riggers -- some are splitting their time and attention between tandems, video and AFF, and many of those who rig full time are a little wonky in the way they talk with customers. Congrats and good luck!