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  1. OUCH!! Looked painful looking at it.... any injuries ?
  2. You can very easily remove the visor on a KISS.
  3. Is the Cypress airworthy ? What is the DOM ? Thanks
  4. Haha oops... how did I miss them locks on her head
  5. This is VERY sad news!! Watching him and Fred is the reason I got into skydiving. Rest easy
  6. I can see the video with the sound.... maybe your flashplayer needs to be updated ? Video of him going into spins and getting away from the instructor.... been there done that lol
  7. I personally wouldn't consider this now if I was you. you havent even done AFF. How do you know you will really enjoy jumping ? What if you get a mal early enough in your jumping (pre 50) and realise its not for you ? Do you have the budget to complete AFF and get to your B licence ? What about the budget for tunnel ($$$$) to be proficient enough for camera ? What if you hate packing, like me ? Have you spoken to the people that work at the DZ (where you did the tandems) in your country to find out what its like to live/work at the dz ? A move like yours is to be taken seriously, unless you have a back up plan for the Netherlands in case the skydiving doesn't work out. I love the Netherlands but its expensive to live there, especially working in this industry. Fail to plan = plan to fail
  8. I would have done the same as the camera guy, who knows what the tandem canopy would do once it caught air. It could have turned into a downward bi-plane had he not removed it. He made it out alive, I think he made the best decision at that moment...
  9. I just did (from home) work computer had the video blocked. Sold me. Cheers
  10. On the hook knife subject, is a hook knife strong enough to cut a tandem bridle ? I thought I read/heard they were made from a type of kevlar ?
  11. I am not surprised, I went to Zhills in Feb and the instructor that did my buddy's recurrency jump wouldn't give him the video and said he would have to pay to get it. I got mine for free (different instructor) but he asked me to be quick and discreet.... why not give them to the jumpers ? Especially OP going thru AFF and paying what we pay to get licenced.
  12. Thank you for clarifying.
  13. Can you please clarify what you mean with a larger is less sensitive than ….. ? As in sensitive to the shock and will be more abrupt ? I fly a larger canopy (SA2 210) loaded 1.2 but last year was closer to 1.3 Thx
  14. Didn't even think of that and honestly didn't even know there was such a thing as AFF bandit jumps. CRAZY!! If the student was aware of that and was trying to cut corners by going to this "No Shits Given DZ " than he is to blame as well.