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  1. OUCH!! Looked painful looking at it.... any injuries ?
  2. You can very easily remove the visor on a KISS.
  3. Is the Cypress airworthy ? What is the DOM ? Thanks
  4. Haha oops... how did I miss them locks on her head
  5. This is VERY sad news!! Watching him and Fred is the reason I got into skydiving. Rest easy
  6. I can see the video with the sound.... maybe your flashplayer needs to be updated ? Video of him going into spins and getting away from the instructor.... been there done that lol
  7. I personally wouldn't consider this now if I was you. you havent even done AFF. How do you know you will really enjoy jumping ? What if you get a mal early enough in your jumping (pre 50) and realise its not for you ? Do you have the budget to complete AFF and get to your B licence ? What about the budget for tunnel ($$$$) to be proficient enough for camera ? What if you hate packing, like me ? Have you spoken to the people that work at the DZ (where you did the tandems) in your country to find out what its like to live/work at the dz ? A move like yours is to be taken seriously, unless you have a back up plan for the Netherlands in case the skydiving doesn't work out. I love the Netherlands but its expensive to live there, especially working in this industry. Fail to plan = plan to fail
  8. When you were reluctant to share, most probably thought you made a newbie mistake (me included ) by turning to low, or trying to avoid something or whatever newbie mistakes we make in pattern/final. The fact that you are here, writing about it, means you did what was right to save your life. Thanks for sharing, this is definitely a good scenario to share as when I was doing FJC the bi-plane was a cutaway if you had altitude.
  9. You cant leave us hanging like this you tease.... what caused the injury on your jump ?? Glad you are ok and not paralysed, as you said age is on your side and you will heal up quick... speedy recovery dude.
  10. I would have done the same as the camera guy, who knows what the tandem canopy would do once it caught air. It could have turned into a downward bi-plane had he not removed it. He made it out alive, I think he made the best decision at that moment...
  11. I just did (from home) work computer had the video blocked. Sold me. Cheers
  12. On the hook knife subject, is a hook knife strong enough to cut a tandem bridle ? I thought I read/heard they were made from a type of kevlar ?
  13. I am not surprised, I went to Zhills in Feb and the instructor that did my buddy's recurrency jump wouldn't give him the video and said he would have to pay to get it. I got mine for free (different instructor) but he asked me to be quick and discreet.... why not give them to the jumpers ? Especially OP going thru AFF and paying what we pay to get licenced.
  14. Thank you for clarifying.