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  1. I just recently purchased a Squirrel Swift. My experience: From start to finish it took 5 weeks to get the suit. No problems with the fit or quality. Customer service responded to all my questions within 24 hours (most of the time within 4 hours via email) Customer service updated me on the status (shipping, off to QA for inspections, etc... ) without me inquiring. They set expectation correctly from the start and followed through. I would recommend them.
  2. So is this true for adobe premiere as well? I use the built in screen grab feature in adobe premiere 6 and my camera is set to 2.7k resolution (GoPro 3 Black) and the file sizes are around 500-800KB on average.. no were near 1-2 MB? what would cause this? Am i doing something wrong?
  3. ha i see what you did there.. very punny...
  4. thanks this seems like good advice as i have experienced this in other sports equipment as well...
  5. Yes i was considering the Swift as well. I want a suit that will be good to learn on but also have the longevity to be fun after i have learned the basics. Since this will be my first time flying a wingsuit i was worried that the swift might be to much suit? it says on the page "The Swift is designed for talented beginners and experienced pilots of all abilities. " Does this mean suitable for FFC / FJC or suitable for beginners that have already jumped a wingsuit a few times.?
  6. Awesome feedback..! These are exactly what im looking for... keep them coming... I'm sure this thread is going to turn into a shit show soon but i'll take what i can.. Thanks!
  7. I'm not so concerned with the model of wingsuit as i am the build quality / design of the manufactures... if i buy a squirrel suit am i going to be pissed i didn't get a PF? Any huge pitfalls? are the materials comparable? are there big differences in stitching that make one more durable than the other? do the ergonomics of one manufacture/suit seem to make deployments easier? does the inlet placement seem to inflate better on the PF or Squirrel? Are the wing rib layouts identical or does one feel more solid during flight than the other... these type of questions / answers are what im looking for...
  8. unfortunately, my size is a pain in the ass to demo suits or borrow... I'm 6'4"-6'5" 210lbs... tall as shit so nothing off the shelf will fit...
  9. Hi community, I am hoping to get some good discussion on the differences between squirrel and phoenix fly Wingsuits. I've done some searching but still would like more information and first hand experience. I am torn between the two manufactures and want to make sure I choose the right one. This will be my first wingsuit so my knowledge is zero. I'm currently looking at the Squirrel Hatch or the PF Phantom Edge. I am looking for constructive information regarding quality, build, performance. If you say one is better than the other please tell explain why. Materials used? design? Thanks again! Ps: I have read: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3140653;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  10. Not going to happen. This might make its way as a stunt one day.. but not a main stream sport...The take off alone would be incredibly dangerous. Think of the Youtube video of longbaorders who get the speed shakes / wobbles.... If they configured it so it was safe with high quality wheel and frame the board would be to heavy and a dangerous if it become detached from the plane.. a cool idea but not plausible
  11. 3000-4000k sounds about right.. sucks its so spendy but it is what it is..
  12. I just replaced the stock clear visor with the tinted one from ChuttingStar. The stock shows G2-V2
  13. Hey, Just posting for the first time. I'm a long time lurker of the site and figured i would introduce myself. My name is Eli and I'm a B-license fun jumper from Boise Idaho. I am interested in doing my first hot air balloon jump and helicopter jump. Does anyone have info on the closest DZ that could make this happen? From my searching on the forum, it looks like Eloy, Arizona is my only option for Balloons? - which is 13 hours from Boise :( any other suggestions? Thanks again!
  14. This DZ although nice is not a good place to visit if your a fun jumper. I called ahead one day in advance to verify they would have room for me which they confirmed it "shouldnt be a problem". I went onsite at 9am sat morning expecting to turn loads as fast as possible. Packed and ready, i was continuously bumped from every load due to Tandems. I was there from 9am- 4PM before I finally had enough of their BS. They put me on multiple loads and waited until i was nearly walking to the plane before bumping me. I wasted an entire day sitting around waiting for a lift and got nothing. The staff seemed to not care i was upset. I would not recommend this DZ to anyone that is a fun jumper. Tandems are their first priority and they will bump you all day long. Check out the Google reviews as well. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#safe=off&q=skydive%20santa%20barbara%20reviews&lrd=lrd They are riddled with reports of poor customer service. Save your self some headache and go somewhere else.