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  1. 50420 + 130 = 50550 95 + 2 = 97 50550/97 = 1 in 521
  2. 1. 125 2. 2 3. Both were partials. The first one was a tension knot in my right steering line and the second was a stuck right toggle.
  3. ToTheTop


    Thanks for the input. I'm going to give PD a call on Monday and find out their manufacturing dates for the Sabre. I'll post them.
  4. ToTheTop


    Thanks for the Help. Does anyone know the years that the Sabre was manufactured?
  5. ToTheTop


    Does anyone know where I can Find information about the Sabre. Years that canopy was manufactured? Were they all made with Zero P? I looked on PD's website but could not find any Info on the original Sabre. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. good advice, thanks. You would think that it would be a good idea if uspa adopted some of the military chem light rules or suggestions (which ever they are) for night jumps. Red means somebody is flying at you ( prepare to avoid) and green away from you. It could alleviate some confusion during night jumps especially at larger drop zones with many more jumpers in the air.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of atatching the chem lights to each leg of my jumpsuite so that other jumpers could see me better. i like the idea of putting one on your helment so you can see your canopy better after opening. A lot of people have said that its a good idea to tape a flash light to your helment. I think the chem light idea is much better. I also bought a whistle that I'll wear around my neck under my jumpsuite.
  8. So what’s the best kind of tape to use to attach chem lights to your jump suit. Tape that wont leave a residue but will hold just fine. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Jonay, Great Work Man!! I really liked it. Now all you have to do is go make a jump and then add the song to your tandem video. How cool would that be. good job.
  10. I was unable to call the DZ today. Does anybody know if safety Day at Mile Hi Skydiving in Longmont was postponed until April 11. I know the weather is most likely going to be crapy tomorrow. There are no updates on the web site. Thanks.
  11. I think the second I stop questioning just what it is I’m doing jumping out of airplanes, that its time to question My sanity. I know for me the love and passion I feel for the sport still outweighs the risk. For me its Arch, Look, Reach, Red, Silver, Arch. Once on the way to the dropzone. Several times while gearing up and just before exit. On jump 80 I got to try it hands on and it was almost a right of passage for me. Seeing just how I would react and I did good. I expect a malfunction on every jump, and talk through possible scenarios with others on the ground. I like the fact that Skydiving has a way of bringing out peoples true colors. There is still a lot that I don’t know but I make it a point to learn all that I can. With a lot of knowledge and a little luck I hope to still be jumping when im as old as some of these POPS members who are always hogging up the forums.
  12. "The Skydiver's Handbook" by Dan Poyner and Mike Turoff. This is a great book if your interested in Skydiving. It has many illustrations to correspond with the text.
  13. Hey I never put my name on the bottom of it, just copied and pasted from my email (no name on the bottom of that one either), but it sums up quite well how I feel. Makes you think.