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  1. Unless you fly a big ass tuna boat or a student canopy.......Then your in the fucking way! I don't mind those at all, at least I can look down and KNOW that they are going to sashay and s turn all over the place on final. I like knowing what to expect. Ya kind of like moving pylons? The way I interpreted LongWayToFalls post is why should he have too sacrifice a little fun under canopy and sit there floating in breaks till pattern alt. worrying about getting mowed down. All so that some swooper can bust out his big swoop?
  2. No No hes a old school toggle whipping swooper. Hackish here is a good thread explaining dangers of toggle hooking/swooping.;search_string=toggle%20hook%20turns;#132927
  3. I personally hate the flare on the Pilot and think its a difficult canopy to land. I found that 80% of the flare is in the last 20% of the toggle stroke and it does not plane out till toggles are almost to your waist, which I feel makes timing your landings difficult.
  4. From what others have said in other reviews the Strom has a flatter glide angle, which probably is giving it a bit more forward speed than the Spectre.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread And looking at the line trim specs on PDs site the lines are quite a bit shorter 10 inches shorter compared to the Spectre.
  5. I bought a complete rig from Mike late last year. Great prices, super customer service and excellent rigging/rigger. Highly recommend them. If your reading Mike I want a discount on the next canopy I buy from you.
  6. Maybe line up a couple of good experienced orthopedic surgeons, you don't want some inexperienced surgeon rebuilding your legs might end up gimp for the rest of your life.
  7. They still did not have you on radio with only 3 jumps? I think I had a radio until like my 7th jump and was standing up my landings.
  8. G4 is the model of container and they come in different sizes to fit different sized mains and reserves.
  9. Curious too see how much pull force this added. Someone going to do a pull test on it?
  10. I hardly see anyone putting too much confidence in their AAD. I do see people putting confidence in the fact that shit happens outside their control which is a reason people jumps with AADs. Here is 47 pages of shit going wrong.
  11. What is wrong with the canopies you guys are currently jumping? Why not stick with them for a few hundred more jumps and learn to fully fly them before moving to something else? Seems like everyone is in a race these days to downsize and jump the latest radical canopies and end up either dead or injured.
  12. Bet you could get away with 2 AN-225's if it had a tail gate to jump out of.
  13. Is it trimmed steeper (more ground hungry) than the Spectre? Also what about the flair, did the sweet spot seem a lot lower?
  14. Chicks dig guys on crutches or in wheelchairs?
  15. Ha I was encouraged to read the incident reports in the 100s of Parachutist that where laying around the DZ when I was going through my static line course back in 1993. They told me to learn what NOT to do during a skydive.
  16. Think the max 9 cell canopy in a j2 is a like a 150 or 170 a 190 will not fit.
  17. Get into your car get it up to about 60 mph and then jump out. That is probably what it feels like when you make a simple mistake under one of these canopies.
  18. Sounds like you spun the canopy into line twists with a aggressive toggle turn. Good thing you where up high and not down low when this happened. On jump number 10 I spun a 320 sqf canopy up into line twists with a aggressive quick toggle turn, I was up high 4k feet and was able to quickly kick them out,
  19. Its going to cost $88K just to fill her up with gas. :)
  20. I picked up a AD&D policy for $200K for $25 a month. No exclusions for jumping anywhere in the policy, though it did have one for dieing while being high on drugs/drunk or while being in act of committing felony.
  21. Wow... I've considered going to two audibles when I decide to start freeflying, but always thought of using them set to the same altitudes.. I may have to give that a shot when I finally go to two I don't know that is a lot of beeps going off in your ears, I am of the mind set of keeping things simple.
  22. Here is what I did after a 8 year layoff. Think the slowest thing to come back for me was my canopy skills. I would highly suggest jumping something big for your first couple of jumps, then doing a few high hop-n-pops on your own gear. 1)I jumped in the tunnel for 5 minutes. 2)Read through Safety Day check list 20 times
  23. A cool and fun way to experience turbulence is to go chase some CREW jumpers and fly behind their formations.
  24. Being wired out on sugar and caffeine is not going to make you skydive/fly any better, its going to over amp you and make you fly like shit.