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  1. This was the canopy that replaced the Nova from GlidePath now known as Flight Concepts. Had a friend that owned a Nova and GlidePath gave him the Esprit to replace it. He had to put a pocket slider on it to tame the openings. I never jumped it nor the Nova (thank god
  2. If you price out other containers with the options that come standard with the Icon you will find the Icon is in the lower price range.
  3. Bill talking about skyhook. Part two[/url]
  4. That makes a lot of sense. I have very low jump #'s and I respect your advice but now I have done a successful one-handed flare I think that will be my option of choice - but I am going to practice it as part of my practice flares on every jump. Maybe if it was a no wind day I would opt for the "brakes stowed and eat dirt" option - I have jumped round canopies and I know PLF is your friend! I don't know about trying to flare both toggles with one hand, a screw up could result in a low very hard turn into the ground. I would much rather land with them stowed/half brakes with a plf.
  5. Bury it some where in the Cascade Mountains around Woodland Washington?
  6. here is a video of this guy today. Maybe he should be asking himself this question. Lucky to be alive. He is now a poster child add for sky hook lol He also needs to do something with that slider either pull it down behind his neck or get some slink hats and keep it hi.
  7. I had a terminal reserve ride because of not being able to reach my BOC. At the time I was jumping a small rig a Javelin J2, I am 6'1" 215 lbs.. I slightly injured my shoulder the previous week and did not think anything of it when I went out jumping the following weekend. Went to pull at 2500' spent 2 or 3 seconds trying to get the hackey then gave it one more try at 2000' before going for silver at around 1700'. I can say that terminal reserve openings suck!
  8. So are you looking for everyones reassurance that you made the right decision here?
  9. Sure Airtec will be able to get the data off the unit and be able to tell if it fired because it was suppose to or if it fired because of a broken/shorted cutter.
  10. Could it have broken after it fired? Student Cypres fires at 13 meters a sec or 29mph. Maybe a good hard turn on a 1.3 loaded Pilot could caused it to fire?
  11. The Optima is easy to use, it took reading the manual and 20 minutes playing with it to learn to program everything.
  12. I love my Optima, the neoxs pretty much appears to be copy/clone of the Optima. Overall I think L&B makes better quality products.
  13. Little searching goes a long way!
  14. FYI it is also dangerous to set your ADD at home or any other place and then drive to the drop zone.
  15. I can send you a 50lbs bag of Arizona sand/dirt that you can cover the thing with?
  16. I picked up AD&D insurance cheaply ($25 a month) from Mutual of Omaha, it covers me for $300k and there is no skydiving exclusion.
  17. I would much rather pack a new 100sf cross-braced than a new 190sq zp canopy, there is just so much material to control on big new zp canopies!
  18. I just came back after a 8 year layoff, here is what I did. 1)I jumped in the tunnel for 5 minutes. 2)Read through Safety Day check list 20 times
  19. Probably does not matter, but if your container opens prematurely and starts to develop into a horse malfunction or for some reason you bridle snags something. The pull on the bridle going to the PC can ball up the PC in the pouch and make it impossible to get the PC out. If you get a chance give it a try, pack/wad up your PC and bridle in the BOC pouch then start pulling on the bridle going to the PC. It will more than likely wad up the PC in the pouch even more to the point it will be impossible to deploy. My ST&A rigger showed me this years ago on my first rig after he watched me pack my PC, I was unable to extract the PC after he tug on the bridle. So follow the MFG recommend packing method or use Brian Germain's method. Brian Germain Pilot Chute Packing Method
  20. -clean tight line stoes -Proper pilot chute packing
  21. Why are you in such a hurry to down size? You have the rest of your life to down size to a smaller canopy. Remember it just takes one fsck up to ruin your day month, year, or skydiving career. Go look over the landing/low turn fatalities over the last 10 years ( and remember that for probably everyone of those landing fatalities there where two or three more people that have mangled them selfs.
  22. Just curious what everyone is jumping these days? After being gone from the sport for almost 8 years seems like no one wears a chest mounted altimeter anymore. Chest mounted just make much more sense. You can see them in a track, doing rw others can look over at it, and when initiating emergency procedures its right there in your face. Getting back into the sport I picked up an Alt III wrist mount as a backup to my old chest mounted Alt II and found that I have not once look at the Alt III and find that it is uncomfortable on my hand. So I just got done mounting my Alt III on my chest pillow and don’t think I will ever wear a wrist mount again.