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  1. zoobrothertom

    Bob Sinclairs van

    I'm sure someone out there has a photo?
  2. zoobrothertom

    Got my first pair of wings today...

    Some of the things that do carry over are attention to detail and your PLF training. My PLF training has saved me from countless injuries! I've watch way to many broken/sprained joints that a simple PLF would have avoided. Airborne!!
  3. zoobrothertom

    Are Earplugs Dangerous to Use in Freefall?

    Really. Then tell me, how would you reply if I'd shout "Hey @$$hole" at you under canopy? Every CRW Dawg in the formation would sound off with a thunderous, "What!"
  4. zoobrothertom

    What year did your school convert to squares?

    82nd Airborne Club converted over to Strato Clouds in 1984. Don't know when they went with square reserves. Helicopter pilots don't need (or just don't bother with) no stinking pilot rigs.
  5. zoobrothertom

    What was your safest parachute?

    Fury 220! Put 800 jumps on it with no malfunctions. It always opened cleanly and on heading in 400~450 feet. Lost it after a cutaway doing CRW.
  6. zoobrothertom

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    Beats my 41! I only had 79 jumps at the 1983 Freak Brothers Convention. I exited last and solo only to see 4 10 ways in progress below me and directly between me and the DZ. I turned slightly right and tracked my ass off down the runway until pull time. Fun!
  7. zoobrothertom

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    We used to call that one, "Sock in a Dryer!"
  8. zoobrothertom

    Tom Garrison NRGB 1983

  9. zoobrothertom

    New German Record Sequential

  10. zoobrothertom

    freak brother jumps

    No photo on my Freak Brother jump but it was fun. I got my number, 1371, at the '83 Freak Brothers Convention in Freeport, IL. Here's something you won't see anymore! My Freak Brother jump was a 32 way attempt with Roger Nelson in the upside down 4 way base. I had about 80 jumps and docked around 23rd or so wearing a belly-band Wonder Hog, a Strato Star and a Dragon jumpsuit.
  11. zoobrothertom

    Anyone Know Leo/Ray Barnes

    Hey, Travis. Richmond, TX is part of the Houston Metro area. If he is a skydiver (assuming he's using his real name), he'll be jumping at Skydive Spaceland or West Houston Skydiving. You can look them up in Parachutist or online. Try calling and ask for the DZO. Explain your situation and perhaps they'll be willing to ask around. Maybe they can check their files (e.g., waiver) to see if they have anyone by that name who is jumping there or has jumped there. Good luck!
  12. zoobrothertom

    Robert Harris Explains His Homemade Wingsuit Project

    Great fun! Look up "Lurch" among the folks that hang out here. I think he has also built a wingsuit or two.
  13. zoobrothertom

    Pegasus and X210

    The X210 was a hot parachute during its time. Landings varied by skill and weight. The production date is around the time most manufacturers were completing the transition to F-111 fabric. The Pegasus was a direct (and better) competitor to the Cruise-Lite. The Fury 220 was essentially a Pegasus with flared attachment points. When the Fury 220 came out in F-111 it set the new standard for 7 cells. It's widely considered the best 7 cell ever made. I'm pretty sure the Pegasus is of the older 1:1 (or lighter) varieties that were pre-F-111. It is the direct ancestor of the Fury-220 which was F-111. (BTW I bought Fury #251 around late 1984 and jumped it until 1999!). Compare the two fabrics side x side. If they're different, the lighter one will be the F-111. Any other old-timers know if either of these were ever produced in F-111?
  14. Pat, poetic as ever! I remember the being at the '83 Freak Brothers Convention when Norman's Freak Brothers movie premiered. It rocked my perception of RW. Watching 'Wings' in my first jump course on a 16mm projector. Getting dangerously better at RW in '84 cuz I had my bible, 'The Art of Freefall Relative Work' tucked into my back pocket! Breathless waiting in '86 as a friend loaded his new copy of the much anticipated "From Wings Came Flight" into his VCR while on a weather hold for a demo jump in Wiesbaden, Germany. Went to imitate Diana's posed ballet moves and scared the shit out myself. Should of tried it higher instead of 3.5 The acceleration gave me ground rush that you usually don't experience until under 2 grand! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Pat. Keep it up old timer What a ride!
  15. zoobrothertom

    Just thought id share this...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6wwizIzkmY Let's make it clicky!