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  1. I hear you. I have over a hundred 100-ways and feel I am on the outside looking in. I think the problem with unleashing all the "campers" in is that a good chunk of them haven't been on high pressure chance of getting cut dives. No fault camps can't teach performing under stress with a bench. My opinion only.
  2. The thing I don't like about the no pressure P3 camps to train new record jumpers is that the camps are no fault camps. No one gets axed for mistakes. Make those same mistakes a K-scope and such and you will be set down. Performing at a camp versus an invitational is a different ball game in my opinion. I have done both and witnessed it.
  3. Can't help wondering who the "defectors" are...we all have are ideas.
  4. Thanks for the report on the service. Some of us from Kansas couldn't make it down, but we are having a service this week. He will be missed indeed.
  5. It looks a lot different now. One of our former test pilots bought it and has turned it into a country club. The runway is nearly a mile now. Lots of rich pilots and cool airplanes.
  6. I had the pleasure today to jump into a fly in at the airport Gypsy Moths was filmed at. I have made several jumps there, but this time I really thought about the history at the Benton Airport near Wichita Ks. I was also celebrating 24 years in the sport this weekend.
  7. He is not eligible for capital punishment in Kansas.
  8. Don't know if you saw my previous post, but my ex (wife at the time) chose an abortion against my "choice" and I had no recourse to keep the child I contributed DNA to....You can never convince me that is right.
  9. Oh yes...only a fetus right. And back to the decision being the womans alone, I had an ex that chose to abort a child that I wanted to keep. We were seperated at the time. I am pretty sure she would not have had a "fetus" in her without my input. The "fetus" and the father had no choice in the matter.
  10. The babies don't get that decision.
  11. My parents took care of over 100 foster kids, including adopting my brother, an unwanted/neglected kid. He is very pro-life because he very easily could have been aborted. He changed my views on abortion.
  12. Pro life yes. If aborting a baby because it is no use to society and too much of a burden, why not exterminate old folks as well. Many of them are of no value.
  13. Is it then also ok for a woman to get the abortion against the "partner's" consent. It happens as well. The baby, yes I did say baby, is part of them both. I live in the area and have known Tiller and his family for years. It is a terrible act of terrorism by a lunatic. I am very much pro life at all stages. My wife and I were talking and there would have been no chance of us aborting our son if my wife's life were at risk. She would have willing gave her life for our son.
  14. I agree. Lately I have seen people, myself included get in more trouble for being floaty than going low. The trouble I see with being light on a big dive is that it is difficult to fight off lift or push. The organizers will always see it. The place you go low is the approach to the stadium not the last 10 feet. Kate taught me a valuable lesson at K-scope this year. Dress to participate in the dive not just get in. That especially applies to big way sequential. Fun stuff.
  15. Good one...I had a similar story but only about 30' up in a tree. Tore up the sailplane pretty bad. It was monocoat. I mainly wanted my battery and servos. I feel your pain. Sort of.