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  1. Hey there, Does anyone have a vector v305-1 with a op126 in it? /or have tried to pack one? How tight is it? I see that it’s no longer on the sizing chart, but I’m told it used to be there a while ago. thanks.
  2. I did my AFF-course at Skydive Voss and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They are professional, have great facilities and the scenery is amazing. That being said, Norway is rather expensive, and you can never trust the weather to be good enough, not even in the middle of the summer. During my week there I was incredibly lucky with the weather, and we were able to jump everyday and even get our A-license within one week, but that was pure luck really; a friend of mine took the course a couple of weeks before me, and nobody from that course were even able to finish all of the AFF-jumps in a week because of bad weather.. It's much more common that everybody will be able to finish all the jumps, but you should definitely factor in that weather might be a problem in Norway. However, if that's not an issue (you can stay for a longer period of time so it doesn't matter that much or something), skydive voss is a really, really great place to be :) Good luck!
  3. Rigger please, here in freedom loving Yurop, we let children jump from as young as 16 or less. Yeah, in Scandinavia as well - as long as they have parental consent, that is :)
  4. What an absolutely fantastic thread! I'm bumping this with my own mistakes #30-something jump: exited the plane without fastening the buckle on my helmet. Obviously realised this as soon as I was out the door, so the entire free fall-time was spent trying to fasten it. And thankfully, I managed to stay altitude aware, so when I reached 4500ft I held onto the the not fastened-buckle with my left hand, pulled, and managed to fasten it when I was under canopy.. When doing the 3x3 check in the plane after this episode, I always do a little tug on the buckle to make sure it's fastened, and not just think "helmet? yup, that's on." Lesson learned, and I'm just glad it didn't blow off of me and hurt someone/-thing. #40-something. Was on a 10-minute call, and really didn't like the look on the weather considering my (lack of) experience. However, it was a 10 minute call, and I didn't want to waste the money - and the rest of the load was going up.. I spent the entire ride up with a bad feeling, dreading the jump. Thankfully - it turned out okay! the weather had changed, there was no rain, the scary-looking-clouds had gone somewhere else, and the jump was absolutely fine. However, I promised myself that I'm never doing that again, despite of it turning out okay. The feeling I had during the ride up was not good, and don't even want to think about what sort of situations I could end up in if I don't have the guts to say no when I feel that I should. If I'm not comfortable, I'm not going up in that plane.
  5. Yeah, definitely a good idea, thanks! I'm going to do a few hop'n'pops the next time I can, just to get a feeling of what it's like, and also to check how much altitude it takes wih a subterminal opening. Haha, can't believe I didn't think of that myself. Thanks! But thanks a lot you guys, I was a bit worried about posting here (I've read far too many threads that somehow have ended up with "you shouldn't ask here, we're internet-strangers, ask your instructors! what do you know, you only have xx jumps!", so thank you for not replying that way )
  6. Yeah, I see your point. And you are probably right, even though I always plan to pull before 4000 ft, something could easily happen that would make me not being able to do that. I kind of like the slow, soft opening though. I tried a pulse for a couple of jumps before I bought my own gear, and I must say that even though mine uses fairly long time to open, I prefer it. Or you know, at least I do until something happens and I kind of wishes it didn't take as long to open. Fingers crossed it won't happen But thanks for your answers all of you, I'm going to have a chat with one of my instructors and make sure that I have plan for which altitude I would go straight for my reserve with my snively main, and also take my AAD and elevation around the DZ into consideration :) If anybody else feels like sharing their straight-to-reserve-altitude (and why), go for it
  7. Thanks for your reply. I'm not saying I won't think about it or ask my rigger and/or instructor, but I was just wondering why a person with low jump number shouldn't jump a slow-opening canopy? And yes, I only have 64 jumps, so I'm still brand new in this sport
  8. Hi! (My first post on this forum, I've just been lurking for the last couple of months, please be nice ) I just bought my pre-second rig, and with it an Electra 190 main which has rather slow openings (the guy I bought it from said it usually takes about 900 feet to open, and with me only having 4 jumps on it thus far, I can't really say if it's closer to 700 or 900 feet. I do however know that it definitely takes longer than what I'm used to from the student canopies I've used up until now). Anyway, the fact that it has slow openings got me thinking about some "what if.."-situations, such as "something's wrong with the plane, get the fuck out", and at what altitude I would go straight for my reserve, instead of my main. So, for you guys who have canopies with slow openings (7-800+ feet?), what would be the lowest altitude you would exit the plane and still go for your main canopy? (And yes - I am going to talk to my instructors about this the next time I'm jumping, and no, I am not asking any of you internet-strangers what you think I should do, I just figured it would be interesting to hear what you have decided for yourself). - Ellen