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  1. quite possibly two. dallas is next and should be up by the end of the year.
  2. I heard they were breaking ground in Austin this week. Can anyone confirm or does anyone have more details? It's been coming from pretty credible sources...
  3. it could be extremely useful when a friend loses a log book and i don't want to sign something 800 times...
  4. Hi all, If I have a rubber stamp made with my signature and license number, does it count for a signature in other people's log books? i can't see why not, but just curious...
  5. Hi All, I'm taking my girlfriend to San Diego in a few weeks and am looking for a cool/inexpensive place to stay. nothing too commercialized close to the beach nothing too expensive (trying to stay under $150/night close to good food relaxing I don't know ANYTHING about San Diego so suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch folks! NF
  6. so...does the fact that you don't feel blood rush to you head while flying head-down in a wind tunnel go against what you are saying or support what you are saying. sounds like it's going against what you are saying... sorry to bring up an old topic, but i did use the search button.
  7. anyone know if these specs will be good for jumping? looks like a pretty cool camera. also, i am curious to know if the lens is wide enough... it's size and features look outstanding here is a video from their pre-production days: anyone have any input?
  8. yes! This is what I'm talking about. Great stuff...keep em coming!
  9. Hi Wendy, Saw this last was alright. I'm looking for inspirational type documentaries. this one was cool, but not quite what i am looking for. Can't seem to find the Asgard Project or Dark Fall. Other Documentary films that I did find are: 180 Degrees South (AWESOME) DareDevils Series (AWESOME) At The Edge Of The World (Decent) Step Into Liquid (GREAT) Common Folks...anymore cool documentaries?
  10. hi, i was just wondering if anyone on these forums had any good documentary films they could recommend. i'm looking for inspiring documentaries that cover traveling/rock climbing/skydiving/adventure sports/rafting/outdoor stuff... thanks, NF
  11. hi all, i will be in los cabos mexico the last weekend of may and was wondering if there is a place to jump out there. if so, how is it, type of plane, etc? i was never sure how up-to-date the DZ database is on this site, so i thought i would ask in the forums. i will be out there for a week and would definitely jump if the facility is accommodating. thanks, NF
  12. nakedfool

    Tonfly Uno 618

    i have the raptor. the customer service was excellent and the craftsmanship is amazing. i use it in the tunnel and in the air. i highly recommend the raptor if you have the cash to spend.
  13. here's what happens when you jump out with one grocery bag.
  14. thanks for the reply mike. you save me a trip to the electronic store. i'll look for the new box on your site.