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  1. If a person has claimed they do 1200-1400 jumps a season in the northeast while only jumping half the year and only jumping on the weekends in the jumpable months....is that feasible?
  2. As one of our national directors are in the spotlight someone has taken a deeper look into them. How would you feel if they were lying about their jump numbers to make themselves seem like that have much more experience then they actually do? Should anything be done about this if it can and will be proven? (Which there is proof)
  3. Anyone excited to see what happens this year at Safety Day? Almost a year since the incident and nothing has been accomplished, i wonder if he will run again for head of S&TA when the time comes...
  4. Rumor has it Rich did not have the appropriate amount of hours needed to fly jumpers legally in the plane he just crashed. How can anyone look into this to see if it is the truth? Logbook? What if he lies about the hours he has flown? What is the third strike going to finally be? Is he still going to be STA for the USPA after he finally kills somebody?
  5. So Sherry and Rich are still both on the USPA Board and there hasn't been an incident report come out yet in Parachutist to explain the whole TRUE story. Rich is still swooping the buildings from what people have seen at Sussex and no one can stop him. How can Rich Winstock still be Head of S&TA if he can still do whatever he wants and won't stop. This is one reason i will not be going to Sussex anymore.