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  1. ...lame. Gimme the bag and the bucket of water! I'll do it and be proud of it. But flying two jumbo jets into buildings and empty Pennsylvania fields is ok? Dumbass.
  2. does happen. Most try to soften it up though. What I can't stand is the "Captain Obvious" approach. "where were you on that one buddy...haha?" Some people are dickheads and I am not afraid to call one out on this type of shit. Usually they don't fuck with you anymore.
  3. ...Stupidest question ever. LOL The word"stupidest" is pretty stupid too.
  4. ...ah Timmy, you are the man I need to speak with. Are you heading to Perris tomorrow? If not, PM me your #.
  5. ...I will never forget this day as long as I live. What an awful day. Never forget the feeling of ALL the people completely stopped, staring at the TV with their jaws on the floor. Never forget the anger and unity we felt in the days after. I have NEVER seen so many American flags flying around, ever. What a horrible day. We should all take a moment to reflect. Godspeed...
  6. ...if anyone has NETFLIX, I was able to rent it a month ago. I love NetFlix.
  7. ...amazing. I hope this thread lives on forever. I love it.haha.
  8. ...anyone have any photos of the operation there? DZ, hangar, plane? Just curious when it opened, closed, and some history.
  9. ...only if that truck could tell stories. Jesus Christ.
  10. ...when I started Skydiving, I called these "DOOR DEMONS". God damn, they would get so far under your skin, it would make me sooo fucked in the mind. I used to have dreams of the door when I started. For some reason, I got to do my first hop n pop before my release dive. I know, stupid, but I'm still here. After that, my head screamed "FUCK THAT DOOR. LET'S GO!!!" Door Demons are not nice things to have, but they will leave sooner or later. P.S. That guy that is not afraid at all, stay the fuck away from me.
  11. ...a persons right? Really? Gimme a break. Something has to be done and I am all for reform. But to give it to people that dont take care of themselves, or take risks as we do? I'd like to be the first to piss all over that idea. Thats like saying "when every person turns sixteen, they get a new car." ??? doesn't make sense does it? I love this great country of ours, but I see a grim future ahead if his runaway train can't be stopped.
  12. ...ever seen these? This might be fun when the green light is on...
  13. ...Jim Wallce. I guarantee the best and most knowledgeable people in skydiving. They are really good with people skills also.
  14. ...Sunday morning, the wife and I are going to do our first balloon jump. SOOO STOKED! Any stories of your first jump? P.S. I of beer.