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  1. I've only been around since the early "00s", so I don't pretend to know about the "old days" other than what I've heard. But skysurfing died because it was a dead end. The learning process was interesting. Learning how to get on top and stay there and make it go where and how you wanted was a challenge. But once you got that down, there really wasn't much to do. I beg to differ, Rob Harris was a bad azz on a board.
  2. "At NeverWet, we have developed a super hydrophobic coating that completely repels water and heavy oils. Any object coated with our NeverWet™ coating literally cannot be touched by liquid. Any liquid placed on this coating is repelled and simply rolls off without touching the underlying surface. Not only is this amazing to see, but it solves a myriad of problems." Ha! Looks like a nice replacement for Scotchgarding your container. Might even be able to coat your canopy with it .
  3. Standard RSLs are simple proven technology, skyhook is complicated new technology. For me the potential issues and add complexity of the skyhook is not worth the 150' quicker it gets your reserve open in.
  4. Remember many moons ago doing gear check for someone I was going up doing 2 way with. I caught a twisted leg strap on ROL throw out which would have resulted in PCIT and on that same jump he also had a floating reserve handle.
  5. It only took me 2 months and 25 jumps to figure that out :). Ya Pilots have a deep azz backwards flare making them difficult to time and land in no wind.
  6. Pulse 260 or maybe a 230, easy to pack and packs small.
  7. No, not in the end. But at "3:1 wing loading" the reaper is paying closer attention to you.
  8. Go naked. Especially since summer is not yet over. Even better is a nude night jump
  9. I didn't realize they forced you to get on the plane and make the jump. I'd be pissed too if someone did that to me. Ian So Ian we are supposed to use our psychic ability and predict that someone is going to set a downwind landing pattern in a 15mph wind before we get onto the plane??
  10. I am not concern at all. Could care less what you jump, as long as you don’t take anyone out. I was just pointing out that what you are doing is FAR more “Dangerous and stupid” than cutting away a break line malfunction.
  11. Jumps: 150 Years: 2 Swooping (110 jumps) Crossfire 2 139 ft² (1.40 lbs/ft²)
  12. Problems with pulling your slider down. • Can blow up in your face and blind you • Just another timely distraction under canopy • Can slam down and cause a toggle fire on opening • Can interfere with and cause brake/toggle malfunction
  13. A cultural problem also exists and is going to need to change if any progress is to be made on open canopy injuries and fatalities. Many of today's experienced jumpers, instructors, coaches and ST&As have grown up in the "it's ok to rapidly transition to a HP canopy" era. They figured everyone else is doing it and they got away with it so it's ok for others to do so also. Changing this mind set is going to be a very difficult thing to do. If a wingloading BSR slows down and helps jumpers transition to HP canopies slowly and safely, prevents a handful of injuries and just one fatality, then it's worth putting in place.
  14. There's a time gap between pulling toggle and actual turn (quick turn or slow turn canopy). I recall a Stilleto's got no gap and Diablo has kinda small one (but Diablo's got over_turn). However, why CF2 has a little toggle delay? (I mean comparing to Stiletto, there is one) They are different canopies and designed differently. I bet that the CF2 has a deeper flare point than the Stiletto, Stiletto’s flatten out very quickly around the top of the head/ear level and have a short and shallow flare window. This is probably also the reason why the Stiletto bites and starts to turn faster with less toggle input than other canopies.
  15. I have owned 3 custom Javelins over the years (J5, J2, and a J4) and also a custom Icon I6. The Icon I6 was by far the most comfortable of these 4 containers and if I was in the market for a new container I would get another Icon. You get a lot of container for the $$ with the Icon.
  16. Think drones should be least of the USPA and yours worry. Think you have a 100000% great chance of a canopy collision than being taken out by a drone.
  17. They drive on the wrong side of the road?
  18. No red white and blue canopies?
  19. But yet they will start swooping a heavily loaded HP canopy at 200 jumps and think they are perfectly safe.
  20. Would not try and get current on this (Pilot 188 ft 1.28 lbs/ft). Freefall skills comeback really quickly but canopy skills is almost like starting all over again.
  21. Do you really mean this canopy? You either forgot to update your profile or you tell us you jumped a high-end 9-cell canopy at less than 200 jumps? Wow. And yeah, it's similar to the Stiletto. Terms for all these rapid aggressive downsizers. Flying Accidents Waiting to Happen Flying Landmines (Have to avoid them in the sky and fun to watch explode when they hit the ground on a botched landing)
  22. Thank you guys. I learn't more from this thread than I expected to. The thought of a non-collapsible pilot chute had not even crossed my mind. It makes sense to remove a potential mode of malfunction if it is not giving you a reasonable benefit. I honestly would have thought that a 170 would be affected by the pilot chute more than this reference says. Have someone (your rigger) help you disconnect/disable the kill-line on your current PC and make a few jumps on it and see if you can tell any difference.
  23. Using a collapsible pilot chute will improve the performance of your canopy. The increase in performance you will gain depends on the size of the canopy and the wing loading. It is a balance between the two rather than wing loading or canopy size as the pilot chute size generally remains constant rather than reducing with the canopy size. If you are using a class 3 or below (below 1.25 PSF) or canopies above 160 sf this gain will be minimal and possibly not worth the complication. It all comes down to risk to benefits factor. To me its not worth the hassle or risk of jumping a kill-line for a small tiny performance gain. Its one less thing to deal with packing, eliminates a point of failure and I really can not think of a scarier malfunction then a forgotten kill-line other then a horse malfunction.
  24. Great way is not to jump with a kill-line pilot chute
  25. in2jumping


    I love eggs, but now that I'm over 50, I hardly ever eat egg yolks anymore, but have switched over to Egg Beaters at home, egg-white omelets in restaurants, etc. That, by the way, is upon the advice of a cardiologist, so I'll listen to that source first. Yes 4 eggs do contain quite a bit of cholesterol, but like sfzombie stated is a throwback from old studies. The Atkins diet is proof of this were peoples cholesterol profiles actually improves on this diet. I have a great cholesterol profile last time it was check about 8 months ago (I am 44 years old). I eat a very high fiber diet (30 to 50 grams a day eating lots of green veggies and supplementing with Metamucil) and avoid fiberless processed carbohydrates and simple sugars whenever I can, which I think is an important key to a healthy cholesterol profile. Actually fiberless processed carbohydrates and simple sugars is probably the main key to the obesity and diabetes epidemic in our country right now. So there is probably different ways/diets to control and keep your cholesterol at a healthy level, but I enjoy my eggs and the fatty tasty yokes, especially when they are smiling at me.