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  1. same...i tabbed all the way through the page just so I could post this. Broken on Chrome too...
  2. peggs82

    Project XRW

    In case you are not subscribed to the Raise The Sky newsletter, I thought I would let you all know that I finally finished the Project XRW Video. For all the news: or: Permalink
  3. peggs82

    Project XRW

    Working on the video right now
  4. peggs82

    Project XRW

    We were both flying our X-Birds. For me, it was a weird method of flying. Speed was more important than anything. The second I slowed a bit down to angle a shot, I dropped like a rock. Jeff seemed matched pretty well with Jonathan, or he's just a lot better than I am edit to add I'll have to look up my average fall rates...I wouldn't call it max max flight...but pretty close. JT was flying a canopy he has competed with in the past.
  5. peggs82

    Project XRW

    Wow, really...what a week! Now that I've had time to go through all the pictures, watch some of the video, and generally relax, all I can still say is, "wow! we did that?" I'm super excited to get the pics and video out to everyone, really they are something else. Make sure to have your subscriptions current to all the magazines, because I'm saving the best stuff for them. Keep your eye on Raise The Sky's Blog and Facebook Page for more updates too! And hey...even I got a dock in!!
  6. peggs82

    Project XRW

    This is gonna be a quick one folks..I'm busy having a blast out here in Moab. Head on over to Raise The Sky for the full write up! But I won't hold out too much for you here's a shot from a cloudy practice jump! Edit to add... It was a really great day. Eli and Skydive Moab have been the best hosts. Our day started at a dream ruining 5:00AM. Thank God Clint has a nice espresso machine! The dropzone was open and waiting for us to get going, and they kept us going all day! 4 jumps, then the day ended due to freak Moab weather...but it was a great day! Stay tuned for tomorrows updates...they are going to be great! Operation Freefall starts tomorrow. Miss Nevada arrives late tonight, and will be doing a tandem for SOAR and Operation Freefall tomorrow morning! We have some awesome jumps planned, and I cannot wait see what they can do!
  7. The only reason that there wasn't a feeling of achievement was because the PR campaign against the grid started immediately. The participants of the (in my opinion) BETTER formation were never given their community due, because the politics were already flying. Who was responsible for that? Who? Names help... Really you can say things over and over, but until people go on record as saying such a thing...Its your word against anyone else's. Which brings me back to my original questions here: 1. Name of "the respected wingsuiters" 2. Names of USPA Officials - and them going on record that they think this divisive move is a good idea 3. How this is different than just participating in the our respective countries governing bodies? 4. Why we need this to "avoid tar babies" - when it's been proven we can work together - all without MORE POLITICS
  8. All I've ever cared about on here was calling people out on BS and not letting them get away with making this forum their soapbox... I never claimed to invent anything. I'll also add this... All anyone in your "axis of evil" wanted to do here was to organize great skydives, allow wingsuiters to demonstrate the peak of their skill, and to have those achievements recognized. How do you do that? One way is records. Look at any bigway prior to 2008...then look at 2008 and 2009. Tell me those achievements are not worthy of recognition. If you don't think that it was not a paradigm shift in demonstrated skill level, then I don't know what impresses you. Those participants deserve recognition - both internal and external. No one ever sought this battle. It was started right here on by people who thought there was some power grab going on. Look who's grabbing for power now.
  9. Yep...thats why the US, Australia, and South Africa adopted a record category in the first place. Once people start doing them...they can be refined. No arguments there. How do you propose to do that? Photoshop? Yep...done that too. Ask zach and andreea. Funny Jarno...i didn't see you at the USPA BOD meeting? But if your referring to my vocal displeasure over the assertion that "record spacing is unsafe"...well then yes..I do still object to that baseless allegation.
