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  1. Nabz

    AFF training in Canada - Quebec

    GO Skydive is as you mentioned similar to the vibe at Voltige, lots of fun jumpers all kinds of skill levels. We have a lot of free flyers, not many belly but we all get along. The people here, all the way from the DZOs to the Manifest are amazing people, always willing to help and very friendly. Fun Jumpers/Students/Coaches all are fun to be around. I would suggest going to the DZs around you so you get a feel for how it is there, as you will be spending alot of time there. Tabouare, i am due to go to Voltige sometime in August, ill message you on here before I come and say Hi
  2. Nabz

    Sabre 2 openings

    I have a Sabre 2 loaded at 1.05:1, openings are off heading at times, the shittier my position when i pitch the more off heading it is, the most i get is a 180, most of the time its between 90-45. As far as hard openings, all I feel that is hard is the snatch force when it gets out of the bag, the rest is pretty smooth. When I do hop and pops I don't feel a single thing and is smooth as butter.
  3. Nabz

    AFF training in Canada - Quebec

    I did my PAC aka AFF/PFF in Gatineau (Quebec) at GO Skydive last year, it was the same format as what you mentioned, it was safe and they made sure safety was always number 1. At GO they gave me the choice of doing the hybrid (tunnel and then one 2:1 jump) or doing it like you say in France, i went with the tunnel and i had no regrets. I think its a great idea as you will experience what free fall feels like (on your own) before even jumping as a student, which is great help. Bonne chance
  4. Nabz


    Socializing is nice and all but I recommend saving at least the last mins of your ride up rehearsing in your head as well as focusing on your breathing, helps more than you think. And as it was said above, jump more. The more exposed to this "stress" the better you become at handling it.
  5. This is exactly the thing I wish I could do with my wife... one day lol. She went from never even wanting to think about a tandem to now wanting to jump (by end of summer she says lol) Congrats to you both !
  6. Nabz

    First Rig

    Like you I have flown only rental and student gear until i bough my own rig. I know some say you're wasting money by buying a rig as a newbie but after factoring in how much I will jump (which turned to be a lot more than I thought) i am glad i did, rental fees + lift tickets + packing (for rental they only allow packers) add up very fast, especially if you plan on jumping a lot. Also when you buy make sure you get something that can be easily re-sold as to no be stuck with it. To answer your original question, i got a Sabre 2 and I love it. Flies great and is fun to fly even at low wing loading (1.07:1), as mentioned deployment is a little rough at times and needs a good 800-1000ft of snivel, might want to adjust your deployment altitude. Only reason i say that is i normally pull at 3.8-3.5k but noticed on alti that its opened at 2.5-2.8K which in the case of a Mal would be cutting it short, so I started to pull at 4K to be safe. Flare is great and landings improved but will take some getting used to the 2 stage flare. Hope this helps.
  7. Nabz

    Static Line Only Jumps

    I dont think there is anything wrong with what you want to do. A lot of people do Hop'n'Pops only, this is where you jump out at 5K, wait 3-5 seconds to stabilize and pull. This would be the closest and most cost efficient thing to what you have suggested, but i am almost certain you will have to go thru the whole training process and FJC. Good luck and Blue Skies!
  8. Nabz

    Tall Tales

    I had a retired Army Vet here in Canada, well up there in age, in his mid to late 70's tell me that his best friend died because he saw one of his SL students going into a mal and jumped out after her to help her "untangle", not realizing he didnt have a rig on.... I was like "Wow cool story" now the sad part is I have a hard time believing most of his stories which BTW some are pretty cool.... a little too cool now that i think about it lol
  9. I am sure everyone would have responded the same way (or as close) as pchapman had you been a little more tactful in the way you approached this subject. You said you spoke with some people in person and they said almost the same thing, so imagine a forum board where no one really knows who you are. There is a way to approach things, even the sensitive subjects... the way your post comes off is the same as someone saying " I am not racist/homophobic/etc... BUT...."
  10. 100% And thanks for sharing the Jhonny Florez video haha... I had seen references to it and the famous "shoelace mal" but now I understand the concept even more
  11. Nabz

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    I had the same issue, EVERY one of my AFF videos had the "straighten your legs" sign lol... Tunnel over the winter helped a whole lot that now its natural and I don't have to think about it. I would do some tunnel and as they say practice makes perfect.
  12. Nabz

    Working on my A license

    I had a student rig (rental) while on AFF (the two SOLO jumps) and I was working on backflips, did one and everything was fine did the second and BAM under canopy at 8500 feet...not sure if it was because it wasnt FF Friendly or the BOC/Pilot Chute was out. You can imagine how long it took me to come back to land flying a 280 Navigator
  13. Nabz

    Fear is back

    I just went for my first jump this past Sunday, I was pretty nervous too since the last time i jumped was October. As others have mentioned the second you are at that door the excitement takes over and the fun begins. But i always have that anxious/knots in the stomach before every jump, keeps me alive lol.
  14. Thank you for the suggestion betzilla, will give that a try.
  15. Need to work on my conversion tables a little more... Imperial to Metric