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  1. My first canopy was a Pilot 210 and loaded at 1:1 I had the same concerns about sniveling forever so I asked a packer if they could pack it so it opens a little faster. She said "you want me to let the nose hang" me.. "uh yeah. just let it hang" it definantely opened faster!! and I went back to appreciating those long snivels.
  2. sorry to see another mishap vid go black. I know everyone has there reasons for keeping them private but we could really learn alot from these. This was the best video I had ever seen of a low stall and I think with some discussion on here it could have opened up some eyes about how stalls occur, how violent they can be and the effects of obstacles
  3. I shouldv'e included the whole story. Here's a link. I'll try and make it a "clicky" http://damontucker.com/2012/01/24/video-experienced-skydiver-has-serious-accident-on-north-shore-could-have-been-prevented-had-state-kept-to-outdoor-circle-agreement
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXA0u5ElcUo&feature=youtube_gdata_player Ouch! That all happened pretty fast. Winds were 12-15mph.
  5. It could be modeled similar to a TCAS system. It could be possible to disable advisories/alerts below a certain altitude. maybe pattern altitude or something like 700ft and below or reduce the sensitivity level. Also, what would be really interesting is if you could program your own. Basically, every unit would always transmit like a transponder but you could individually program your unit to whatever parameters you want If you were hot shit and didn't want any audible warnings you could disable those but still fly with it so that it still transmits your position to others. The possibilities are endless and obviously some big hurdles and decisions have to be overcome before it every sees a DZ but I believe is totally possible. And to that, whoever could mass produce a reliable system and market them to dz's could get a lock on the market and make a ton of money.
  6. suck on a can of whip cream and then practice your EP's. the effects are pretty much in line with hypoxia
  7. I agree. I'm still learning and trying to soak it in but have heard incredibly different techniques. and some that totally contradict one another. It would be great if there was a standardized progression but it probably just comes down to each instructors individual technique
  8. exactly, seems like everyone involved (PIA,Argus,manufacturers) has been extremely quiet lately. I wonder what, if anything, is going on behind the scenes. Are we waiting on an investigation? Are we waiting on a cutter redesign? what's going on to resolve the dispute between Argus and the PIA? or is this it....?
  9. ah, thanks! I'll have to make a call... just moved to Sacramento a couple weeks ago and haven't updated my info yet. =) Aloha!
  10. Anyone skydive in Fiji? I went to the website and sent an email etc.. haven't been able to get anyone out there yet. I'm going to Fiji next month on a surf trip and thinking about bringing my rig... and just have a few questions about the set-up, winds, licence requirements. I'm stoked! Aloha
  11. Skydive Hawaii! You need a C licence and it gets windy and there's a big ocean across the street from the DZ with heavy surf if you decide to put it in the water you should know how to swim. There are accomodations/hostels in the area (haleiwa)from cheap to super luxurious beachfront.
  12. I'm in a sticky situation with a rental car company and my insurance unfortunantly. Just wanted to hear what you guys thought or if you all have any suggestions. Here's the deal... I recently took a quick weekend vacation to an outer island in Hawaii. While driving I "may or may not" have ran over something that inadvertently poked a hole in the oil pan. The oil light came on and I immediately call roadside assistance and stopped driving. They deliver a new car and take the broken car away. 3 weeks later I receive a bill for $3800 for a blown motor. Ok.... so I'm just a shade tree mechanic but I KNOW the motor wasn't blown when it was towed away. Specifically, the tow truck operator had to move the car to get it into position to tow it. The engine was running with no knocking or white smoke . Looking through the itemized bill I'm absolutely getting gouged in administrative fees and loss use fees. My insurance has told me this is a mechanical issue not covered by insurance so $3,800 is a shitload of money and I have excellent credit that I don't want to destroy! any ideas suggestions????
  13. It ALWAYS pays to show up at court. At a minimum the judge will usually reduce the ticket and at best the cop will not show up and the judge will dismiss it altogether. There are ALOT of ways to get out of tickets too. Could be tough since you admitted to speeding, but there are ways.. you could ask the DA or the judge for a continuance at court. this will by you more time and increase the odds that the cop won't show up at a later date. all you need is to find a loop hole. If the cop wrote on your ticket that he radared a black car and your car is blue thats grounds for dismissal... and as a last resort hiring a traffic lawyer can be cheaper in the long run than paying sky high insurance for a couple years... you should be ok though if this is an isolated offense. its not if your guilty or not guilty, its how you manipulate the law unfortunantly... good luck!!
  14. I was thinking the other day... what if I had an old canopy and shortened up the lines on the tail to create a positive angle of attack and then fabricated some method to control the canopy. think it would fly like a kite? anyone ever tried this.... I guess it could be too big to control.. just thinking it would be cool to fabricate a giant kite! Aloha
  15. I bought a Pilot 210 directly from the factory, brand new and it came with a built in turn. It had a slow right turn with a heading change (it wasn't crabbing) I had it inspected by 2 riggers who couldn't find anything wrong.. I jumped it another 5 or 6 times thinking it was harness input, winds, etc... Finally had a rigger test jump it for me to confirm it was actually a canopy defect. Aerodyne had excellent customer service and replaced the canopy right away. Have another jumper do a hop n' pop with your rig if you're still having problems