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  1. Yeah, my instructor also talked about the leg strap being too tight. In fact when I touch my inner thighs now it hurts. I'm planning to give it one more shot in a month or two and see how it goes then. I also bought dramamine non-drowsy, will make sure to take that before. I mean the freefall wasn't very bad, I even managed to open the parachute and took control of the handles for a few seconds. Then we made a sharp right turn and that's when it got really bad. After I got nauseous my instructor told me to look at the horizon, so I didn't look down anymore.
  2. Had my first tandem today. I got very nauseous and dizzy. I tried very hard not to pass out. I don't get motion sick in a car or in a boat either. But this was really uncomfortable and scary. I got when sick doing turns also. Luckily I didn't throw up, thanks to my instructor who took great care of me. Before doing the tandem I was thinking of maybe going for a license but now I think this sport is not for me. My instructor said I may have felt that way because I didn't have anything to eat in the last three hours but I had a whole pizza in the morning (about 5-6 hours before the jump). They told me to try again after eating and getting my blood sugar up. Anyway just wanted to share my experience and see if anyone has gone through a similar experience / have any tips. I also now have a free jump because I bought a special package lol. But I don't think I'm doing that jump anytime soon.