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  1. zoobrothertom

    Bob Sinclairs van

    I'm sure someone out there has a photo?
  2. I think the boogies tend to spring up and grow then die off. Then another one comes along so keep an eye out, we're probably due for a new one soon. Let's keep hoping! FB1371 - 1983 ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  3. zoobrothertom

    Got my first pair of wings today...

    Some of the things that do carry over are attention to detail and your PLF training. My PLF training has saved me from countless injuries! I've watch way to many broken/sprained joints that a simple PLF would have avoided. Airborne!! ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  4. zoobrothertom


    Another version. One to change it. The second one to say, "I could've done that!" ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  5. zoobrothertom

    Are Earplugs Dangerous to Use in Freefall?

    Really. Then tell me, how would you reply if I'd shout "Hey @$$hole" at you under canopy? Every CRW Dawg in the formation would sound off with a thunderous, "What!" ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  6. zoobrothertom

    What year did your school convert to squares?

    82nd Airborne Club converted over to Strato Clouds in 1984. Don't know when they went with square reserves. Helicopter pilots don't need (or just don't bother with) no stinking pilot rigs. ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  7. zoobrothertom

    What was your safest parachute?

    Fury 220! Put 800 jumps on it with no malfunctions. It always opened cleanly and on heading in 400~450 feet. Lost it after a cutaway doing CRW. ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  8. zoobrothertom

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    Beats my 41! I only had 79 jumps at the 1983 Freak Brothers Convention. I exited last and solo only to see 4 10 ways in progress below me and directly between me and the DZ. I turned slightly right and tracked my ass off down the runway until pull time. Fun! ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  9. zoobrothertom

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    We used to call that one, "Sock in a Dryer!" ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  10. zoobrothertom

    Stuck on PLFs: How to Retrain the Brain?

    I'm former Airborne as well. Knowing how to PLF has allowed me to walk away only slightly bruised from landings that would have left my friends with broken arms and legs. The advice about running/stepping off a low enough platform to PLF or run it out sounded like the best solution. Best of luck! ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  11. zoobrothertom

    From the worthless, but none the less interesting file.

    4 in 155! If this was contest, that's hard to beat! ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  12. zoobrothertom

    From the worthless, but none the less interesting file.

    On my dad's side, my great-grandfather was born in 1848 (d:1930) but my grandfather was born in 1918! He must have a randy old geezer! Oh yes! His wife was 20 when my grandfather was born. My dad was 1939. Me 1963 and my twins in 2004. Only five generations in 156 years. ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  13. zoobrothertom

    Tom Garrison NRGB 1983

  14. zoobrothertom

    Harrison Ford opens new runway at John Wayne Airport

    Great job! ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!
  15. zoobrothertom

    Halloween fun

    Holy mother of flying pumpkins!! I bet that one was still accelerating towards terminal at impact! ____________________________________ I'm back in the USA!!