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  1. I always heard the best weapon to be used in a bear attack is a small caliber pistol. You use it to shoot your hiking/hunting/camping partner in the leg, then make your escape!
  2. Here's to him, to him , to him. Here's to him, the best of them all! He eats it, he beats it, he generally mistreats it! Here's to him, the best of them all! Him! Him! Fuck him!!
  3. I stand by my comment and wouldn't consider this a laughing matter. I was taught to release the pilot chute with the arm fully extended. I also jump with a hook knife, would rather have it & not need it than need it & not have it.
  4. Just don't get lazy at pull time. IMO this could have been prevented with a more aggressive throw out.
  5. "and often there is something wrong with the airplane" HMMM I might find somewhere else to jump.............
  6. When I came of age and started driving my Pop told me "Son, there are 2 things in life you never loan out: your car and your woman, because a rod could get thrown in either one."
  7. Right! If a word class canopy coach advised me to slide in my landings, I'd ask for my money back!
  8. Sliding in is a terrible habit to get into. Learn how to land on both feet or upsize. Jeez
  9. I believe the correct term down under is "slab of stubbies".
  10. Easter has been cancelled. They found the body!
  11. I always thought the glass was too small!
  12. Whuffo written. Parachuting is not skydiving. You can parachute without the skydive.
  13. After all that don't forget to ARCH BITCHES!!
  14. I remember AIDS: Altitude Induced Divorce Syndrome.
  15. I really liked his flyby under the student at 0:35 it almost looks like he makes a grab for silver.