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  1. They've never slammed me. I've a decent # of jumps on 150, 135, and 120. Certainly opens faster than Pilot, or Saffire 2, at least in my experience. I prefer a quicker opening so I don't really do much to slow it down.
  2. It depends on your comfort level and experience. For wingsuiting I use a 135. For all other free fall I use a 120. For CRW I jump 126, 143, or 160. If you are asking if its a good idea for you to transition directly from a 230 to a 170, I'd say hell no.
  3. GobbleGobble

    Elliptical Canopies

    It's not recommended. That said I have friends that jump crossfires at a lower loading and they don't really have problems. have another friend who's wingsuit canopy is a Katana 97. He doesn't have any problems. I suggest thats not a great strategy for everyone though.
  4. GobbleGobble

    Any USC Skydivers?

    There is/possibly was a club. I'm not a USC student, several jump at Elsinore though.
  5. GobbleGobble

    Coaching in the World of Skydiving

    I think it has more to do with some rating holders not taking it seriously and less the fee. If you are working, it's a write off and a means to generate income. If you dabble and hold the rating then likely it isn't a financial burden.
  6. Not sure on the other models. GoPro stated they would make it user selectable on the Black at least.
  7. GobbleGobble

    Fybob 2013 video

    Non-mobile site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhFb4IMk9EY
  8. GobbleGobble

    Skydive Arizona Aircraft Vandalism

    What the heck happened to their aircraft that night? That I know of: Both fire bottles pulled. It's suspected that the same person(s) also wrecked a couple gliders. Basically by trying to tear the ailerons off.
  9. GobbleGobble

    Long-Flying Canopies?

    There are plenty of flatter trimmed canopies out there. Additionally you don't always have to sit in full flight...
  10. Make checking your alti regularly a habit. Your hand is already out in front of your face. You can use your peripheral vision to either view your alti or the person flying near you and focus on the other. For starting out my instructors always beat into my head, do X then check altitude, repeat.
  11. a) I don't know if it's in the materials at your DZ. Ask your instructor. b) right c) Don't track or fly your canopy up or down the line of flight of the jump plane. You could wind up deploying or flying under someone still in free fall. d) Cutting away a 2 out can cause worse problems. the main when released could compromise the reserve. For bi-plane, smooth and slow turns. You want to keep them together. e) In turbulence your canopy could collapse. Thats the only thing I can think of with your "nothing outlandish" qualifier. f) no g) At Elsinore students don't use audibles. Think of them as a back up. You should be using your primary alti. I just finished my A license a month or so back. I'm sure others will chime in. I don't think I've said anything too stupid. Have fun!