  10. How deliciously ironic... getting mad at me for inconveniencing you with simple questions before you actually make a proposal!! I just want to know whats going on "before the camel gets its nose under the tent!!!" Its already been admitted that, "the concept was discussed with a few BOD members and EC members prior to the symposium"...So who knows what and how it is going to be sold, and to whom.. Your ringleader... "Whether or not USPA (or any other body) accepts our competition results or not really doesn't matter. We have reason to believe they will, once this organization becomes tangible. " Creating competitions, along with the rules and regs for them...sounds pretty governing to me.. Why not??? -Artistic- You have been running a artistic comp for 2.5 years now. You've had wide participation, and no other alternative camps have challenged the validity of what you do.. why not focus, actually write down some concrete rules and submit it? After your performance at the last comp, I would gladly call your team the International best, and have it be a FAI or Italian record. -GPS- Whenever its convient to argue suit performance, everyone tells you to go to tracking derby....why not submit those rules for acceptance?? I would gladly follow those rules and try for a record. I would be happy to see someone who has been running this stuff for a few years put up a proposal, even if it is "imperfect". I would gladly take that over wallowing on it for 5-10 years with no progress towards acceptance. No its a lot more fun DOING this stuff FOR REAL, without people telling you that their theoretical ideas are better...
  11. I could only hope to be as eloquent as pat one day. I especially like the following: I really wonder sometimes this knee jerk reaction to 1 element of disagreement? Has anyone even bothered to have a dialogue about ANYTHING else in this discipline (and actually keep it on that topic - through a clear and enforced published agenda)? -Maybe some headway could be made where we might find some common ground? -Maybe we would move forward in getting OTHER RECORD CATEGORIES recognized? -Or maybe we might find some people have more knowledge and experience than themselves in organizing such dives? - I've never organized a docked naked rodeo record, I'd listen to purple mike...or do enough of them myself that I would have real data to talk about. nahh...that sounds too smart and civilized...lets just create a new club... Take our ball and go somewhere else! Can we get a list of names already? Maybe something a bit more specific than "8 well respected wingsuiters"... - Wait no - can we have them actually speak for themselves rather than a list? - What are their credentials? Other than agreeing with you? - Did you bother to even invite people who disagree with you to be in on the ground floor of this? Going with that thread. Can we have the mystery members of the BOD and EC go on record and detail exactly what they discussed and agreed to? Especially important if the name and standing of the USPA is being invoked! Again I wil ask, how is this any different than going through our ACTUAL GOVERNING BODIES?? -The USPA has offered an arbiter before (WS instruction, BSR), and has offered one now... -The FAI set up a FORUM to have the community heard on Unlinked bigway - as I immagine they would in the future. These are very simple questions to answer, and do not require my full knowledge of the organization. So please don't tell us to "wait for the full announcement" PS - Fine...substitute FAI/IPC for USPA...all of these comments still hold true. Elected members and directors who govern the competition/standards of our sport.
  12. x2 There are USPA Board members...who I vote elections. Thats about all the stomach I have for political maneuvering. Believe me, I would have much rather discussed this in the meeting at flock and dock, than to have it dropped in the last 8 mins 28secs of the meeting with no elaboration, names of sponsors or supporters, or details. If I had to "verbal vomit" a wingsuit organization, it would be this: I would imagine a group of people who, if they cared enough, would go to a meeting with an arbiter from our already existing governing body, where we would talk about issues. In these meetings we would have well laid out agendas. We would get together and revise as we have already demonstrated we can do, and then we would see if we could all agree to take it to committee (which we have also already done) Oh wait...the USPA all ready proposed just such a idea. Tell John Hancock to put not sign just yet Just because there was/is a disagreement over the issue of ONE type of record category, does not mean that I (for example) disagree with you over any other issue in wingsuiting. Adding bureaucracy to this situation would be like cutting off my foot because I stubbed a toe.
  13. "going to be recorded and edited" --- Hilarious Perfect illustration of the need to have video evidence, in an effort to shield one's self from ridiculous untrue statements on Thank you zach for doing exactly what I was in the process of doing.
  14. me when I say tampa is the way to go