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  1. Chiquita

    Big SOB:)

    I think a great video series is AM & PM Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden, produced by Gaia. They are both about 10 minutes long plus a 5ish minute meditation; short, simple but helpful. They give suggestions on how to do the poses when you have difficulty getting all the way into a position. Just don't push yourself to hard, especially in the beginning. More is not better and trying to do a pose in a way that your body is not ready for can cause injuries, so listen to your body. There is a difference between your body struggling to maintain a pose and pain from holding a pose wrong or pushing to much to get more of a stretch. Yoga is really not about creating flexibility it is more about learning to relax the body and mind enough for the body is able to lengthen and loosen up. Shaking is a good thing, pain is a bad thing. Most yoga classes at a place (gym, studio, etc) are 50-60 minutes or longer. You can find shorter and longer ones on YouTube, or anywhere that you can find fitness videos. Search for yoga for flexibility, as there are several kinds of yoga; some to increase strength, focus, meditation, and/or relaxation, among other things.
  2. Chiquita

    Recommend a DZ (US)

    You will need to renew your BPA membership. Or you might have to get a USPA membership. For where to jump, pretty much what everyone else said, depending on the time of year, and what else you are wanting to do while in the US. But Eloy (Skydive Arizona), Skydive Perris (LA/San Diego CA area), Skydive Deland (Orlando FL area), possibly Skydive Chicago (if not in the winter), are all great places. There is also the Atlanta area, there is 3-4 dzs there in relative close proximity to each other. From my understanding, all of them have a wind tunnel close to the dz or the city. For gear, most dzs will have gear you can rent: rig, helmet, googles, altimeter, jump suit, etc. If you have any gear, you can bring some with you, suit, altimeter, googles. To check out dzs, location, basic requirements, website links, contact info: Dropzones
  3. Chiquita

    Tunnel Rigs and Skills Translating From Sky to Tunnel

    I'm a bit late as well, but only saw this post because of your response. One thing I didn't see anyone mention is that in the sky you have cross winds and in the wind tunnel you don't. I would think that would make a difference as well.
  4. Look into kinesio tape (kinesio tex, rock tape, kt tape, etc), it can help support your shoulder joint as it heals, and afterwards if needed. I would first try to find a person that is truly trained in using the tape. As far as I know only Kinesio Tex and Rock Tape are the only two that offer classes to medical professionals. There are several videos online on how to apply the tape, but make sure you follow all the directions, mainly no tension on either end of the tape. If it is not applied correctly it can hurt more and/or cause skin damage, that's why seeing a professional the first time is good.
  5. Chiquita

    Skydive Arizona in March?

    Hi Hopey, One of the best times of the year to come, the weather is damn near perfect. I am sure you will find someone to jump with. If I am able to make it down there I will jump with you. Chiquita
  6. I know [url]Emerald Coast[/url] does beach jumps but I am not sure how often. I believe they are doing them for Memorial Day, but they may do them on a regular basis too. Chiquita
  7. Chiquita

    Skydive The Farm

    I just visited this brand new dz and I must say it was awesome. It is on a private 55 acre property that has two nature ponds, several wide open plush grass landing areas. The people there were awesome and it has a great vibe. I think that once they are finished adding the classroms and such this will be the premiere drop zone in Georgia. If you are in the area or even near by, stop by and do a few jumps you'll love it. If the nature beauty of the place, people or the vibe don't win you over I am sure the price will, $10/14 upjumpers and $129 for tandems, call the dz to find out more.