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  1. I finally did it! On the 4th attempt, the weather conditions were perfect in Queenstown! The feeling was crazy. Just before the jump, when the door opened and the actual freefall is by far the most awesome feeling I have experienced! :) I was pretty nervous on plane ride up though! :) But now I can relate to my own song! It was also really flattering that my jump master was a fan of the song!
  2. My jump has been cancelled three days due to weather conditions. Tomorrow is my last attempt before I fly to Melbourne. I really hope I will be able to jump before I leave town. The anticlimax after each cancellation... Next time I'm in Oahu I let you know! I was so focused on surfing I never considered to be a great spot for jumping!:)
  3. Hopefully I don't need to do a remix/remake after Sunday :) Goes without saying that your vid should have your song. Haha could be an option ;)
  4. Hi! Thanks! No problem at all, the song is available for free download from my homepage :)
  5. Hi guys. Six years ago I created the song skydiving thanks to you. Well it only took me six years to get the courage to try skydiving for the first time. The time has come. This Sunday I will skydive in Queenstown, NZ :) Best regards
  6. hehe sounds good! but who says that being crazy is a bad thing??:) "some claiming not to be crazy isn't half as smart as they think they are" :) hmm, not sure how I should interpret this :)
  7. hey skydivers! Wanted to recommend this USPA Music Video Challenge involving my song :) Make sure to check it out...
  8. a song about skydivers was a cool idea haha, I guess there is much to be said, or???:D and thanx for the great review!;) hehe what type of secrets would that be?:) btw, yesterday, the song was played in Swedish National Radio. I hope it promoted and recruited some souls to the skydiving community :)
  9. hehe I thought making one song was hard :) but the question is then what should the second one focus on?:D
  10. cool, what type of music are you into? I really hope so, would be nice to see some vids :)
  11. wow, I'm flattered, thanks for all the great comments, I'm really glad that you all enjoyed the song, cause I was a little bit nervous since the process was new to me :) One other thing,the song is for free so you can use it however you want to. for those interested, here are the lyrics: Sincerely, Jonay
  12. Hey happy people A while ago I started this;page=unread#unread thread about a skydiving song. Some of you provided me with great information. So I want to inform you that the song is ready. The lyrics are mainly based on the following information by some of you members: wmw999: On the plane trip up, new people more so than experienced (at least from what I hear) get tenser and tenser on the way up. Right before exit there's that feeling of delicious anticipation when all of the senses are pretty peaked with anticipation for the jump that's just about to happen. CygnusX-1 What do you think of just before you take a step out? UP - DOWN - OUT or READY - SET - GO PeregrineFalcon I'm relaxed. Getting my helmet and goggles on, I'm elated. Slapping the hands of the skydivers right before the green light, I feel brotherly. Then the door opens and...UNPARALLED excitement. sacamaca...If I really had to use words they would be: amazing, liberating, exhilarating, breathtaking....Without the spark of any distraction that you normally deal with every minute of your everyday life Baksteen: a skydiver who jumps from 12.000 feet and...Many special terms are listed here. besides that information I have also of course added my own vision of skydiving, so here is the final result: I hope you enjoy the song, and if you don't well you only need to turn off the stereo :) and to show my appreciation I give a shout to your lovely community at the end of the song. thanks again the song url1: url2: cheers, Jonay
  13. Baksteen, thank you so much for taking your time to answer all my questions, you really provided me with some good answers! Like you say, most of the answers are subjective but at the same time it gives me a general idea of the process, so it is valuable information to me :) Thanks again for the help. cheers
  14. hello happy people, I have couple of more questions, I hope you don't mind :) how long does a jump take from the step out until you touch the ground? From what altitude do you jump? Are there any preconditions (weather) that needs to be fulfilled before a jump? What is the best time for a jump?, morning? noon? During the dive, are you able to breathe as normal? Does your body feel cold or just normal during the dive? What is the view like during the free fall? In what speed do you move during the free fall? Are there any special skydiving terms which is used often by skydivers? . In music for instance there is EQ, Compressor Limiter and etc. I guess this was more than just a couple of questions , I hope I didn't scare you away:) cheers
  15. Aah cool you found out my city :), thanks for the link! No need to apologize of course you are allowed twist thoughts and words around :) Hope you get well soon.