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  1. in2jumping

    Drones and Skydiving

    Think drones should be least of the USPA and yours worry. Think you have a 100000% great chance of a canopy collision than being taken out by a drone.
  2. Was this a fast and aggressive toggle input? Sounds like you just simply turned yourself into line twist with an aggressive toggle turn. I managed to do this on a .7 loaded 320sqf canopy once. Think a few year back there was a fatality at the Farm from someone spinning themselves up into line twists at low alt followed by a low cutting away. Also saw a good friend who was pissed about going low on our 12 way spin his Sabre into line twist at 1000' after an aggressive toggle turn. Was kind of scary watching someone chop at 1000' right next to you. Be careful with fast and aggressive toggle inputs, specially at low altitudes.
  3. in2jumping

    Rick Horn

    Very sad news!! Made my first jump and did my static line training with Rick and Patty their DZ Desert Skydiving back in the early 90’s. Some of the most enjoyable times in my life were jumping out at Desert Skydiving with them. They ran a family oriented DZ, made things fun and always put safety first. My heart goes out to Patty and family.
  4. in2jumping

    New PD Packing Video

    It would be more interesting if he would be pro packing a new Sabre2 260 over that tiny little 135.
  5. in2jumping

    Washing Canopy

    Go jump it!! 2 or 3 jumps will be enough to blast the dust out of it.
  6. in2jumping


    I bought a complete rig from Mike late last year. Great prices, super customer service and excellent rigging/rigger. Highly recommend them. If your reading Mike I want a discount on the next canopy I buy from you.
  7. in2jumping

    Mirage G4 Sabre2 190/PD176R

    G4 is the model of container and they come in different sizes to fit different sized mains and reserves.
  8. Here is what I did after a 8 year layoff. Think the slowest thing to come back for me was my canopy skills. I would highly suggest jumping something big for your first couple of jumps, then doing a few high hop-n-pops on your own gear. 1)I jumped in the tunnel for 5 minutes. 2)Read through Safety Day check list 20 times
  9. in2jumping

    Esprit 150

    This was the canopy that replaced the Nova from GlidePath now known as Flight Concepts. Had a friend that owned a Nova and GlidePath gave him the Esprit to replace it. He had to put a pocket slider on it to tame the openings. I never jumped it nor the Nova (thank god
  10. in2jumping

    neoxs audible

    I love my Optima, the neoxs pretty much appears to be copy/clone of the Optima. Overall I think L&B makes better quality products.
  11. in2jumping

    Go Sports Skydiving (PS3)

    Those openings look like they would hurt!
  12. in2jumping

    Januaray Parachutists photo question

    They cut holes on each side of their shirts and routed their chest strap under the front of the shirt.