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  1. My first reserve ride was because of a shoulder injury in FF. My first attempt to pull was at 3000 maybe a little lower and then the second and final attempt was at about 2000 before going for the silver. Think I pulled the reserve some where around 1600 to 1500 feet and was in the saddle at 1400, seeing stars . I do remember one of the thoughts that was going through my head at the time I decided to go for the reserve was that I was getting low and my Stiletto snivels.
  2. You have a hard pull/miss your pud on the first attempt now pulling at 2K with a canopy that is going to snivel 800 to 1000 feet.
  3. Think the Crossfire and Springo are quite a bit more elliptical than the Stiletto. I have 200 jumps on a Stiletto 150 loaded to about 1.5, that was 7 years ago when I left the sport. I purchased it when when I had about 180 jumps and really should not have been flying that canopy. I got a away with it and now since I have returned to the sport I am a little older and wiser and would not recommend any one jumping a full elliptical with 100 or 200 jumps. If I where you I would stick with your Sabre2 and learn to fly the hell out of the thing before changing to a more radical smaller elliptical.
  4. Bill, will you elaborate please? Sorry, but I do not understand… What Bill is saying is that with poor riser covers if you cut away with a PCIT or a total mal., the main risers could possibly come out of there covers giving your reserve PC more crap to get tangled in.
  5. I can't find this one in the SIM? What is the proper emergency procedure when dealing with a jumpsuit in tow?
  6. 4 weeks that is it? A friend of mine quit jumping in 1998 and his Sabre 150 has now been packed for almost 10 years
  7. I have only had to PLF once. It was around jump 50 and my 3rd jump on my new TurboZ 205. Flared at about 15' to 20' on a hot zero wind day, knew right away that it was going to be ugly and continued the flare and did "the best PLF" my rigger and STA ever seen.
  8. I watched a friend do this on a Sabre 150 at about 1k feet and had to chop it, his RSL had him open at about 700'. I think pulling down the slider, loosening your chest and spreading out the risers will make it harder to spin into twists.
  9. One thing I do at big crowded DZs landing areas like Eloy is fly around in brakes and or rear risers up high for a while and let all the faster swooper get down first. Seems every time you try and beat those guys down you always end up landing with them.
  10. Ok, how about going into a tracking spiral to clear a PCIT? Figure 5 or so spirals would have the bridle and PC clear and wrapped around your legs?
  11. Wonder what the best body position would be to deploy a reserve with a PCIT? stable? on your side? sit up? head low? Someone willing to go up and test this for us?
  12. With 37 jumps they where just trying to keep you safe. Eloy's landing area can get very busy and there are many fast canopies every where.
  13. I am just the opposite, I enjoy and prefer to watch my reserve being packed.