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  1. peggs82

    Elsinore Wingsuit vid

    I made one too... My Video
  2. peggs82

    Wingsuits on Discovery Science Channel, 19 OCT

    ahhhh i need to order this channel!!!
  3. peggs82


    I believe Justin is the one to ask about it.... Long and short is that he REALLY REALLY REALLY likes it!
  4. peggs82

    Sebastian Blog

    Also, just wanted to add after reading Spots blog and watching the vid... Great to see all of you who participated out there challenging your comfort levels! To see people finally getting off their belly's, trying things that seem very intimidating....its just really fantastic. Good job Andrea...Good job Spot...(and I'll even say it) Good job Pink Mike for getting out there and doing it! There is so much more that we all can accomplish if we just try! This is growth we desperately need in wingsuiting! Bravo! I'm finally at the end of my business trip from hell, and will be returning to Florida on Sunday for 3 weeks of uninterrupted skydiving... Cant wait! To bad all you Flockers will have left
  5. peggs82

    apocalypse DVD

    not even a trailer/preview?
  6. peggs82

    demo raptor

    The corresponding snap should be right next to the end of the zip on the arm. The tab should (theoretically) cross over the zipped sleeve and prevent the zipper from walking open. I try to keep the toggle of the zipper out towards my hand to keep it from unlocking and unzipping. If there is no corresponding snap, then it is just a manufacturing error, that could be easily fixed by any rigger. edit to add Keep in mind there is no thumb loop or anything like that on the new arm design.
  7. peggs82

    Jump #'s VS. Post #'s

    I do agree as well here about the scotty thread. However, I will do this via PM...
  8. peggs82

    skyventure PHILADELPHIA??

    I wouldn't hold your breath.... quite a few people have died allready doing that The common thread on that is people bought the rights to it, with no means to build it...or something like that.
  9. peggs82

    wingsuits in USA today on friday.

    If I vote the most...will scotty give me his old camera?
  10. peggs82

    Porter exit Q

    The last scenario you described is how I'd do it. Climbing out of a porter SUCKS in a WS. Well atleast where I've jumped them...very high speed made it hard. Say there were 6 of you...I would have 3 of you sit with your legs on the step, butt close to the edge, knees angeled forward to the prop. The next 3 behind diving. Starting with the rear-most guy then middle then front. Divers following. I wouldn't worry about trying to chunk 6 out the door in 1 second... remember, your in a have a bit of time to group up. Make sure the base flys with the plane for a bit and your good to go! edit to add... I pitty the poor bastards who try to fit more than say 6 Wingsuiters in a porter...ugh....
  11. peggs82

    The Ranch WS weekend

    Yet cross keys with a tailgate is sooooo close!
  12. peggs82

    Tandem Video/Stills!

    Guys reading this...I'll save you time.... here's what would have been said to you: 1. Use the search function (that statement...along with your question is seen ad nauseaum on this forum!) It will guide you along on what you should be looking for when it comes to your set up. 2. Immediately jumping into filming tandems for a young fairly un-current jumper is likely a foolish idea. *edited to add* If your profile is accurate...300 jumps over 8 years is un-current. 38 jumps a year simply does not cut it where a students life is concerned. -You should get your start on fun jumps with your friends. Start small using simply video, honing your skills, then slowly transition to video and stills. Then and only then should your start doing tandem work. Do not put a students, an instructors, and your life all in danger while you "learn on the job" It is not a good idea to just jump into professional video. It is not fair to anyone... The paying customer who is the focus of your job. Do not cheat them out of their moment. Only after you are very comfortable with your set up should you even begin to chase and maybe lurk tandems - and most importantly with the instructors knowledge and approval. I am not saying that you are in anyway an unsafe or bad skydiver. I am just pointing out that there are steps to get you to where you need to be. If you are only now asking what cameras you should have on your head, you should not be thinking about filming tandems this season... So start practicing, keep enthusiastic, and I hope to see some great work one day!
  13. peggs82

    Skydive Crosskeys Freefly Fridays

    woops.... i think what he meant to say was.... "8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203 8203" Please disregard all the meaningless "text"
  14. peggs82

    Origin of formation names

    Thats a great question, one I would, too, love to know the answer to! On a side note: I wish that no one had ever taught me those damn names! Learning the current divepool letters and numbers was so much harder because of it. Much like your native language, and learning a new one. You always try to refer back to what you "J...hmm....oh yeah, thats a Doughnut!" Start them off right!!!
  15. peggs82

    Canopy - wingsuit dock on live Tv

    Yes I believe its been done with a bit more finess by other people...