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  1. Agree. Pulling at full flight in a larger suit with a lightly loaded, docile, 7 cell is a different animal than what most folks skydive with.
  2. Huge burble?? For new folks, flying small suits having them collapse at first makes some sense. I think moving on to full flight deployments as part of the progression also makes a lot of sense. Canopy selection is also important.
  3. If you don't have kids, and you keep your guns squirreled a way in your house. I don't see why I should be held criminally liable because some asshole broke into my house and stole them (along with other belongings). Bring kids, and roommates into the equation and that becomes a different conversation I think. Don't get me wrong safes are a great idea. However most of the ones folks have don't take a lot of work to get into.
  4. Sounds about right. Psst. Did you hear that Swooper71 gave a goat herpes!! He caught it from his buddy's sheep one pen over! SCANDAL
  5. I really like the use of a burner account posting this shit. Skydiving is like being back in high school. Pathetic.
  6. 50$ for a monkey fist? Sheesh. Its like the 30 or 40$ upcharge I got hit with when I ordered a semi stowless bag from them. I was told it was because they had to make one for my Jav. I got a standard one stamped v319 iirc.
  7. There were a lot of posts after release saying I want one for skydiving. Be interested to see how many of these they get out there.
  8. That was the subject a particularly weird thread. Comments were made that Swift might be a bit much for most FFCs. There was much arguing and then eventually the Hatch came out. I bought a P3 as my first wingsuit and still love flying it over 100 jumps later. I doubt I'll ever sell it. I'm looking at either a Havok Carve or Funk as an upsize. Talk with who you are doing your FFC with.
  9. Will this come with age, and height restrictions for rodeos?
  10. Love my Revolve. Thinking of upgrading to the new one.
  11. In that case a whole bunch of CRW competitors at nationals have defective canopy skills. Well, maybe beeing able to cough up the entry fee to compete isnt such a good indicator of canopy skills then. A lot of the Lightnings we use are old and ragged out as hell. At lower WL it's not that big a deal. On my 126 with three links in the rears, loaded at 1.8 it's a bit more of a challenge. 1.4 and below with a stock trim isn't that difficult to land. CRW disciplines keep getting threatened with our events being taken out of Nationals so we bring a lot of newbies (or try to).
  12. Will it work? Sure. I'd recommend not using the retractible bridle system though. It adds another failure mode. Generally speaking I don't really see the point. Doing CRW is hard on gear. Definitely recommend the test jumps. I'd certainly recommend that shorter delays be taken at first, say 5 seconds. Then start taking longer ones. The bag will slow things down, and so will the slider. However it's still going to be a pretty snappy opening. That nose is wide open.
  13. They've never slammed me. I've a decent # of jumps on 150, 135, and 120. Certainly opens faster than Pilot, or Saffire 2, at least in my experience. I prefer a quicker opening so I don't really do much to slow it down.
  14. The Northeast Birdschool (MA), Scotty Burns (FL), Darren Burke (CA), would all get you going quite well. Good fliers AND can teach. I'm sure there are others, and no order intended in the above.
  15. No worries. And glad my comment had the intended effect :)