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  1. Sorry to interrupt the round reserve challenge. Good luck with that. Just wanted to mention that my (square) reserve sold for 400 Euros today. The money will go toward 20 tickets for 8-way team training. Thanks for your help.
  2. My rigger seemed to suggest the canopy had a life of 15 years.
  3. A new Speed 170 is 910 Euros. So half would be 455 Euros.
  4. I am selling my reserve and got this offer: Reserve Speed-170, 2003, for 350 Euros (476 dollars) Should I ask for more? The canopy has never been used. Thanks!
  5. Today I read a fb post where a videoflyer wrote RIP Bernd. Does anyone know who she might mean and what he died of? I am assuming she wasn't refering to Bernd Schmehl, who passed away in Eloy during the World Record Attempt a few months ago.
  6. Hi there, Can someone tell me how much this is worth? Reserve: 170er Speed 2000, SN: 0310, DOM 6/2003 white, 0 jumps Thanks! Rebecca
  7. Hey All, I am looking to sell my old main. Can someone tell me what would be a fair price? Here are the stats: Main: Silhouette 190, DOM 4/2000, blue with green middle cell, small 3 cm patch on left outer cell, 500 jumps Thanks!
  8. Now that I have two rigs, I realize I only need one. Can anyone tell me how much my Teardrop Viper is worth now? I am so happy with the Javelin I got after the Viper was stolen, I'm going to keep it and sell the Viper.
  9. I actually won't get the rig till the police have finished their investigations. @stayhigh: Tell your friend to keep believing. I also had a friend whose rig was stolen and then found a year later when someone tried to sell it. His story gave me my unwavering optimism.
  10. Wow! I assumed the harness "expiration date" rules were worldwide. Are you allowed to fly a rig forever in other countries?
  11. My Viper was found so now I want to sell the Teardrop Classic. What's a 13-year-old rig worth? I was told that Teardrops are now "valid" for an extra 5 years if Thomas Sports gives them the thumbs up, and this one is in really good condition. So whoever buys it will have to send it in to Thomas Sports and pay for the official once-over and approval. The main, Cypres and reserve have already been sold, so I am only selling the container. Thanks, R-B