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  1. No, it is not my intention that pregnant women cannot skydive, but it is preferable that they do not jump only for the sake of the health of the fetus
  2. Parachuting: What happens to your body during it? Many of us dream or want to parachute from very high heights, but before making this decision it is important that you read the following article and know what might happen in your body in the process. Skydiving is one of the most desirable adventures due to its mixed feelings and an exciting experience, but did you know what happens in your body during it? Flying and Human Have you ever thought about whether a human could really fly? In fact, humans were not created to fly, so if you decide to parachute, your body will react to that in an unusual way. Parachute jumping is exciting, but the process itself stimulates the feelings of fear in the human body, and it enters the stage of fight and flight, known as (fight or flight). What happens in the human body So, to make the decision to parachute, here's what might happen to your body: 1- Before parachuting When preparing for the parachute jump, you will notice a strange feeling in your bladder. When you are stressed or anxious, your body releases adrenaline, which causes an urgent feeling of urgency to urinate, and it may also be a result of the tension that your muscles feel and cause a bladder spasm. When you get on the plane towards the jumping point, your adrenal glands will start to produce a high amount of the hormone cortisol, known as the stress hormone. When you are ready to jump out of the plane, your adrenal glands will be at their fullest, and this gives you an overwhelming feeling and the urge to jump, and you will feel that time has become very slow. 2- While jumping While jumping, your speed will be about 200 kilometers per hour, and it will take a very short time to reach the surface of the earth, as several factors play a role in this, such as weight and the distance of the plane from the surface of the earth. During this, you will feel the following: Chills Your feelings are fully awake An increase in blood pressure Sweating mixed feelings. It is worth noting that these matters differ from one person to another according to his nature. 3- After landing Now that you have reached the surface of the earth, you will feel victory and self-confidence after achieving one of your dreams, and you will experience feelings of joy and comfort. Some people who experimented with skydiving indicated that they became different people afterward, and this could be for several reasons: Your ability to face your fears Prove to yourself that you are stronger than you ever imagined Strange feeling while jumping. Note that your adrenaline levels will skyrocket, so have fun during the day. Who can parachute? Of course, there are some principles that must be followed for selecting qualified persons for skydiving, and they are as follows: To be over eighteen years of age If your weight is proportional to your height, obese people cannot skydive Pregnant women cannot skydive. People with heart disease are prohibited from skydiving. Finally, do not close your eyes while jumping so you can fully live the experience!