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  1. The fatality reports page is not updated its more like 19 or 20 and it also probably one of the slowest years in the amount of jumps in many years also.
  2.;search_string=stiletto%20150;#3709400 "Low turn, trying to get into the wind (8-10 mph). He really wasn't a swooper never turned more than 90s base to final. He jumped a wings container with a Stiletto 150 wing loading around 1.2"
  3. I think it is for someone taking "almost every precaution I can to make sure I make the safest jump". He would be much safer under a 210 and a PDR218, if he was truly trying too "make the safest jump".
  4. Sabre2 150 ft² (1.45 lbs/ft²) PD Reserve 160 ft² (1.36 lbs/ft²) Well those are not the safest of wing loading. Have a hell of a higher chance of mangling or killing your self under canopy than ever using your AAD.
  5. 30k! Is it really that much on average, or do you just have an expensive hospital? When I broke my arm it was only about $6500 ($8500 in today's dollars), which included a day at the hospital. Maybe I ended up with a good deal, or are broken legs that much more expensive? eric My quadricep tendon rupture almost 2 years ago. Hospital (2 hours out patient surgery) = $13,000 Anesthesiologist = $3,000 Orthopedic Surgeon = $2,700 Rehab = $7,000 Total = $25,700 I did my own rehab but that is what rehab would have cost. Cost me almost $6000 out of pocket with my crappy insurance. Getting injured these day here in the US is very very expensive.
  6. By todays downsizing trends, with 47 years and close to 3000 jumps you should be jumping a Velocity 71 and a PDR 99? "Bill Booth: I don't jump much greater than a 1:1 wing loading. It's a simple rule I live by...I always want a little more canopy over my head than absolutely necessary, for those off-DZ, or broken-line, or last minute avoidance situations. Call me old fashioned, but I still walk without a limp after 35 years of skydiving. "
  7. That would be a good question to ask the manufacturer. BTW, is this the same guy who slams people for not doing a search? LOL (Sorry, I couldn't resist) edited for spelling Sunpath is closed on Fridays. I also find their online guide a bit inaccurate and wanted first-hand accounts. Furthermore, there are ABSOLUTELY NO POSTS about the D20 harness, just the very few about D19. so "do a search before you slam people" :) I used to jump a C 19.5 and it was tight around the shoulders on me and was overall a tight fit. I am 6'1" and 215 lbs with a long torso. So I guessing a D20 would fit someone fairly tall 6'1" to 6'4" with broad shoulders.
  8. I was taught for PCIT and total go for the reserve and not waste time cutting away. I was unfortunate enough to have experienced a total when I slightly injured my shoulder in freefall and could not reach my pud. Broke off a 4 way at 3500' I went to pull at 2500' and could not reach it. Made another attempt at around 2000' while looking at my reserve handle and chest mounted altimeter (reason I like chest mount alts, you can see them when you need them most). Finally gave up after the second try as I was screaming through about 1600' and pulled the reserve. Had I decided to cutaway before dumping the reserve sure my reserve ride would have been well under 1000' if everything went smoothly with cutting away (figure about 3 seconds at best to do a fast cutaway). Had I decided to cutaway and fumbled around or had issues cutting away (5 seconds) I probably would not have had time to get the reserve out.
  9. One you can land and safely walk away in the worst possible scenario/condition.
  10. Another disadvantage would be getting your reserve handle snagged on something exiting. If I understand correctly the spectra rip cord does not clear the housing when pulled. So you would have a reserve out and also possible be in tow with the aircraft, or is would tear the the housing off your rig.
  11. I would demo a 210 Pulse, be easier to pack and packs smaller than a 190 Storm or 188 Pilot. From the reviews it does not have the deep flare point the Storm and Pilot has, which would make it easier to get the timing down on your flare.
  12. I remember some guy riding a stuck/jammed pilot chute down under 1000 feet because said he was worried about the cost of a reserve repack and would not be able to jump again that day. Your ass/life is on the line up there last thing you should be worried about is the cost.
  13. Sometimes I wish there was a way to filter away these "less constructive" replys "In sport: 47 years" I think he has earned the right to make these replys.
  14. The Vengence is a high performance elliptical airlocked canopy, that basically means you shouldn't even think of jumping it. Do your instructors/DZO/ST&A know about this canopy that you bought? Are they letting you jump it? At least he is only loading it 1:1 and probably more tame than say a sabre2 loaded at 1.3.
  15. I managed to do it on a 320sq manowar loaded .7 on my 10th jump. Just yank the toggle down very hard and fast at 3k and it spun right up. Scared the crap out of me at the time.
  16. I still remember the awe/holy shit factor the first time I jumped one .
  17. The ortho won't take on the ACL until I have at least one leg to stand on. So, I'm looking at around 12-15 weeks before I'll get a new ACL. From what I understand, ACL repair takes around 6-8 weeks to be close to 'normal' functioning? Anybody know of a close to death track star? I'll take his/hers.... ACL is more like 6 months to fully recover from if everything goes well and maybe up to a year. From looking at your xrays the ACL is probably the least thing to worry about. You can live a do fine without an ACL with a brace and strong legs/hamstrings, I was without mine for 14 year before getting it repaired with a foot tendon from a cadaver. Don't be in a rush to get it fixed, I would wait till you fully recover from your other injuries before getting it done.
  18. Go jump it!! 2 or 3 jumps will be enough to blast the dust out of it.
  19. Icarus has a good write up on wing loadings.
  20. My bad, what I meant was any unnecessary excess brake line. Think this is especially important on the Pilot because of the fact that most of the flare in the last part of the toggle stroke. And with most canopies you can get away with a half ass flare and still get a decent landing. What I found on the Pilot is if you don't finish the flare you are not going to get a very good landing, and if you have a lot of excess brake line it is going to put the flare sweet spot very very deep in the toggle stroke. I think that is what kalaniwavo might be having a problems with coming and a PD canopy that has a much higher sweet spot on the flare.
  21. I personally hate the Pilot canopy it has a ass backwards very very deep flare point, 80% of the flare is in the last 20% of the toggle stroke. Think the Nav is just basically a student Silhouette and has a high flare point so the flare is going to be very different on the Pilot. If I where you I would make sure there is no slack in the brake lines on the Pilot and make sure you are finishing your flare ALL the way on the Pilot.
  22. What is your wing loading?
  23. Maybe you are trying to hard and not relaxing. I recently had a jump where I was overly amped up and rushing things and was all over the fricken sky. One of the hardest things learn to do in skydiving is learning too relax and fly body. Try to visualize what you are going to do on the the way to altitude, do not be in a rush/hurry, try not to over analyze what you are doing and most of all relax.
  24. But the hard way sounds much more exciting
  25. They did not have you on radio or guiding you down with paddles signals telling you when to flare?