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    ‘Common’ and ‘mandatory’ are not synonyms. To go to college you have to apply to college? Ok you’ve convinced me, this heavy handed government oppression is simply too much!
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    The sad thing is that rather than making people like Ron question Q etc, they will simply attribute it to Antifa or the deep state attacking free speech and double down on their beliefs
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    So beautiful that some men even sleep with their eyes open.
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    Yup. Exactly what I came here to say. There is ZERO reason for him to do anything but put a giant wall between the two of them and he has all the information at his fingertips to know exactly how guilty she is.
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    Trump just sent a dog whistle that Maxwell is going to get the same deal as Stone. The federal charges need to be replaced by state charges.
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    Q is mostly an online social support group for people who are powerless but want to believe that they can reclaim power. That they are the few who are the tip of the spear for disenfranchised white conservative Christians. They are a modern Crusader who see infidels where others don't. So they arm themselves, operate sub-rosa and wait for the day when they can shield their group. Be the hero's who prepared while the ignorant infidel masses didn't.
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    Q is mostly an online social support group for people who are powerless but want to believe they are insiders. It is a way for them to mitigate their fear. I have no fear of Q or it's believers. I only have pity for fools.
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    Around here in Manitoba we have very little Covid-19 currently. It is only online that I have seen people talking about "bullshit", in person no one here is speaking openly like that. We are wearing masks in the buildings and in the airplane. Compliance is not 100%, but we remind each other and try. Most of us know that there is little danger at the moment, but that the picture could change quickly. Our management team knows that social distancing and skydiving, particularly tandem skydiving, are not compatible. We are fully prepared and willing to cease operations if there is a case of Covid-19 among our key personnel or customers that appears likely to cause any spread. We consider ourselves very lucky to be in a place with almost no problem now. We realize that only by being vigilant is there a chance it will stay that way.
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    Hi Wendy, In complete agree with one caveat: Reversing the Trump disaster. IMO it will take a bi-partisan effort. Jerry Baumchen
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    If there's a huge Democratic wave this November, my main hope is that there isn't a lot of crowing, chest-thumping, and "I can do this because I have the power and will" crap. That doesn't serve the country. Get to business, make the people who want to block irrelevant. And yes, grant interviews to Fox News as well. And I really don't want to hear about single-party congressional security briefings. Wendy P.
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    COVID is not fake and the problem is not just the virus. There's this COVID: Culture Of Virtual Idiots & Dumbasses.
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    Hi Terry, I've been shaking my head for so long, over the crazy rigging that I've seen, that people think I've got Parkinson's. Jerry Baumchen
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    Somewhat off topic. I recently noticed a jumper packing at my DZ that had a main with type 17 risers and all four tabs sticking out the sides of the risers. I went to check and fix it. We couldn't! Someone had made the loops on the end of the risers smaller/shorter! I don't have a clue why. But what it did do was shorten the standard 4" measurement from the end of the riser to the guide/brake locking ring. The jumper had been using the risers for awhile and wasn't having any opening issues. I explained the issue of entanglement. He had another set of risers at home and understood the issue. They recently got changed. Why in the hell someone modified the risers that way I don't have a clue. But the loops were small enough we couldn't get the tabs in between the risers. I don't recall exactly but there were around 1 1/2" short. Maybe someone couldn't reach their slider. But someone didn't have the basic knowledge or realization that brake set vs end of riser mattered. Sometimes you just have to shake your head.
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    Ok! Thanks. It never happened to me again after I took precautions. Just graduated yesterday!! Blue skies.
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    Ex-Gov. John Kasich slated to speak at the Democratic National Convention for Joe Biden https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/07/ex-gov-john-kasich-slated-to-speak-at-the-democratic-national-convention-for-joe-biden.html
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    Yep. In freefall you are horizontal. Once you open you pull a lot of G's for a second and are then vertical - often with a bit of loss of circulation in your legs. If you're hypovolemic that's where you will notice it.
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