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  1. Not selling a thing, just making an announcement. Some of you know me. I wrote "Red Beans & Ripcords" and I regularly write short stories about the past days of skydiving. Took a hiatus from writing for a bit, but now I am back. Just created a new website as a repository for my stories and books. On the site, you can read the stories and download at no charge complete copies of my books in pdf form for your entertainment. I am continually posting old and new stories on the site and it is growing steadily. Here's a link if you are interested: www.mikemarcon.rocks
  2. nndefense

    Southern Parachute Center

    Yeah, whoever you are, I'm still here and doing very well, thank you! I do not have Russell's phone number. I think Jeff fell off the face of the Earth and is just floating around out there somewhere waiting to manifest on the next load. I have no idea by your ID who you are, but I hope that you are doing well, too. Blue skies, Mike
  3. nndefense

    Premium membership payment problems

    Worldpay will not accept payments. Seems there is a problem with your account. Paypal, on the other hand, allowed me to upgrade an ad. Might want to check it out. Thanks!
  4. nndefense

    Red Beans & Ripcords - The Video

    Try this. I transferred everything over to You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le0rMD2rbEg
  5. nndefense

    Red Beans & Ripcords - The Video

    Just uploaded my newest video based on my book, "Red Beans & Ripcords." It's a fun trip down memory lane. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/sG_WDeRbeiQ
  6. And when you actually know what Talequah Turf Creepers are. Or had a pair like mine. Probably why my feet are crap today.
  7. nndefense

    Help a true pioneer! Jerry Irwin

    I'm posting a link here to GOFundMe regarding the plight of one the sport's true forerunners, Jerry Irwin. I don't have his full bio, but certainly, if you jump, you should take the time to learn of him and his contribution to the sport. He has stage four bone cancer and is looking to place an unbelievable photographic archive of the sport's past. Please see my offer and do what you can to help Jerry. Those of us who began this sport, and I am one of them, won't be around that much longer and it's up to you up-and-comers to make sure our sport is well documented and its beginnings remembered, so please do what you can to help. Follow the link! Thank you and blue skies, Mike Marcon C-3917 https://www.gofundme.com/jerryirwin P.S. If you make a gift at the GoFundMe page at any level then send me your mailing address via e-mail at marconpublishing@yahoo.com, I will send you a copy of any of my books. (Be patient with me in this endeavor. It takes time to order books and get them in. Look for "Red Beans & Ripcords" or "Toss the Feathers" on Amazon for book descriptions.) Thanks in advance for your help! Blue skies, Mike
  8. nndefense

    Our Own Bodacious Thunder Chicken

    Boys and girls, you can read about Southern Parachute Center's very own Bodacious Thunder Chicken on my website at www.marconpublishing.com Look for the "Here. Hold my beer. Watch this!" button. The story is there. Enjoy. Blue skies, Mike Marcon C3917
  9. nndefense

    Leon Riche, Jr.

    If you've ever been curious if he's still kicking, it appears he is. For those that don't know, Leon owned Southern Parachute Center in Louisiana in the 60's and 70's. Definitely a pioneer. Location unknown, but he put up a Facebook page sometime in the last year: https://www.facebook.com/leon.tribeofriche
  10. nndefense

    Round Engines

    I had not seen this until tonight, but it is spot on. But secretly, I do love the whine of a turbine as well. But I'm old and entitled like whatever the hell I wish. Mike Marcon
  11. nndefense

    belly wart landings

    I got a T7A, OD, of course, that's only been in storage for about 45 years. It's in perfect shape and will let you down soft as a feather. I'll sell it you really cheap. Before you jump it, can I interest you in some nice cheap Jersey real estate? Muhahahaha!
  12. This thread is a huge disappointment. I opened it fully expecting to be regaled with a story about one drunk taking a shit in another drunk's helmet. Instead, what do I see? An entire thread written by neophyte fucking Mister Cleans. Jesus jumping Christ people.
  13. nndefense

    ~ Eddie Andreini

    Twardo, great write up! When I read about guys like Eddie buying it, I have to smile a little because they are the ones who go their own way, loving it, and have no trouble having a good time while they are alive and then flipping the bird at the Reaper knowing they didn't waste a minute worrying about the small shit. The bit about the fifty dollar bike reminds me of another airshow great, Charlie Kulp aka The Flying Farmer of Bealton, Virginia. If you don't know of him, that would be surprising. Goggle him. Charlie and Eddie had much in common. One really cold winter night I invited Charlie and his girlfriend over to the house for dinner. When they got there, I shoved a beer in their hands and they made a bee line for the wood stove to stand there rubbing their frozen butts. I asked Charlie if he had had heat in his car? His girlfriend replied, somewhat pissed off, that "Hell, the little gnome doesn't have a floorboard in his car. Turns out he had done an airshow down south somewhere when the weather took a shit and he couldn't fly the Cub back to Virginia. So he went off and bought a junker for $100 and drove it back leaving his Cub to pick up another day. Shit, Charlie could take the wings off of a Cub and load it on a special trailer all by himself when he thought he wasn't going to be able to fly back. Be he misjudged the weather that time. We haven't lost people like Eddie. They live in our hearts and they stand cracking jokes and drinking beer at a special mystical bar up there somewhere. Oh! By the by, fuck the know-it-all SME's. They don't know dick.
  14. nndefense

    Bobby "Spider" Wrenn

    Well, Usetawuz, I wouldn't feel too, too bad. Spider had 83 wonderful years, was surrounded by GKs, old and new, family, and I suppose, Nancy. I'm 69 and if I get the kind of time left that Bobby had, I'll feel lucky. Side note: I used to marvel at the pull Bobby had at Ft. Bragg, getting choice assignments and all until I found out that as 1st. Sgt. of the 440th Army Band, he would march the whole bunch up to main post and play the commanding general's favorites outside his window. The general? Westmoreland. Heh! Of course, I did the same kind of sucking up as the manager of the Fort Polk Sport Parachute Club in 1969. Ah...those were the days. Like Bobby, I was, in addition to being the manager, pilot and instructor, the bartender.
  15. nndefense

    Bobby "Spider" Wrenn

    It is with sadness that I report the passing of Bobby "Spider" Wrenn on April 9, 2014, after a short bout with cancer. Bobby was one of my first instructors and jumpmasters at XVIII Sport Parachute Club, Ft. Bragg, 1962. Bobby was also a Golden Knight on two tours, as I recall. At this time, funeral arrangements are incomplete according to published reports. I'm sure the GKs will be heavily involved. Spider was a highly regarded jumper and member of the team. Blue skies, Bobby. Open me a PBR when I get there. (Spider was also the club bartender when nobody else was around.)