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  1. I spent an hour rereading all the memories posted about Chris. Sad & Fun... Blue Skies my old friend!
  2. Thanks for the update, Wendy. I'm glad I saved a 'short' copy about two years ago. It runs from about 1302 to 1FB1401
  3. Concrete Rebound Hammer still refuses to obey the laws of nature, third world nations and DZ.com moderators.
  4. Bump! If it can't be done, Concrete Rebound Hammer can!!
  5. Loving it! Great read that's bringing back lots of old memories. Can't wait for the next one! Cheers
  6. In addition to all the above, get to know the packers and riggers at your DZ. Spend some time being the curious rookie and learn about your gear. (eager puppy emoji)
  7. I'm sure someone out there has a photo?
  8. I think the boogies tend to spring up and grow then die off. Then another one comes along so keep an eye out, we're probably due for a new one soon. Let's keep hoping! FB1371 - 1983 ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  9. Some of the things that do carry over are attention to detail and your PLF training. My PLF training has saved me from countless injuries! I've watch way to many broken/sprained joints that a simple PLF would have avoided. Airborne!! ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  10. Another version. One to change it. The second one to say, "I could've done that!" ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  11. Really. Then tell me, how would you reply if I'd shout "Hey @$$hole" at you under canopy? Every CRW Dawg in the formation would sound off with a thunderous, "What!" ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  12. 82nd Airborne Club converted over to Strato Clouds in 1984. Don't know when they went with square reserves. Helicopter pilots don't need (or just don't bother with) no stinking pilot rigs. ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!