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  1. Spence has passed away from medical issues… Much respect brother may you rest in peace.
  2. Yes 2-3/4 that’s correct more along the lines of 2.25”OAL and yes I see the error a 24” cut flush would be your 12+1 configuration of course it depends on the pattern as well the +8 extensions for a 3G setup on like a remy their 24” runs somewhere around 25” plus whatever choke adds an inch and change on an 18” for the same setup would be a +2-3 extension so yes my mistake on that
  3. We, as in the we that got tripped up on that temporarily, turning it into a scrap of sorts. If you weren’t involved in that in that, then you were not that we. I used the scenario as an example. I had no intentions to accuse you of anything
  4. Yes without going back it was something along those lines my point was it was kind of silly in hindsight maybe it wasn’t since some people don’t know what that is or who she is apparently.
  5. I thought it was going to be something along those lines however because you were asking I didn’t want to get it wrong. as far as your other post about him having a gun in his hand I think bill cleared some of that up when he was asking me to clarify some things I wrote. We were not at the murder scene brother there is no telling if billy woke up with a pistol in his hand, or when he decided to retrieve it from his safe to carry out the massacre. What sequence things went in is anybody's guess jack, I cannot answer to “billy lived with whatever was in his head for a very long time” I have no idea how any of that works im of sound mind and body and it doesn’t make any sense to me. if you want to make that assumption that’s on you. For the most part billy was a comedy show, dude was clown, but he could piss people off royally too, make you want to punch him in the face. He loved his girls for sure they just went to nationals for archery not last weekend but the one before, and both girls just recently celebrated their birthdays.
  6. No I have nothing for you on that brother, if you don’t know then you don’t know. I stand corrected, theres 1 person on the planet that doesn’t know Dawnmarie. I figured with all the years you have been on here Jerry that you certainly knew who that was, I was mistaken. it means “don't fuck with a Jersey girl” by the way
  7. Jack, who are you speaking for when you say “no one else” ? Are you speaking for everyone here ? What exactly would you like me to clarify that I said?
  8. Absolutely Jerry, of course when I typed that it seemed that guy was stuck on something or another. Kind of like when there was a 8 or 10 thing reply on wether Dawnmarie was wearing her draws backwards or forward, if she was a girl, how do we know if she’s a girl… I mean damn Justin knows who Dawnmarie is. He knows her husband he knows who I am etc. why are we fighting about if Dawnmarie is a girl? I understood easily what she meant she said avatar she meant her DFWAJG thing. People generally know what that means, and who on the planet doesn’t know Dawnmarie anyway. Jerry, please excuse my exaggeration in the above scenario
  9. Jack im sorry I don’t understand “Nothing?” Im not sure what you’re asking there.
  10. I knew the guy, and I can say without a doubt he and I were nothing alike, it is why I stated what I did but it did not satisfy some folks. like if say i’m not Chinese. I know what I am and am not. I knew billy I am not like billy. In any way. The rest Jerry are things that got out of control with the wild accusations and politics and everything else. I certainly do not intend to attack or disrespect anyone yourself included. When I said I was leaving the thread it seemed that we agreed on some things maybe not so much on others, and I figured that was all I had to offer. Only to come back to see it went straight to politics which in my opinion has nothing to do with nothing. Also attacks and slander towards the United States of America. I’m proud to be an American, I’m not going to apologize to anyone for being an American. I certainly never came on here and starting trash talking anyones country.
  11. Yes positively I agree with all of this that you just wrote 100% and as I stated I was more or less referencing the act which I don’t think anyone can disagree is pretty crazy and inexcusable. What you wrote is what I believe it comes down to in the end, what drives the individual to carry out the horrific act(s). It is why I stated that the object used to carry out the act(s) in the midst of the trauma does not in and of itself have everything to do with what’s going on.
  12. I get that brother but I mean damn if somebody asks me if I could kill my children and my wife of fucking course the answer is fuck no never under any circumstances absolutely not. how would you answer that question? And please forgive me stumpy it’s been probably 10yrs+ since I’ve been on here I don't recall if you had a wife and kids or if you made some since or whatever. brother to be honest with you though I’m not sure that I can think any other way on that particular thing. I mean what do you do wake up in the morning and say “today is not the day I’m going to kill my kids and my wife” I don’t even want to think of some crazy ass shit like that. that’s a solid hell no any kind of way
  13. Also bill I take no pleasure in pissing on anyones grave. I think that I started to use those words when people started telling me I was like billy to create that comparison. I’m certainly not that.
  14. Ah I see where you are with that. The act of killing all of your girls regardless of any circumstances is inexcusable in my opinion, because of his final acts is why I used those words, it was not my intentions to suggest in any way that he was that prior to the massacre perhaps better stated, in the end he was that.
  15. I didn’t mean to suggest I was at the murder scene bill. That response was in reference to the other things you mentioned in your post. im not sure what being at the murder scene has come up for maybe I misunderstood something or you did im not sure what being at the murder scene has to do with anything what I meant by this statement you quoted is I consider a person who kills their children and wife a murdering scumbag