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    Over the last 18 years of flying, I've posted various educational coaching material available online on flying technique in form of writing and videos. During the lockdown period in 2020, I finally took the effort to collect and rewrite all of that in a cohesive and structured book, called 'the flight manual' For those interested in getting into wingsuit flying, I figured it would be an interesting resource, and for those already flying there should be a lot of interesting information on performance, acrobatics and gear that might be of assistance in your progression. The book www.flylikebrick.com/book/ Reviews www.facebook.com/mccordia/reviews/
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    You have the rest of your life to deal with it properly. (The snag) Out of Sequence Emergency Procedures By not following the intended sequence for emergency procedures (cutaway first, then pull reserve) this jumper may have contributed to the process through which the main entangled around their foot. Having the reserve out, before cutting away, eliminated the possibility of the main having a chance to unsnag itself when the jumper went back into freefall for a moment. The emergency procedures and BSR's were written in the blood of others. Chop.
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    Hi folks, One thing about the military, they can make decisions: Marine Corps corporal receives lightning-fast dismissal over refusal to wear a mask (msn.com) Jerry Baumchen
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    I honestly can not believe it's come to this, but here goes: you were right and I was wrong. We are a Banana Republic.
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    Those are questions a longer development & trial would have answered. What's the optimal time between the 2 shots? How long will the immunity last? Is there an advantage to mixing & matching different brands for the 2 shots? When vaccines take years to develop & get approved, those questions get answered. In the current situation, they established safety (mostly) and effectiveness and let it go at that. Given how many had died, I have zero problems with that.
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    Loved this line: "Allen says she has been replaced by Todd Shapiro, a former spokesperson for Lindsay Lohan’s family who also claims to have represented Trump properties, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), and Hooters of Long Island and New Jersey." At least he still has the Hooters guy! Now he will have a place to hold all his press conferences. Look for his next conference at (the Hooters next to the) The Four Seasons.
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    Bill Mayer said it exactly! North Americans have no idea how much we are spoiled with our soft lives, etc. I had a "soft" childhood in Canada, then visited: Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Cuba, Denmark, England, France, Greenland, Italy, Luxembourg, Leichtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, USA, etc. but now am glad that I live in Canada with our excellent socialized medical system. I also find Canadian police to be boring ... the way all police should be. Canadian politicians are also boring ...
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    Hi folks, Another nail in his forgotten coffin: Big money, sophisticated people are just losing interest in this s--- show Looks like the movers & shakers are moving on: 'They have better things to do' – Major Republican donors are staying away from Trump (msn.com) Hank Snow - I'm Moving On - 1967. - YouTube Jerry Baumchen
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    Giuliani’s PR Guru Resigns as Legal Walls Close In The "guru" being a 22yo from Liberty University.
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    No detectable antibodies doesn't mean no immunity - the immune system has B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes that also seem to retain viral signatures long term. But yes, boosters are starting to look like a good idea. What's not a good idea is skipping the vaccine and completely relying on Vitamin D and a healthy lifestyle.
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    Biochemistry is not the same as immunology or virology. That’s why they’re called different things and have different degrees and specializations. I did a degree in neuroscience - that doesn’t mean I understand epidemiology or immunology the same way as a specialist would. What my bioscience background SHOULD do is give me the ability to read and evaluate scientific literature and data to some degree, and to make more informed opinions than a layman with no scientific background - but you’re not displaying that ability, despite a 4.0 in biochemistry.
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    Otay, Ca - Sons of Beeches
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    Hey, I think I jumped that plane at a boogie once!
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    lol yes - see pics 4 & 5 of your photo sequence then better packing too yes you do then we'll just wait for your ash dive I think we can tell
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    Just don't get lazy at pull time. IMO this could have been prevented with a more aggressive throw out.
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    4, but who's counting?!!
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    The reason for the EP is to prevent one from firing their reserve into a horseshoe malfunction. Start at time; 3:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtpCPD4rQoQ IMO - you were very lucky that you didn't have a horseshoe. BTW, wear a knife.
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    I was the “connector” slot on exit, 4th man on the 3 man chunk. Single file, no show exits and only a 3 way base permitted and viewed / verified by Telemeters. If the exits got sloppy,(as they did often), the trailing swoopers would hold on too long and my left shoulder would get hyper extended, (subluxation). Now,(45+ years later) it’s weaker & smaller but sounds like a piece of waxed paper getting crumpled along with pops & creaks.. Still worth it!! Anybody remember Jerry Birds “Saloon Door” exit?
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    I remember at the Nationals, (maybe Muskogee or Talequah), The midwest guys, Exitus, would do door-jams on the way to altitude. At around 1500’, they would line-up tighten up and do their count with a healthy push. Pretty scary & not “pilot friendly” either.
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