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  1. raftman

    Cypres maintenance turnaround time

    Just got mine back, almost 5 weeks door to door.
  2. raftman

    Who's going to PIA?

    I'm going cause it's practically right in my back yard.
  3. raftman

    Good skydiving songs

    Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit: "You'll never get me up in one of those"
  4. raftman

    Don't Let the CZ's Back In

    Smoke 'em if ya got 'em. Roll 'em if ya don't. Oh yeah, too late!
  5. raftman

    Happy With USPA elections

    This is you first post? Who the hell are you anyway?
  6. raftman

    Missouri Women's State Record

    Congrats! You should start an all-chick 8 way team.
  7. raftman

    Anyone at Skydive Dallas this Friday?

    Yes. The Geriatric Skydiving Team is out there most Fridays doing fun jumps. Those guys are a blast to jump with!
  8. Hey Tom, Aren't most, if not all, boogies planned and run by skydivers for skydivers anyway? I mean I can't imagine a bunch of whuffos planning a boogie. Yeah, I'm just being a smart ass!! You know I'm there for ya! Brett
  9. raftman

    Skydive brat here

    What's your Dads name?
  10. raftman

    The passing of Chris Hadley

    Oh No! Chris was a good kid. I jumped with him a few times over the years. He was usually quiet, but quick with a smile, and a good skydiver. He will be missed. My thoughts go out so Spanky and the rest of the staff at SDA. Dammit, it's us old farts that are supposed to go out that way! BSBD, Brett