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    No video recording for 2019 but the 2018 talk is here:
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    No rigger data was compromised, just the secret location of how to access it.
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    "the crew told him that they could see the lights of Portland and other distinctive lights in that area"
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    I don't have any complaints about the VISO II except that it is very weak in terms of construction of the unit, I had mine fall from a picnic table onto little rocks (like the peas we land on) and it cracked my screen. If the ARES is built better - which it seems to be - I would go with this on for longevity purposes. Otherwise I see the VISO numbers just fine and it does its job.
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    For a second I thought you meant you managed to deploy the PC through the hole in the legwing, that would have been an interesting experience.
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    I now hate the word "so". Like the song in Disney's ride, "It's a Small Small world". As long as you never paid any attention to it to start with, it doesn't bother you. Now that it's in my head, I hear it used all the time. "So" As the first word in a reply NOW drives me nuts. so,so,so,so ... so there! AUHGGGGGGGGG!
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    Sebastian Invasion 2019 will have 1 on 1 free coaching at the boogie, max 2 coach jumps per person. coaches ticket is covered by the dz.
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    Around this time of year, Cooper discussions take a back seat to Christmas and the New Year. Around AB of Seattle, it's the same thing...only here we also watch a lot of NFL football and our interests go that way as well. Especially this year, considering the Seattle Seahawks are doing pretty well. It's also the time of year we release our report for the previous year, which consists of progress and events in the Cooper case (and the outside things related to it). This will be coming soon to WordPress. As far as Christmas goes, I already have a big head start on that thanks to Amazon. People hack on Amazon a lot because they have a habit of putting their competitors out of business. My answer to that is their competitors should upgrade their websites, as well as what they offer on them, and how smoothly that website works. If you've ever searched for something at the WalMart website and then the same item at Amazon...you'll known what I mean. I've decided against my better judgment (*laughs*) to make the April Cooper Campout public, but not until the last two weeks prior to the event. I will even do a press release about it at that time. It's a little early for people to commit to something like this, but so far we have two confirmed people coming, both from previous campouts, two NEW folks who have told us they definitely want to go, and Greg the Techie and I doing the setup. When I say 'making it public,' this means I will release the map leading to the rally point near Shelton, WA, and the times and date people should show up there if they plan to go. The EXACT location of the campsite will remain confidential, except to people who already registered. But...the public release will provide a special email address for contact if needed. If anyone arrives 'cold' and late to the rally point...i.e. everyone is already gone from there and headed to the campsite, then it's the CB radio for you or you may as well turn around and head home. (We monitor CB channel 14 ONLY, because it's the only channel where even kiddie walkie talkies get signal. Your best bet is this: Don't come to the rally point LATE.) This is a sort of middle ground for contact, a little less than we did for the Oregon campout. But...anyone who actually sees the public release, or if there is an article in a paper they see...well, all they have to do is be at the rally point on time. This is the best I can do. We have some trust issues going due to some minor threats against the Oregon trip that were allowed to be posted by Bruce Smith at his Mountain News blog. (Bruce does okay articles here and there, but also allows people to post just about anything they want without benefit of sensible moderation.) I once told him this only makes him look bad, and somewhat irresponsible. However, a lot of this planning is based on the weather. These spring events are tricky. No way to tell so far in advance regarding the weather. Will it be nice that weekend, or will it pour? Will there still be snow below 2,000 feet? No one can say. For the moment, I will continue to keep the date set to the first weekend in April and keep a close eye on the long range weather reports as the date approaches. I figure that within ten days prior to the event, I will know more about that than I do now. But when we finally commit, then out go the press releases and the public information on the event. Greg and I decided that we WILL do the free Saturday BBQ for the first 25 or so people, and anyone beyond that should bring their own stuff for the public BBQ. We can only feed SO many people, especially when everything has to be one-way trucked in. We also made a decision to ignore any of the nasty comments that are bound to appear at Bruce Smith's blog. Mostly a bunch of hot air anyway. When the threats came in regarding the Oregon campout, Tom E and I sat across from the original rally point (we had changed it to a place up the road and people waited THERE) for a half=hour at the appointed time. None of the 'threat jerks' actually showed up. We then went to the secondary rally point and proceeded to the campsite. But that was Oregon, to a place we had not gone before. This time we're going to a spot in the Olympics we know extremely well. In fact, it's my favorite spot because it's open, sheltered, and one of the few spots up there where your smartphone actually works. Anyway...I wish everyone reading this a great holiday, and an even better New Year. One thing about Cooper and the Vortex. It may get a bit strange sometimes, but it is never dull. Stay tuned for our report at WordPress, which should be posted in the next day or two, and will cover the events of 2019 that continue to make the whole thing, well...interesting.
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    Hi everyone, Firebird is an US owned and based company since 2017. We are headquartered in Eloy and many of the people here and around the US jump our RUSH or other products with positive feedbacks. We can name Steve & Sara Curtis, Jason Peters, Sean MacCormac, Andy Malchiodi, Kim Winslow as satisfied users. The RUSH has a TSO c23D and has no service life limit. Same for other Firebird products We did realize that the old version was still on our website and the new manual will be uploaded shortly. We apologize for that mistake as we are working on a new website. Every product comes with the new manual on an USB stick, so that actual customers have the latest version. usa@flyfirebird.com