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  1. raftman

    Cypres maintenance turnaround time

    Just got mine back, almost 5 weeks door to door.
  2. raftman

    Who's going to PIA?

    I'm going cause it's practically right in my back yard.
  3. raftman

    Getting back into skydiving

    Don't do it, IT'S A TRAP!! JK Welcome back
  4. raftman

    Spiraling In The Holding Area

    Came out of nowhere? Bullshit! If he had been looking around under canopy, in stead of tunnel vision at the LZ he would have seen him!! Look around and live people!
  5. Since we are funding the museum, will USPA members get free admission when/if it is built?
  6. Been done before. See Monty Python's Life of Brian.
  7. raftman

    Weak beer in Australia

    They're great if you want to piss a lot & not be burdened down with a buzz.
  8. raftman

    Good skydiving songs

    Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit: "You'll never get me up in one of those"
  9. raftman

    Self driving Uber fatality

    Oh hell, we all knew at some point it was going to happen.
  10. raftman

    Dilly dilly

    A couple years ago in California a suspicious object was found outside a polling place. The police & bomb squad arrived & used a bomb robot to retrieve it. An old guy happened to pass by and recognized the object: an old 8 track tape!
  11. raftman


    A man walks into a bar and orders 3 shots of tequila and downs all 3 one after the other. The bartender asks "What's the occasion?" Man answers "First blowjob!" Bartender says "Congrats! The next ones on me." Man says "No thanks, if 3 don't get the taste out of my mouth, I doubt 4 will!"
  12. raftman

    What’s a phrase your mom use to say ?

    Me getting in trouble: Well Johnny did it! Mum: So if Johnny jumped off a cliff, you'd jump off a cliff too? Me: Yeah, if the cliff was high enough and I had a parachute! Mum: SMACK!
  13. raftman

    What’s a phrase your mom use to say ?

    I brought you into this world and I can take you out!
  14. I Haven't done scuba in 20 years, am I still a scuba diver??
  15. raftman

    Sabre 2

    Just relaying my experience with the canopy. YMMV
  16. raftman

    Sabre 2

    I'm loading it at 1.6. Love the flare in any and all conditions.
  17. raftman

    Sabre 2

    Sabre 1 is a great canopy! I put over 2000 jumps on mine. There was only 1 time it smacked me hard enough to remember. It's all how you pack it. Then I put 1700 jumps on the Safire 1, another great canopy for openings. Jumping a Safire 2 now.
  18. raftman

    Cooking garlics in college dorm?

    One of my favorite things to eat is a really good black bean veggie burger With bacon!
  19. raftman

    Winter Wear?

    What's good to wear for winter jumps?? A wind tunnel!!
  20. raftman

    RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    "Most people spend their lives getting out of tense situations. Repo man spends his getting into tense situations."
  21. raftman

    Camera Jumps.

    You STILL forgot Boobies!
  22. If it really was false news it would be in SC.
  23. raftman

    Robin and Pud

    Another thing Robin would do is stop his truck at the entrance to the DZ and put Pud on the hood & he would ride up as a hood ornament.
  24. raftman


    Be afraid, trust no one and jump.
  25. raftman


    What did they expect?