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  1. I was almost 230 in shape( like you, fit not fat at all) when I got into skydiving, made some things harder (reaching for handle easily due to shoulders)… I did drop 20lbs in the last 1.5 years and things are a lot easier for me. All this to say, dont give up on this dream.
  2. Hey Greebs, The journey is still going and loving it. 110 jumps in so far. There are 2 DZs in Ottawa, one that is about 45-50 mins away called Parachute Ottawa, it is brand new, the fly a skyvan however their schedule was very limited last year due to it being new, I will be going more this year. The other one is GO Skydive, my home DZ is about 20 mins from downtown Ottawa and has a very friendly vibe, they welcome fun jumpers and they have organizing and all kinds of events and boogies. We have a regular caravan, loads are pretty consistent on the weekends. There are a lot of tandems however its no where near a tandem factory, the best way I can describe it is Zhills, where you always have either room on the plane for fun jumpers or dedicate a fun jumper load only. Both DZO's jump, coach and do tandems. The time of year you have chosen however isn't ideal. Ottawa gets pretty cold (up to -40C) and 1 foot of snow fall in one night isn't unheard of during winter months, which means no jumping from mid October to end of April. Another thing to consider is it is still in the low digits at that time of year, anywhere from -5C to +15C and once up in altitude it is freaking COLD AF, ive done jumps at the end of April and it was an easy -20C up there, fingers are painful (even with gloves) visors fog and freeze when under canopy, easy things to do with your hands become pretty hard, another thing to consider is how wet, muddy and damp the LZ is from all the snow over the winter, so better land on your feet if you dont want mud on your rig. As a Canadian used to all this crap, I really dont mind especially after a 5 month break. If your dates are flexible aim for mid to end of may. September is beautiful, all the trees changing colors and all are amazing to see from altitude. Hope this helps and if you do come by hit me up and we can meet up at the DZ :)
  3. Finding the right altitude to flare took me a good 20 jumps to figure out, either too early or too late at first. It will get better with the more jumps you make. One tip if to look in front of you and not below you and another is when you "think" its time to flare, wait 2-3 more seconds before you do. The plane is in the way right at the time where we could see when or how high you flared lol.
  4. Haha That makes a lot of sense. This is exactly why I got a rig sleeve, nervous fliers.
  5. Thanks for sharing :) Curious as to what the pilot's reasoning why he wouldn't want the rigs on his airplane
  6. And...…. ??? Cant leave us hanging like this
  7. I have added the guy who did my tandem on FB, however I see him almost every time I am at the DZ. I never mentioned anything on FB but when were hanging out waiting for our load to board, I mentioned to him that it was thanks to him that I pursued skydiving and the kicker was that my first ever jump - the tandem - we had pretty bad line twists and told me later on we almost had to chop. I didn't add him right away tho, it was after having had a few chats with the dude.
  8. Falls in the workplace often involves other things, like a small 20ft fall onto a corner on your head/neck, holding something heavy and falling off etc... there was a commercial here in Canada about Safety in the Workplace showing a girl holding a pot of boiling water and slipping and the pot falling on top of her... still scarred from it lol. As for the OP, I am on the same boat that thinks he is looking for the quickest, least painful way to "go"... why would you be asking how long you would be internally bleeding for or if a gun shot to the head can keep you alive while being f'd up ? I hope im wrong, but if it walks, quacks and acts like a duck...
  9. You look really stable, especially for only having a few jumps under your belt. As mentioned just go with the flow and you will do fine
  10. Funny you mention that on level 3 as it was where I had uncontrollable spins, both ways, instructor broke the spinning on one side and picked up the other. Wasn't fun and major pucker factor for me at the time. I did what you said and did 10mins of tunnel and hasn't happened since. Everything wolferiverjoe said about symmetry is bang on as I watch my video again I see I was asymmetrical with arms and legs. You can take a look, its on my YouTube channel (on my profile). Good luck
  11. I get those dreams as well. I personally think its your brain rewiring for this kind of activity. I was a competitive athlete a few years ago and weeks leading up to the competition I would dream that I missed my flight, forgot my entry forms etc... Had dreams about mals, some I had seen/heard about some very imaginative ones to say the least haha
  12. Congrats man! Glad to see your parents are on board and you followed the advice given to you by others on this board to have all your ducks in a row before starting. 1- I find the waiting around to get on the plane worse than the actual plane and jump as well, it feels like once I'm in the plane there is no turning back, helps me come down. (dont worry that will change, you will start looking forward to your jumps rather than be anxious) 2- I can relate to your feeling of peace after landing, you just went from survival mode to feeling safe, endorphins are peaking. 3- Arch, straighten your legs and relax before you pull.
  13. I think what you are going thru is something most if not all of us go thru. I can still remember my first week of college, I hated it. I didn't know anyone, none of my friends went to college right after graduating so I found myself "alone" even with all the support my family was giving me. I ended up ditching after my first semester, budget travelled for 5 months across Europe. That gave me some life experience and thought me about being comfortable alone and in a unfamiliar (sometimes dangerous) setting. I ended up going back to school, having SOME life experience and most importantly being comfortable being uncomfortable. The best advice I can give you is to focus on you and stop having this picture in your head of where you should be in life, comparing to others. Some will get there way before us and some will get there way after us. The main part is that you are enjoying the process. Just like skydiving, some get skills right off the bat, some work hard(er), some give up, some persevere until they reach their goals, its all about the journey. Sometimes I look back and think "how the f**k did I make it this far with my life ?!" I remember it like yesterday and it was 14 years ago.
  14. The high school student threw me off, now that he said he was older than most his fellow students it makes sense.
  15. AND resurrecting an 8 year old post....